6 reasons to bring the fam to Manila Ocean Park

One of the happier news that we received lately is that the metro has moved down its COVID-19 alert level status, resulting to the further loosening of restrictions.

This new alert level has allowed leisure and entertainment businesses such as theaters, theme parks and other tourist attractions to open up and accept visitors once again.

More importantly, this means that after a year and a half of being stuck at home, the kiddos can now venture out and explore a bit of the world outside again.

As parents, you are surely on the lookout for a place to take the kiddos to give them a welcome break from the stress of online classes and the monotony of staying at home, while creating a special moment for the family to spend time together and create special memories outside of home.

Well, here are six reasons why Manila Ocean Park is your best bet for your family outing:

1. The people behind Manila Ocean Park are excited to see you again.

After more than a year of being away from their exhibits, outlets and shows, the staff of country’s first world-class marine theme park and premiere educational entertainment destination are happy to be back doing what they love.

Manila Ocean Park Reopening
MOP VP for Sales and Marketing Mary Joyce Tarroza and Media Relations Manager Reden Ramones join us for a photo opp.
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Your friendly neighborhood unnie bloggers getting started on our Manila Ocean Park adventure.

During a chat with me and my fellow bloggers, MOP VP for Sales and Marketing Joyce Tarroza and Media Relations Manager Reden Ramones, relayed how Manila Ocean Park’s personnel have looked forward to the reopening.

“We are incredibly thrilled to finally be able to open Manila Ocean Park to the public again, return team members to work, and welcome guests back to enjoy our amazing and educational attractions,” added Mary Joyce.

2. It has reopened 6 well-loved indoor attractions.

With its return to operations, Manila Ocean Park has reopened six classic and fun-filled indoor attractions that appeal to young and old alike.

Oceanarium, for example, is home to over 270 species of marine creatures. Here, the family can walk through a 25-meter long curved walkway tunnel that gives visitors the feeling of being surrounded by sharks, stingrays, eels and other sea creatures swimming overhead.

Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Marveling at marine creatures
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a manta ray!
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Big fish in a big pond… err, aquarium.
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Little fishie playing hide ‘n seek
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
🎶Just keep swimming…
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Swimming, swimming… 🎶

The Jellies Exhibit, on the other hand, takes the family away to a wonderland of transparent jellyfishes that gracefully float and glide about accompanied by multimedia effects and music. This fantastic display has earned these creatures the moniker “The Dancing Sea Fairies.”

Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Jellybeans in the City with the Jellies.
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Dancing sea fairies
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Jellyfishes in the City, yeah, I went there!
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Jellyfish duet

The more adventurous visitors can explore the World of Creepy Crawlies where they can encounter bugs, frogs, spiders and worms and other creatures not for the faint of heart.

The Penguin Exhibit, the first penguin park in the country, lets visitors get up close and personal with Humboldt penguins (also known as Peruvian penguins or Patranca).

Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Look at the penguins from Peru!
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
This penguin is showing off for the audience.
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Humboldt Penguins are social animals.
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
They are curious creatures, too!

At the Christmas Village, the kids and adults can relive the magic and spirit of the holiday season.

Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Feeling the holiday vibe.
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Hello, Santa!
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Winter Wonderland
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Winter Wonderland, too!

Lastly, at the Super Toy Collection, kids of all ages can view the most extensive display of toys inspired by Pinoy childhood superheroes.

With these fascinating points of interest in the park, the family will have lots to explore and discover.

3. You can catch the South American sea lions in action.

The fun doesn’t stop indoors, either.

Step out to the Sea Lion Show and catch these large but adorable creatures perform breathtaking tricks.

Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Sea lions from South America
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
“Watch my next trick!”
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
“Am I pretty?”
Manila Ocean Park Reopening

You might even get a kiss from one!

4. The family can enjoy a gastronomic journey al fresco

All that fun and excitement are sure to work up an appetite so plop down at the dining area near the Sea Lion Show and feast on on the newly refreshed Asian fusion menu from Chef Ranuka Hettiarachchi.

Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Manila Ocean Park Reopening
Manila Ocean Park Reopening

You may also opt to head down to Garden Dining by White Moon Bar where the kids can explore the greenery while the grownups relax with a drink or two.

Manila Ocean Park
Garden Dining by White Moon Bar

Check out my previous experience here.

Can’t get enough of these culinary creations? You can also have these scrumptious dishes delivered to your home. More on that here.

5. Protocols are still in place to keep your family safe

What welcome news it was to hear that kids 17 years old and below, regardless of their vaccination status, are now allowed inside the park, as long as they’re accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.

Your family can rest easy knowing that your continued well-being is a top priority at Manila Ocean Park.

In line with the guidelines from the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and the regulations from Philippine government, the theme park is operating at 30% capacity.

Enhanced health and safety measures are also being implemented in accordance with the Minimum Public Health Standards to promote physical distancing, enhanced cleanliness and reduced contact.

Of course, these measures can only be effective with the cooperation of guests so please keep these in mind during your visit:

  • Secure your Safety Pass by scanning the QR code at the entrance.
  • Submit to health and temperature checks and, for adults, present your vaccination card and ID prior to entering.
  • Wear your face masks and face shields at all times.
  • Keep at least one meter apart. Markers and reminders have been placed in several spots to guide you.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.

6. You can take advantage of amazing deals

Until November 21, kids below 17 years old accompanied by a fully vaccinated adults are accepted inside the park according to the IATF guidelines.

The city government of Manila also set the age cap for adult visitors at 65 years old.

So now is the best time to bring the whole family to Manila Ocean Park, especially with these amazing limited-time deals exclusively available at the park’s website until December 19, 2021.

  • Ocean Escapade (Php499 – formerly Php2,300) which provides access to the 6 reopened attractions at almost 80% discount from the original ticket price.
  • 2+1 Flash Sale Promo. Buy 2 Ocean Escapade vouchers priced at Php595 and get 1 for free. That’s Php1,190 for 3 tickets already!

So not only can you bring the whole fam in for a lot of fun and adventure, you get to enjoy great savings, too!

Book your tickets via Klook now, folks!

Manila Ocean Park is located inside Luneta Park in Manila.

For inquiries, call (+632) 7238-6100 or follow Manila Ocean Park on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclosure: Complimentary tickets and refreshments were provided by the park in exchange for this feature.


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