K-snack time with Nineteen Degrees

Those Youtube videos on Korean egg toasts are sure working on me!

These popular egg drop sandwiches have been making their presence felt in social media, thanks in large part to their highly Instagrammable presentation, and, of course, the buzz on how tasty they are!

My daughter (who’s so into K-culture) almost despaired of never getting to taste these bread snack creations, until we found out that they’re available at a shop in nearby Eastwood City in Libis called Nineteen Degrees.

Nineteen Degrees
Nineteen Degrees

Plus, there’s no need for us to leave the house and brave the outside world just to get a taste of egg drop sandwiches as Nineteen Degrees conveniently delivers via GrabFood!

So I immediately took out my phone and got to tapping on my Grab app, and soon, my daughter and I were enjoying our egg drop sandwiches and other snackables from Nineteen Degrees, which included:

K1 Egg and Cheese (Php120). Made with buttered and toasted brioche stuffed with fluffy scrambled egg, cheese, coleslaw and Signature Sauce.

Nineteen Degrees
Nineteen Degrees

K2 Ham and Cheese (Php120). Has the same ingredients as the K1 Egg and Cheese with the tasty addition of ham slices.

Nineteen Degrees
Nineteen Degrees

P3 Crabivating Corn (Php80). A handmade scallion pancake wrapped around crabmeat, corn kernels, caramelized onion and lettuce.

Nineteen Degrees
Nineteen Degrees

Drinks. We washed down our Korean-inspired snack with refreshing 700ml drinks from Nineteen Degrees.

Nineteen Degrees
T4 Four Seasons Tea (Php100)
Nineteen Degrees
M1 Boba Milk Tea (Php120)

We’re just so glad that we no longer have to stare enviously at the TV as Youtubers get to enjoy their Korean egg drop sandwiches!

Nineteen Degrees
Nineteen Degrees

You too can get to enjoy Nineteen Degrees’ snacks and drinks by dropping by its store at Eastwood Citywalk 2, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City, open dine in, takeout or delivery from 10am to 9pm. It also has sells its signature food through the Cloud Kitchen in Binondo, open for takeout or delivery from 11am to 9pm.

You may also order from GrabFood and FoodPanda or send a message on Facebook Messenger.

Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

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