Great Reads for Working Moms

We working moms have quite a lot on our plate, don’t we?

Juggling our myriad of responsibilities at work and at home does not leave us with so much free time for some well-deserved rest, much less for reading.

However, we should always make the effort to improve ourselves, especially in how we manage our careers and our family life, and taking in well-formulated advice from the experts will surely help us in being more effective in both important spheres in our lives.

So check out these books and see what insights they can impart to your work and parenting styles.

Books for Rocking It at Work

Bring Your Human to Work by Erica Keswin

Since the start of our careers, we have been taught to maintain a clear separation between our work and our personal lives.

Workplace strategist and business coach Erica Keswin debunks this myth by emphasizing the importance of relationships in the workplace and citing examples of leaders who embody human qualities of authenticity, openness and empathy, who still manage to be successful in their respective fields.

Bring Your Human to Work shows us how to break away from our idea of a cold and impersonal work environment and instead foster a sense of joy and loyalty to the workplace.

Kick Some Glass: 10 Ways Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms by Jennifer Martineau and Portia Mount

It’s one of the most dreaded concepts for many career women: the glass ceiling. Its the concept that, despite all your natural talent, all the skills that you’ve developed and all the work you have done and will ever do, you can only go so far in your career.

In Kick Some Glass, authors Jennifer Martineau and Portia Mount dissects the barriers that women face during their climb up the corporate ladder -from both past and present perspectives as well as external and internal orientations – to enable budding women leaders to break through and make their mark in their fields.

Don’t Pay for Your MBA: The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Get the Business Education You Need by Laurie Pickard

Sometimes, in the corporate world, having an MBA can open a lot of doors and move a lot of careers forward.

However, getting your graduate business degree can be a very expensive endeavor.

Businesswoman Laurie Pickard enjoins readers of Don’t Pay for Your MBA to skip this costly step and instead shares practical advice on how to take advantage of online education to obtain the knowledge they need to get ahead.

Cowgirl Power: How to Kick Ass in Business and Life by Gail Gaddis

For many women, getting ahead in the workplace can be a very daunting task.

However, advertising CEO Gay Gaddis takes inspiration from other trailblazing women, risk takers who developed their power through knowledge, hard work, excellence and good will, and owned their power to face their challenges as leaders in their families, workplace and communities.

She also shares her own experiences and recommends an action plan for more women to attain that same Cowgirl Power and showcase their mettle in both their work and personal lives.

Glambition: Knocking Down Walls in Heels by Dee Rivera

It’s an uncomfortable truth that women tend to settle at work: they accept responsibilities that are not exciting for them or acquiesce to situations that may not be to their advantage. Glambition author and entrepreneur Dee Rivera refers to this behavior of settling for less than what you’re worth as “shrinking to fit.”

In her book, Rivera shares her personal journey towards self-empowerment as well as real-world advice in order to achieve this.

The book also contains real-life testimonies of women leaders to serve as examples for women int heir journey towards self-confidence and competency.

Lunching with Lions: Strategies for the Networking-Averse by Katherine McGraw Patterson

There are times in business wherein success is not so much a matter of what you know but of who you know.

Networking – interacting with others to exchange information or to form connections with people who can help in your profession – is one of the most hated business activities.

Author Katherine McGraw Patterson puts this down to people not being taught how to network. To remedy this, she shares a Four-Step Beginner’s Guide for the Networking-Averse that will help professionals learn to love and harness the power of networking, and not feel like they are, she calls it, Lunching with Lions.

Books for Rocking it at Home

The Kindness Advantage: Cultivating Compassion and Connected Children by Dale Atkins and Amanda Salzhauer

We hear it more and more these days: if you can be anything, start by being kind.

More and more, the calls for unity, respect and compassion in our daily lives is growing while research shows that being connected and engaged socially are keys to successful and fulfilling lives.

Authors Dale Atkins and Amanda Salzhauer recognize that equipping children with the skills they need to have a positive in the world starts at home. In their book, they outline ways to guide children towards the value of kindness as well as share stories of people who achieved fulfillment through living The Kindness Advantage.

You Can Stay Home with Your Kids!: 100 Tips, Tricks, and Ways to Make It Work on a Budget by Erin Odom

As a working mom, you may find much fulfillment in your career. However, you might also be considering leaving the corporate world in order to be more present in your kids’ lives.

The Humbled Homemaker Erin Odom sheds some light on how You Can Stay Home with Your Kids by dispelling fears on being able to give your children while living on a single income. This may involve sticking to a budget, getting some side hustles, being creative on how to enrich and supplement your kids lives and connect with your spouse without breaking the bank, and more.

For career women who want get out of the rat race and into a more family-centered existence, this is an essential read.

Understanding your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior: Simple Steps and Resources to Guide You Through the Journey by Angie Rumaldo

Adolescence is a rite of passage. For children, it is a time to test their boundaries. For us parents, it is a time to guide them towards being responsible and productive adults.

However, the period of your child’s adolescence is rife with struggle and misunderstanding.

Licensed clinical psychologist and psychiatric nurse practitioner Dr. Angie Rumaldo presents readers with a series of action plans to help correct common behavioral problems and sheds light on typical issues that children face at different phases in their growth and development.

With Dr. Rumaldo’s groundbreaking resource, you will have the essential help you need in Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior.

Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose and Performance in Younger Generations by Mark C. Perna

As parents, we may be at our wits’ end in trying to bring out the best in our kids and preparing them to become productive members of society.

However, this Why Generation is inundated with a lot of challenges: from the gap between the skills they developed over the years through their education and the ones that employers are actually looking for, their lack of knowledge on the rewarding career opportunities they can take or their disengagement from the modes of learning available to them.

Mark C. Perna illustrates how Answering Why can help engage, motivate and inspire the younger generation to achieve.

Enjoy reading with Kindle

With a wealth of enriching and informative books waiting for you, I’m sure you’re raring to get into reading them. However, if you are concerned about the space you will need to store your growing library, or being able to bring your books wherever you go, getting a Kindle just may be the perfect solution for you.

Kindle is a line of portable and wireless electronic reading devices (e-readers) produced by online retailer They make use of a display technology called electronic paper which produces a sharp screen image that resembles text printed on paper, ensuring an easy and comfortable read.

It is advisable to have a Kindle, specifically for reading, instead of relying on your other personal mobile devices because:

  • It is purpose-built for reading with a glare-free display that reads real paper, even in direct sunlight. You can also adjust its brightness to let you read comfortably – indoors and outdoors, day and night.
  • A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.
  • You get less distractions as you can highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size—without ever leaving the page.

Ready to get this new nifty reading device for yourself. Check out your various options below!

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