Fet Boys introduces newest sweet creation: Prettier than Pink Cookies

Pink is the color love, comfort and compassion. It is the hue that evokes feelings of friendship, warmth and playfulness.

Pink is also the color that accents the Fet Boys’ newest dessert creation: Prettier than Pink Cookies!

Fet Boys

Expertly crafted by Fet Boys’ Chef Kirk Ngo, Prettier Than Pink Cookies are made with ruby chocolate – a new chocolate variety introduced in 2017 by Belgian-Swiss company Barry Callebaut. The fourth chocolate variant next to dark, milk and white, ruby chocolate is made with ruby cocoa beans, it is marked by its characteristic pink color and a unique mix of sweetness, acidity and berry-like fruitiness.

The Prettier than Pink Cookie is the third cookie flavor introduced by Chef Kirk, having introduced his Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies and Coffee Butterscotch the year before.

Fet Boys

What makes this trio of cookie creations from Fet Boys even more distinctive is that, unlike other cookies that are tastier when heated prior to serving, these are best enjoyed chilled, straight from the ref!

Excited to get your Fet Boys Cookies? Get regular-sized ones in a box of 12 for Php480, a box of 18 for Php780 or a box of 24 for Php1,080. You can also go big by ordering giant cookies in a box of 6 for Php800, a box of 8 for Php1,000 or a box of 12 for Php1,500.

You can place your orders through the Fet Boys’ Facebook Page.

Images and details provided in a recent press release.