A European take on the puto bumbong at Vanderlust, The Podium

The food item that I most associate with the Christmas season is the puto bumbong.

I was late in joining #TeamPutoBumbong, having developed a liking for this delicacy when I was already working, but it soon worked its way up to the top of my favorite seasonal food items.

Puto bumbong is a type of steamed rice cake (“puto”) made from a special local variety of rice called pirurutong which has a deep purple color. The grains are soaked in salted water overnight then drained and packed densely into bamboo tubes (the “bumbong”) and steamed until done.

The resulting purple cylindrical rice cake is is then usually served on banana leaves, slathered with butter and sprinkled with muscovado sugar and grated coconut.

Well, you couldn’t get more Filipino than that!

Well, Vanderlust, the bistro owned by world wanderers Val and Anthony Tan, has just introduced a European twist to the puto bumbong: by cooking it ala Dutch baby pancake.

While retaining its native ingredients, this puto bumbong is baked in the oven using a cast iron skillet instead of steamed in bamboo tubes.

Vanderlust, Podium

It is served topped with generous helpings of custard, toasted coconut, queso de bola and muscovado syrup.

Vanderlust, Podium

It’s basically everything we love about the puto bumbong with a novel way to enjoy our favorite Christmas delicacy.

Vanderlust, Podium

This dish is exclusively available at Vanderlust’s branch in the Podium so hie yourself over there if you want a taste!

Many thanks to Jen of SandUnderMyFeet.com for sharing this dessert treat!

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This Vanderlust Bistro branch is located at Fifth Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City, open Mondays to Thursdays from 11am to 10pm and Fridays to Sundays from 10am to 10pm.  For inquiries, call +63 2 88717314.

Another branch is located at 100 Scout De Guia Corner Tomas Morato Avenue, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City.  Check out my review of this branch here.

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