Ferino’s Bibingka Merienda Blowout

With all the time spent at home with the fam, I’m glad I was able to find the opportunity to reacquaint the kiddos to our rich culinary heritage.

This initiative was greatly helped by my mother-in-law when she treated her kids and their respective families to a Pinoy-style merienda during her recent birthday by having local delicacies from Ferino’s Bibingka delivered to our respective homes.

Ferino’s Bibingka

Bibingka is kind of kakanin or rice cake made with galapong (glutinous rice flour) and cooked in clay pots lined with banana leaves. While it can be enjoyed year-round, bibingka is especially popular during the holiday season; it is the go-to food to be enjoyed after Misa de Gallo.

Ferino’s Bibingka started in pre-war Tondo, Manila when Ceferino Francisco, Sr. (also known as Mang Ferino) starter selling bibingka and puto bumbong on the sidewalk outside their rented apartment. The business grew after the war, such as when they opened Ferino’s Cafe in the Manila Hotel in the 1950s, another branch at the Fiesta Carnival in Cubao in the 1970s and more afterwards.

Most of these stores closed down with Mang Ferino’s passing but the Ferino’s Bibingka brand was revived by his grandson, Sonny Francisco, who began to operate bibingka dine-in and takeout stores in 2016.

Ferino’s Bibingka

Ferino’s Bibingka’s storied dishes made their way to our table by way of the Family Set 1 (Php880) sent by MIL as her birthday blowout. This set consisted of:

Bibingka Extra Super. Pure galapong mixed with two fresh eggs, topped with salted eggs and kesong-puti.

Ferino’s Bibingka

Ferino’s Bibingka

Pancit Palabok (Small Bilao). A traditional Filipino noodle dish which is made with round rice noodles doused in a gold-colored savory sauce topped with shrimp, crushed chicharon (pork rind), slices of hard-boiled egg and chopped green onions.

Ferino’s Bibingka

Ferino’s Bibingka

Pork Barbecue (6pieces). This popular Pinoy street food of pork barbecue consists of slices of pork skewered on bamboo sticks, marinated in sweet and savory barbecue sauce then grilled to smokey and tender doneness.

Ferino’s Bibingka

Ferino’s Bibingka

Palitaw sa Linga. Another kakanin which is made of flattened ground glutinous rice which are dropped in boiling water. The rice cakes rise up to the surface (“litaw“) when cooked which is how the dish got its name. It is served dipped in grated coconut, with a side of sugar and sesame seeds (“linga“).

Ferino’s Bibingka

Ferino’s Bibingka

Thanks to MIL, the fam was able to explore the richness of our local cuisine!

To order from Ferino’s Bibingka, you can:

  • Call +63 2 76227104 or text +63 917 6502331
  • Click/Tap the SHOP NOW button on Facebook Messenger
  • Order via GrabFood

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Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

5 thoughts on “Ferino’s Bibingka Merienda Blowout”

  1. Ang sasarap nman ng pagkain nila.Di talaga nawawala to Lalo na simbang gabi ang mga kakanin.At sa darating na pasko,napaka affordable lang din ng pagkain nila sulit na sulit dahil ibat-ibang klase na ng pagkain makakain mo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wala talagang tatalo sa sarap ng Filipino foods, iba pa rin kasi kapag local foods-the best! 💯. Lahat ng pagkain na nabanggit niyo po is super duper sarap at hindi lang yun very affordable pa, natikman ko na po lahat iyan. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Sasarap nito 😍 Talagang perfect na perfect sya ipang handa sa birthday.
    Lahat ng foods sa Ferino’s Bibingka talagang nkakatakam , lalo n ayung bibingka with salted eggs , palabok at barbeque. 😋😋
    Talagang saktong sakto sa handaan. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sasarap po nito lahat . Ung palabok isa sa mga favorite ko gusto ko pag birthday ko eto lagi handa . Medyo common na kse kpag pansit or spagetti . Para maiba nman dn . Palabok nman kse super sarap tlga … Yung bibingka super sarap dn lalo na ngayon malapit na ang pasko in na in tlga at mabenta ang bibingka 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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