Solane offers safe and quality Solane Sakto LPG for budget-conscious consumers

Solane has been a trusted companion of Filipino households when it comes to cooking for over 50 years, may it be simple #LutongSolane meals at home or grand and festive celebrations and get-togethers. This Christmas, Solane wants to make sure that more Filipinos enjoy their meals and celebrations without breaking the bank, even if they want to enjoy festive meals outside the house.

Solane is unveiling Solane Sakto, its mini-LPG tank holding 1.4 kilograms of kitchen fuel, perfect for budget-conscious households, students, small families, and small businesses. For the more adventurous types, Solane Sakto is also a great addition to cooking equipment to bring – no more canned food for camping!

It’s the same safe, sustainable, and quality kitchen fuel Filipinos have known, but in a sakto size!

“We have long cultivated Filipinos’ passion for cooking and celebration by providing safe and quality kitchen fuel over the decades through Solane LPG,” said Jose Antonio Gonzalez, CEO of Isla LPG, the company behind Solane. “Through the ‘tingi’ version of our trusted Solane LPG, we want more Filipinos to have access to affordable and quality kitchen fuel without compromising safety.”

To show how Solane Sakto is the perfect companion for celebrating food outside the house, Solane hosted the ‘Saktong Salu-salo with Solane’ event. Guests were treated to mouthwatering dishes while enjoying an energetic chitchat with cooking enthusiast and proud long-time Solane user Suzi Entrata-Abrera.
Chef Mark Joseph Bartolome, known as Chef Marky on Tiktok, demonstrated how to cook simple yet filling chicken fajitas, showing how the Solane Sakto is easy to install on existing LPG or canister-fed cooking stoves.

Guests also sampled best-selling dishes from some of the trendiest small businesses in the metro: Kahatea, Airballs 320, and Hungry Homies.

Details and image provided in a recent press release.


How leading LPG company Solane makes sure all LPG tanks are worth your money and safe for the community

When it comes to everyday household essentials, it’s almost always tempting to go for cheaper alternatives to save money. It may seem easy to dismiss an item as “Pwede na” and “Nakasanayan na kasi” without giving much thought on its safety and quality. 

This may especially hold true for your LPG tank, but did you know that something as volatile as this product goes through so much to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe?

Every step of the way, Isla LPG, the company behind Solane, constantly checks that each tank is safe from leaks that may cause massive fires and explosions, while ensuring that valued customers get their money’s worth. With proliferating fake and substandard LPG tanks in the market, knowing that authentic and trusted LPG brands like Solane go through tedious security and quality checks means you have one less thing in the house to worry about.

Here’s how Solane tanks come from the plant and reach your homes, ensuring you get the LPG safety and quality you paid for:

Plant Operations

Safety starts at the source. Solane makes sure that its liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products are compliant with quality standards. LPG storage facilities and pipe systems within the plant are also inspected to ensure that they are at par with local and global safety standards, ensuring that there will be no contamination and leak in the workplace.

Refill and Distribution

Before any distribution takes place, Solane ensures that all trucks that carry Solane products are checked and inspected to make sure that they are compliant with safety standards. 

Now what happens to the empty tanks and how do the replacement Solane tanks look smooth, clean, and rust-free? When empty LPG tanks are unloaded from packed trucks that come from distributors, Solane LPG tanks are cushioned from impact to prevent damage that may cause leakage.

Empty tanks are thoroughly checked for their authenticity, condition, and suitability for refill. Authentic Solane LPG tanks have a requalification date on the side, which indicates the date the tank is due for maintenance. Tanks that are found to be one month before their requalification date are removed from the refilling process and are re-inspected to ensure cylinder integrity.

Once clean, cylinders are refilled. Cylinders will then be double-checked for leaks and fitted with a biodegradable seal that has a unique serial number. Filled cylinders will be then tested based on their weight and safety. The cylinder weight must be exactly the sum of the tare weight, which is the weight of the tank when empty, and the LPG content. 


Solane’s safety and quality check does not end with the distribution of LPG tanks to authorized showrooms and outlets. Each delivery Solane makes to your home comes with a 7-Point Safety Check, an exclusive and free-of-charge service made for your safety.

