Why not, ChocNut? Check out the limited edition #SMChocNutTuron

What was your favorite time of day back when you were young?

Mine was the late afternoon when I get home from school, I can finally watch cartoons for a while and my meryenda is waiting for me at the table.

One of the highlights of meryenda time is when I have hot freshly fried turon laid out before me. This classic Pinoy sweet snack is made with slices of local sweet plantain bananas – more commonly called saging na saba bananas – and slivers of jackfruit flesh – also known as nangka – encased in lumpia wrappers with brown sugar that crystalizes upon frying.

With these simple ingredients, our genius forebears were able to create an irresistible dessert that has not lost its appeal to generations of Pinoys.

SM ChocNut Turon
SM ChocNut Turon

No wonder, then, that its version of the Turon is among the best-selling products at SM stores. Shoppers wanting to munch on something after a bout of retail therapy, or on their way to restock their pantry at the supermarket can easily purchase one or two of these freshly made desserts for just Php25 apiece.

Well, guess what! A new variant of the famed SM Turon is now available and is making some buzz among the metro’s foodies: the limited edition ChocNut Turon.

SM ChocNut Turon
SM ChocNut Turon

With each bite, you get the same crunch from the fried lumpia wrapper, sweetness from the banana and the smokey caramelization from the brown sugar, but this time, these flavors are accentuated by the nutty milk chocolate goodness from another childhood favorite, the ChocNut.

Who says you can’t get the best of both worlds, eh?

You can even opt to bring this new meryenda home to enjoy it with your loved ones. Buy one (or two pieces, who’s judgin’?) for each family member, pop them in your oven toaster two to three minutes in medium heat, and voila! You’ve got a delicious treat for the entire family!

SM ChocNut Turon
SM ChocNut Turon

You can even pair them with vanilla ice cream for a decadent ChocNut Turon Ala Mode!

Well, nuttin‘ should stop you and your fam from enjoying your SM ChocNut Turon. Grab them at over 100 SM Supermarket, Savemore and Hypermarket outlets nationwide.

SM ChocNut Turon
SM ChocNut Turon

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Disclosure: Product samples were provided for this feature.


Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

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