Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites

Don’t you just love weekends?

It’s that time when you can wind down and recover from the hectic work days that precede it.

It’s also the time when you can treat yourself and the fam to a few indulgences.

Some of my favorite weekend memories are those I spent with my foodie friends hanging out at Sammy’s, a hidden gem of a restaurant located in Cainta.

There, we enjoyed great Indonesian-inspired dishes, along with a lovely post-meal serenade from Chef Sammy and his wife Dorothy, amidst the restaurant’s beautifully cozy interiors.

Sammy’s, Cainta
Sammy’s Interiors
Sammy’s, Cainta
Sammy’s Indonesian-inspired Food
Sammy’s Cainta
Post-meal Serenade
Sammy’s, Cainta
Together with foodie friends

Recently, Sammy’s brought food lovers another reason to love weekends: its Weekend Quick Bites!

Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, Sammy’s offers yummy and highly snackable treats to sate our food cravings.

Being a mom to two budding foodies, I decided to have some of these munchies delivered to our home for the fam’s weekend merienda.

Korean Corndogs.

That sausage-on-stick that we love so well as kids got a significant upgrade, thanks to its thick coating of crunchy-on-the-outide, chewy-on-the-inside batter and further jazzed up with various fixins and condiments.

Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites

I got the Classic (Php99) for me, the Cheesedog (Php125) for my son, the Mozza (Php130) for my daughter and Overload (Php150) for Hubby.

I barely had time to take pictures of these corndogs as the fam was raring to get at them!

We weren’t able to try the Potato (Php125) but that’s what next orders are for!

Milk Teas.

Of course, we have to have something to drink together with our snacks, right?

Sammy’s has already got that covered with its refreshing milk teas that come in a variety of flavors with yummy and chewy tapioca pearls.

Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Classic Pearl (Php60 16oz | Php70 22oz)
Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Okinawa (Php65 16oz | Php75 22oz)
Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Chocolate (Php65 16oz | Php75 22oz)
Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Cheesecake (Php79 16oz | Php89 22oz)

I actually already sampled these milk teas a few months ago when these were launched together with a special offer of a free slice of banana bread for every purchase.

Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Dark Choco (Php79 16oz | Php89 22oz)
Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Cookies ‘n Cream (Php65 16oz | Php75 22oz)
Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Red Velvet (Php79 16oz | Php89 22oz)
Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites
Launch Promo

Other milk tea variants available include: Wintermelon (Php65 16oz | Php75 22oz) and Taro (Php65 16oz | Php75 22oz).

Aside Korean Corndogs and Milk Teas, other snackable items included in Sammy’s Weekend Quick Bites are fries, nachos and floats.

Sammy’s makes weekends even better with its Weekend Quick Bites, wouldn’t you agree?

Weekend Quick Bites are available Saturdays and Sundays, from 3pm to 6pm.

Drop by Sammy’s at 14 Raspberry Bend Street, Valley View Executive Subdivision Phase 3, San Juan, Cainta to dine in and snack on these treats.

To enjoy these at home, order by calling +63 939 1483960, and book your delivery via Grab or Lalamove.

Follow Sammy’s on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on its latest offers.


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