Sun Life and Smart renew partnership to promote financial literacy among cooperatives

Sun Life Philippines (Sun Life), the country’s leading life insurance company for 12 consecutive years, has renewed its strategic partnership with Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart). The aim of this partnership is to enhance financial literacy among cooperatives affiliated with Smart.

Expanding the Program’s Coverage

The renewed partnership between Sun Life and Smart will broaden the program’s reach by conducting financial literacy trainings for cooperatives in various locations, including Benguet, Bulacan, Cavite, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, and Metro Manila throughout the year. This expansion seeks to empower more cooperative members by providing them with essential knowledge about finance and its relevance to their industry.

Building on Previous Success

Sun Life and Smart are committed to surpassing the achievements of the program in 2022. Last year, the initiative successfully engaged and educated nearly 500 cooperative members on finance fundamentals. The partners aim to build on this momentum and continue empowering Filipinos to pursue their financial goals.

Advocating Financial Literacy

Sun Life has always been a strong advocate of financial literacy, recognizing its crucial role in leading individuals to a brighter life. With the renewal of the partnership with Smart, Sun Life President Alex Narciso believes they can further elevate their efforts and empower more Filipinos to achieve financial independence.

“Sun Life has always been a staunch advocate of financial literacy as we believe it plays a key role in achieving a brighter life. We are always looking for ways to elevate our efforts and help empower even more Filipinos to pursue their financial goals. I believe the renewal of our tie-up with Smart can help us do that,” Sun Life President Alex Narciso said.

Empowering Cooperatives through Financial Literacy

Cooperatives play a vital role in their respective communities and contribute significantly to the country’s economy. Recognizing their importance, Smart is committed to empowering these cooperatives through financial literacy and digitalization. By renewing its partnership with Sun Life, Smart reaffirms its commitment to supporting its partner cooperatives and providing them with relevant solutions.

“Given the key role that cooperatives play in their respective communities and in our country’s economy as a whole, it is important to empower them through financial literacy and digitalization. Through the renewal of this partnership with Sun Life, we are doubling down on our commitment to support our partner cooperatives and help provide them with relevant solutions,” FVP and Group Head of Smart Go-To Market and Subscriber Management Melvin Nubla said.

Joining Forces for Financial Empowerment

The collaboration between Sun Life and Smart represents a collective effort to promote financial literacy and empower Filipinos in their journey toward financial independence. As part of this endeavor, Sun Life encourages individuals to stay updated on the program and other initiatives by following @SunLifePH on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. To learn more about Sun Life and its products, visit its website at

Details provided in a recent press release.


Sharpen your money smarts with these online money games

Let’s face it: chances are, many of us aren’t money-smart.

Some of us can go through our entire lives without knowing how to make budgets work, save our earning, handle debt or even make our money grow into wealth.

Sadly, most of the education we received growing up involved practically anything except money matters. Whether this is due to the lack of appreciation of our educational institutions on financial literacy or the tendency of the academe to look down on matters of coin, this situation leaves us at a loss when it comes to financial problems.

What is money smarts?

Money smarts, otherwise known as financial literacy, refers to the knowledge and skills required to manage one’s personal finances effectively. It involves understanding how to earn, save, invest, and spend money in a way that maximizes one’s financial well-being and minimizes financial stress.

Money Games @
Money Games @

If you feel yourself lacking in any of these skills, you may need to brush up on your money smarts.

  1. Budgeting. Can you create a budget and stick to it? Do you understand the flow of your income and expenses and therefore know how to allocate your money accordingly?
  2. Saving. Can you put aside some money for short-term and long-term goals? Should a medical emergency that brings astronomical hospital bills, a major purchase such as a downpayment for a house, or sudden unemployment arise, will you have saved funds for it?
  3. Investing. Can you make your money grow aside from just working several jobs, thereby getting passive income? Would you know how to invest your money and manage your risks to support your goals?
  4. Debt Management. Would you be able to manage your debt responsibly, such as paying off high-interest debt first and avoiding unnecessary debt?
  5. Financial Planning. Can you plan your finances for a long-term basis taking into consideration your goals, income, and expenses? Can you plot out the steps you have to take and adjustments you need to make with how you earn, spend and save your money to be able to achieve your goals?

Why is it important to have money smarts?

Money smarts is important because it allows us to take control of our finances, bringing about these benefits:

  1. Financial Stability: It helps us ensure that we are living within our means and saving for our future.
  2. Reduced Stress. It provides us with the know-how to manage our finances effectively, eliminating guesswork and uncertainty.
  3. Better Financial Decisions. It allows us to make informed decisions about our money, particularly in terms of investing, saving and spending.
  4. Increased Wealth. It helps us increase our wealth over time through making smart financial decisions and investing in our future.

How to develop money smarts

If you find yourself lacking in money smarts, it makes sense to start developing it. The prospect may seem daunting at first, but with some dedication, you can take some steps to improve your financial knowledge and skills:

  1. Get in the know. Educate yourself about personal finance by reading books, attending seminars, or taking online courses about the basics of budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management.
  2. Start budgeting. Creating and sticking to a budget is an essential component of money smarts. Track your expenses for a month – including all expenses such as rent, utilities, food, and entertainment – and factor those into your budget.
  3. Set financial goals. Have a definite goal in mind to help you make smart financial decisions and stay motivated to do so while saving for a down payment on a house or paying off debt.
  4. Start saving today. If you haven’t already, set aside a portion of your income each month for an emergency fund or long-term savings.
  5. Manage your debt. Being entirely debt-free is not the main goal as debt can help fund investments or assets to improve your life while allowing you practice good payment behavior.
  6. Invest wisely. Investing can help grow your wealth over time, but it’s important to get into it with eyes wide open. Research different investment options, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and choose investments that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.
  7. Benefit from the wisdom of others. Seek advice from a financial advisor or mentor who can provide guidance and support as you work towards your financial goals. You can also make use of online resources such as to deepen your knowledge about personal finance.

