The perfect gift for foodie moms: Ka Tunying’s Ma’s the Chef Pasta Set

Mother’s Day is already here, and what better way to celebrate this special occasion than by giving Mom a gift that she will love? If, for some reason, you’re still looking for that special something that will make her heart skip a beat, consider gifting mom with the Ma’s the Chef (Pasta Set) from Ka Tunying’s.

Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
From Ka Tunying himself

Ka Tunying’s is the casual “tambayan” and “restoran” in one that caters to the #PanlasangMakabayan. It is named after its founder, veteran broadcaster, TV personality, and radio commentator, Anthony Taberna.

In the media, Ka Tunying may be known for his hard-hitting opinions on the topics of the day, but we can’t deny that he serves up sweet and savory delights (and everything in between) at his namesake restaurant. With branches located in Quezon City and Tagaytay, Ka Tunying’s has been serving affordable, no-frills yet delicious Pinoy dishes such as Kaldereta, Arroz Caldo, and Sisig to satisfy the Pinoy food cravings of urbanites, families, barkadas, travelers, balikbayans, and more for the past seven years and counting.

For Mother’s Day this year, it curated its top picks for moms, which include the following:

Ka Tunying's Mom's Cookie Jar
Cookie Jars
Ka Tunying's Special MOMents
Mother’s Day-Themed Cakes
Ka Tunying's Mama's Tea Kit
Tea Kit
Ka Tunying's Ma's The Chef
Pasta Set
The perfect gift for foodie moms

As a true-blue foodie, is there any wonder why I would just love the Ma’s The Chef Pasta Set? I’m certain your foodie mom would love it, too, especially if she’s the type who likes to whip up something fancy in the kitchen but not necessarily have to slave all day making it.

It includes all the ingredients that Mom needs to make her special tinapa pasta:

Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Two 250g packs of penne pasta
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
One 60g pack of breadsticks
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
10g oregano
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
10g basil

Plus, she also gets a set of wooden utensils and a chopping board can be used for both preparation and serving. Also, the gift bag is beautifully packaged with a pretty pink bow and flowers that Mom will surely appreciate.

Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Ka Tunying’s original gourmet tinapa
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Chopping board
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Wooden utensils
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Gift bag

You know what? Family members can make this gift even more special by cooking the pasta themselves and presenting the fruit of their labor to Mom as her special meal on Mother’s Day. This is a great way to bond with Mom and show her how much she is loved and appreciated.

So do present your foodie mom with this special treat for Mother’s Day. It’s beautifully packaged and comes with all the essentials that Mom (or the fam!) needs to make her special tinapa pasta dish in a jiffy.

Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day
Ka Tunying’s Mother’s Day

You may order Mom’s Ma’s the Chef gift bag online, by messaging Ka Tunying’s on Facebook or by calling +63 917 1038673 or +63 995 2376684. The gift bag will be available until May 31, 2023, so you still have time to surprise Mom with this special gift.

Disclosure: Product sample was provided to facilitate this feature.

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Surprise Mom this May with 4 easy staycation treats – Shop groceries online

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a staycation at home. With MetroMart, you can easily order your groceries and create an unforgettable day for your mom. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Home Spa: Give Mom a Day of Rest and Relaxation

Make your mom feel pampered with a simple but effective home spa day. You can easily source the tools and ingredients you need from your groceries to put together a weekend self-care routine. For instance, you can use fresh cucumber slices to cool her eyes, create a lip scrub using Robinsons Brown Sugar with Carica Virgin Coconut Oil and Capilano Pure Honey from Robinsons Supermarket, and mix Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salts from S&R and fragrant natural oils from Scentful Living for a foot soak. Set the ambiance with scented candles from Yankee Candle, relaxing music, and a cup of soothing tea like Isparta Rose and Pomegranate Flower teas from 8th Wave Wellness Bar.

Chef’s Specials: Let Mom Sleep In and Prepare Her Favorite Food

Moms are usually the first ones to get up and start the day. On Mother’s Day, why not let them sleep in and prepare their favorite meal or dessert for them instead? You can even show off your cooking or baking skills with a recipe they shared with you. For easier prep, you can try meal kits like Hello Fresh’s Eat Fresh Laksa Noodle Kit or Fearless Apron’s Toblerone Chocolate Fondue Kit.

Movie Marathon: Enjoy Some Quality Time with Mom

Sometimes all moms want is to relax and watch their favorite movies or TV shows. Spend some quality time together by watching a movie marathon or reading together. Don’t forget to snack on some new flavors of chips and snacks like Injeolmi Almonds at ASSI Mart, Popcorners popcorn chips in Sea Salt or White Cheddar flavors at AllDay Convenience Stores, or Aroma Black Summer Truffle & Parmesan Chips at Delidrop.

Blooms for Your Beloved: Brighten Your Mom’s Day with Beautiful Flowers

Sending a bouquet of flowers to express your love will always be a classic, and the different kinds and colors of flowers carry different meanings. You can order pre-made or custom bouquets from Designer Blooms, Nicole & Abby Flowers and Gifts, Holland Tulips, and RRGomez Flower Shop. Choose from pink carnations and roses to show love and gratitude, red carnations to show admiration, and daffodils to symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, and motherhood. Add in your mom’s favorite flowers too, of course.

