Snackin’ on de Original Jamaican Pattie

One of my challenges as a work-from-home mommy during quarantine is keeping the fam energized for all the things we need to do at home. Whether these tasks involve Zoom meetings with work colleagues, attending online classes or simply doing our tasks to maintain the household, giving Hubby and kiddos a tasty snack to tide them over between mealtimes is crucial to the continued harmony of our home during quarantine.

One of my go-to snack treats for the fam is the Jamaican Pattie.

As its name implies, this meat-filled pastry came from Jamaica but had roots from among the various cultures present in the country during its colonial period. From the Cornish immigrants came the baked pastry, while the Indian and African laborers contributed the use of cumin, curry and cayenne pepper. Together, these influences have produced a tasty and filling savory dish.

D’ Original Jamaican Pattie

Here in Manila, the Jamaican Pattie was introduced and popularized by de Original Jamaican Pattie Shop & Juice Bar. In these kiosks, the delicious pastries are baked – not fried – fresh everyday.

D’ Original Jamaican Pattie

For the kiddos and myself, the Cheezy Beef Jamaican patties hit the spot while Hubby’s favorite pattie is the Cheezy Pinatubo. The patties’ flaky crust and generous filling make for an enjoyable family snackin’.

D’ Original Jamaican Pattie

D’ Original Jamaican Pattie

D’ Original Jamaican Pattie

D’ Original Jamaican Pattie

Previously, we could only get these patties when we go to malls but since the quarantine, the chain’s kiosks have begun offering their wares for delivery via its official delivery partner Coco Delivery, or through GrabFood and FoodPanda.

Download the Grab App and get a discount on your first food order when you use my code: GRABJELLYBEANS.

Use this link to download the FoodPanda app and get Php100 off your first order.

de Original Jamaican Pattie Shop and Juice Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Author: Gel Jose

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3 thoughts on “Snackin’ on de Original Jamaican Pattie”

  1. Wow this is another delicious and yummy food sharing po. Kung sana meron lang din dito samin nyan gusto ko talagang matikman 😇😇😇


  2. Wow! This is yummy perfect snack for the whole family can really enjoy this while attending online classes and working at home. 😍❤️


  3. Wow!!! I never tried any food in jamaican but this looks yummy and i want to try this ☺️. Perfect na perfect talaga to pang snacks while doing online class 😋💖


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