A fun way to sharpen your money smarts

Aside from providing a range of educational resources on mortgages and home buying, also offers free and easy -to-use mortgage calculators to help users calculate various aspects of their mortgage payments and, ultimately, their financial health.

It also houses a variety of engaging and educational money games that can help users improve their money smarts and practice their financial decision-making using real-world scenarios. Over time, as users develop their financial acumen, they also develop their confidence to make sound financial decisions in real life.

Money Games @
Money Games @

Want to try your hand at honing your own money smarts through online games at Check these out:

  • Cashback: Give the correct change for each transaction by selecting the bills and coins needed to correctly sum to the customer’s change amount. This is perfect for teaching kids about the value of money (because they, too, need to develop money smarts!)
  • Stocks: Ever wondered what it was like to be one of those day traders at Wall Street? This game simulates the up- and down-trends of the stock market while the player tries to buy low while selling high.
  • Red Outpost: Colonize Mars by sending astronauts to harvest food and mine valuable goods. The game approximates the dynamics of building a new economy from the ground up.
  • Coffee Shop: Build your coffee shop business by managing your inventory, cashflow, pricing and formula taking the fluctuations on the demand for coffee based on the weather. This teaches players to balance both internal and external factors in growing a business.
  • Sort the Trash. Move the recycling bins across the screen to catch recyclables such as cans, cartons and bottles. This is a good approximation of the need to weed through all sorts of trash to get the items of value.

These are just a sampling of the games available at at Browse through the various categories to find the games that can help you grow your knowledge and skills on financial matters while providing you with lots of fun!

By providing an engaging and interactive way to learn about business strategy and personal finance, these games make learning about money more accessible and fun, which you can then apply to your real-life money strategy.

No matter which stage in life you are right now, developing money smarts is the best way to take control of your finances to get you to achieve financial stability. Honing your financial literacy will help you make smart financial decisions to set you up in a good financial position for life. So take the time to learn about money and take full advantage of the resources available to sharpen your money smarts.

Online community aims to help moms achieve financial independence through freelancing

Gone are the days when moms are expected to just stay home to manage the household. Recognizing their own potential for so much more outside of domestic concerns, women have established themselves in the workforce whether as employees in corporate offices, or more and more lately, as freelancers.

Freelancing has long been an option for many women, including those seeking to leave their corporate jobs to be able to spend more time with their families, or stay-at-home moms who want to contribute to the family’s income.

However, for many who are new to this kind of employment, freelancing may seem quite daunting.

Fortunately, resources are available to them in the form of Richie Rebamuntan and the online community she founded #WEdothetalk.

Richie Rebamuntan, #WEdothetalk

The entrepreneur behind I Connect Marketing & Business Services has for years been recruiting and training women to do work as virtual staff for clients, including those based abroad. Seeing the potential to help more women achieve success similar to her own, and with the support and encouragement of her former students who are now the group’s pioneers, she established the #WEdothetalk online community.

Recently, the #WEdothetalk website – – went live, giving potential clients comprised of SMEs in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada a direct line to her pool of competent virtual staff, all of whom are members of her online community.

Richie Rebamuntan, #WEdothetalk

Richie’s goal is for #WEdothetalk to help moms achieve financial independence through three milestones:

One: Through a home-based job

Richie believes that a mom does not have to work far from home and away from her family. With a computer, a stable internet access and the skills she can develop through the resources available at the #WEdothetalk online community, she can successfully land a job and earn a living, while still being there for her family.

To this end, Richie conducts free webinars for her community members on online freelancing every Wednesday and Friday via Facebook Live. Dubbed An Hour with Richie, it offers viewers valuable know-how in navigating the freelancing world, from crafting a resume, submitting proposals at Upwork, to scouting for home-based jobs.

Two: Through a home-based business

While working on a home-based job can be financially rewarding, having an established home-based business can be even more so, as it can help generate passive income. This can fund the little luxuries to treat the family or form part of the family’s savings for a rainy day.

Aside from her company, Richie also packages and distributes her own brand of pure wild honey – Rich’s Pure Raw Honey from the Wild – and all-natural bath soaps – Lady’s Youthful Secrets.

She also exposes her community members to various business opportunities such as direct selling and cottage industries that can be established and operated in the home.

Three: Through financial literacy

Earning and making a living through freelancing or having a home-based business can be exhilarating for many moms. However, to sustain this lifestyle, moms must also learn the value of money, and how to strategically invest in their business and in themselves.

Integral to these milestones is the value of community. It is with the support and guidance of fellow women freelancers and entrepreneurs that moms can ably navigate the freelancing arena and succeed in their ventures.

Richie Rebamuntan, #WEdothetalk

The launch of the #WEdothetalk website was held at the Rizal Art House, supported by representatives of Digital Mom Academy, Social Media WAHM, and Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines. The event was sponsored by AXA Philippines, Skin Magical, Unilever Network Philippines, doTerra, Rizal Art House and Delicacita. Aside from myself, the event was also covered by Marj Liwag of

More information and resources are available for budding freelancers at the #Wedothetalk online community. To join, visit

Many thanks to Richie for inviting me to the launch and for welcoming me into the community.

Watch this space for more insights gained during the event and from the group.