Solane’s well-trained riders conduct the 7-Point Safety Check to ensure proper ventilation, correct type and secure connection of regulator, o-ring and hose, as well as the flame quality. 

Solane riders can also conduct the ‘Timbang Challenge,’ where the tank will be weighed in your presence before installation. If you purchase Solane LPG tanks at authorized distributors, these stations are equipped with accurate weighing scales to verify the content weight you purchased.

Solane urges consumers to exercise vigilance in protecting their kitchen and home by trusting only safe and trusted kitchen fuel like Solane LPG. Fake and substandard LPG tanks do not undergo stringent safety and quality measures, making them prone to leaks which may cause explosions and fires.

From the moment LPG tanks are filled at the source to the time they are welcomed to your homes, Solane makes sure that each tank will fully serve its purpose down to the last flame and not end up as a threat to you, your hard-earned property and your loved ones.  

To order Verified Solane LPG, you may send a message to 0918-887-5555 or the Solane Facebook page, or place your order through the Solane app.

Solane shares easy eats for newbie parents

Be well-fed and ready to conquer parenthood with dishes you can easily and quickly whip up with Solane.

For first time parents, nothing beats the excitement and joy of seeing their new bundle of joy. However, first-time parenthood also means exhaustion from the erratic feeding-crying-sleeping-changing, dealing with a whirlwind of emotions, and adjusting to the trial-and-error nature of raising a tiny human.

Amid all the chaos of navigating a new life milestone, it’s important to stay well-fed to be able to have the energy to deal with the needs of a newborn, on top of taking care of other household duties.

But who’s to say that new parents should settle for fast food deliveries? Here are nutritious meals first-time parents can easily prepare:


Solane Easy Eats for First Time Parents

Handheld meals are best when you’re up and about, scrambling from one room to another. Parents who have their hands full will appreciate a quick bite when the new boss of the house is asleep.

To make a basic wrap, heat up your tortilla wrap, put the savory filling of your choice – it could be as simple as reheated beef, pork, or chicken or canned tuna, then add some greens and vegetables.

Explore different fillings and flavors of meal wraps here.

One-pot Meals.

Solane Easy Eats for First Time Parents

One-pot meals make sure you get your fill of grains, vegetables and protein in one go – no need to figure out how to mix and match dishes, devote hours of cooking separately or wash lots of pans and plates.

Perfect as a weeknight dinner, one-pot meals such as rice bowls, pasta or casserole dishes, are surefire ways to enjoy your meal while still cutting down on chores.

Be inspired by these one-pot meals.

Heat-and-eat Meals.

Solane Easy Eats for First Time Parents

Enjoy homecooked meals while still saving on time and energy when you do the practice of meal prep once or several times a week.

You can cook your favorite ulam on a weekend, divide them into several portions good for one meal, then store them in the fridge. When it’s time to eat, simply pop in the microwave!

Explore the basics of meal prepping here.

Aside from exploring easy and filling recipes, equipping the kitchen with appliances and tools that help cut down on prep time and cleaning will greatly help first-time parents. As first-time parents begin their parenthood journey, baby-proofing the house also extends to the kitchen.

With so many things happening all at once, having a safe and trusted kitchen fuel like Solane LPG gives first-time parents one less thing to worry about. Make sure your LPG is verified Solane because copycats and illegally refilled tanks are at risk of leaking, which may cause massive fires and endanger your home and family. Verified Solane LPGs go through the Timbang Challenge to guarantee that you get what you paid. They are also subject to stringent safety standards from the plant to the time they are welcomed to your homes to ensure that they are not a threat to your growing family.

Spend more time cherishing moments with the family when you’re confident about the safety of your kitchen. To order Verified Solane LPG, customers may call the Hatid Bahay Hotline – (02) 8887-5555, send a message to 0918-887-5555 (Smart) / 0917 8977555 (Globe) or the Solane Facebook page, or place their orders through the Solane app. Customers may also place an order through the Web Ordering Platform.

Images and details provided in a recent press release.