Promo Codes: Get Discounts on Your MetroMart Order

As a new MetroMart user, you can use the promo code MOMSDAY to receive a ₱200 discount on your first order. The FUNMOM promo code also offers a ₱100 discount, and it’s valid for up to four redemptions.

For more updates on MetroMart, like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at @metromartph. Order groceries online or download the app via

Solane shares easy eats for newbie parents

Be well-fed and ready to conquer parenthood with dishes you can easily and quickly whip up with Solane.

For first time parents, nothing beats the excitement and joy of seeing their new bundle of joy. However, first-time parenthood also means exhaustion from the erratic feeding-crying-sleeping-changing, dealing with a whirlwind of emotions, and adjusting to the trial-and-error nature of raising a tiny human.

Amid all the chaos of navigating a new life milestone, it’s important to stay well-fed to be able to have the energy to deal with the needs of a newborn, on top of taking care of other household duties.

But who’s to say that new parents should settle for fast food deliveries? Here are nutritious meals first-time parents can easily prepare:


Solane Easy Eats for First Time Parents

Handheld meals are best when you’re up and about, scrambling from one room to another. Parents who have their hands full will appreciate a quick bite when the new boss of the house is asleep.

To make a basic wrap, heat up your tortilla wrap, put the savory filling of your choice – it could be as simple as reheated beef, pork, or chicken or canned tuna, then add some greens and vegetables.

Explore different fillings and flavors of meal wraps here.

One-pot Meals.

Solane Easy Eats for First Time Parents

One-pot meals make sure you get your fill of grains, vegetables and protein in one go – no need to figure out how to mix and match dishes, devote hours of cooking separately or wash lots of pans and plates.

Perfect as a weeknight dinner, one-pot meals such as rice bowls, pasta or casserole dishes, are surefire ways to enjoy your meal while still cutting down on chores.

Be inspired by these one-pot meals.

Heat-and-eat Meals.

Solane Easy Eats for First Time Parents

Enjoy homecooked meals while still saving on time and energy when you do the practice of meal prep once or several times a week.

You can cook your favorite ulam on a weekend, divide them into several portions good for one meal, then store them in the fridge. When it’s time to eat, simply pop in the microwave!

Explore the basics of meal prepping here.

Aside from exploring easy and filling recipes, equipping the kitchen with appliances and tools that help cut down on prep time and cleaning will greatly help first-time parents. As first-time parents begin their parenthood journey, baby-proofing the house also extends to the kitchen.

With so many things happening all at once, having a safe and trusted kitchen fuel like Solane LPG gives first-time parents one less thing to worry about. Make sure your LPG is verified Solane because copycats and illegally refilled tanks are at risk of leaking, which may cause massive fires and endanger your home and family. Verified Solane LPGs go through the Timbang Challenge to guarantee that you get what you paid. They are also subject to stringent safety standards from the plant to the time they are welcomed to your homes to ensure that they are not a threat to your growing family.

Spend more time cherishing moments with the family when you’re confident about the safety of your kitchen. To order Verified Solane LPG, customers may call the Hatid Bahay Hotline – (02) 8887-5555, send a message to 0918-887-5555 (Smart) / 0917 8977555 (Globe) or the Solane Facebook page, or place their orders through the Solane app. Customers may also place an order through the Web Ordering Platform.

Images and details provided in a recent press release.

The Jelly List: Cooking hacks to turn newbie cooks into kitchen mavens

If the pandemic, along with being stuck at home, has taught us anything, it’s the value of a good home-cooked meal.

Preparing our family’s meals at home not only keeps us safe during this time of rising COVID-19 cases, but also helps us in taking more control of our nutrition – in terms of ingredients used and portion sizes – as well as in managing our food budget.

However, some people who have become used to eating out, ordering takeout or having their delivered from restaurants and fast food outlets may find themselves at a loss when venturing into their own kitchens.

Fortunately, newbie cooks don’t have to get started on their culinary journey empty-handed. With the help of these food products readily available at e-commerce site Lazada, they can skip many of the rigorous steps in preparing home-cooked dishes and get right on to enjoying their delicious meals with the family.

Jelly’s Picks

Purefoods Beef Tapa.

A perennial favorite Filipino breakfast is a tapsilog in which the beef tapa takes center-stage. Traditionally, the beef is cured with salt and spices, then dried or smoked to preserve the meat for later consumption.

With Purefoods Beef Tapa, the frozen beef slices just need to be defrosted then fried in oil. Served with fried rice and fried egg, it becomes a delicious and filling breakfast for the family.

Cooking Hacks

Del Monte Quick ‘N Easy Flavors of Asia Red Curry Mix.

Whipping up an exotic dish like Chicken Curry may seem like a daunting task. Buying and storing the myriad of spices need to produce the vibrant and complex flavors of this traditional Indian dish may also be costly and impractical.

Del Monte Quick ‘N Easy Red Curry Mix already combines the spices and flavorings in the right proportions to capture the unique taste of Chicken Curry. Just heat up the powder mix in oil before adding the coconut milk, chicken and vegetables, and soon, you’ll have a tasty and extraordinary dish ready to serve.

Cooking Hacks UFC Fresh Selections

UFC Fresh Selections Whole Corn Kernels and Coconut Cream.

Gone are the days when home cooks would have to manually shave off the corn kernels from the cob as well as squeeze and strain the cream from freshly grated coconut just to be able to incorporate these in their dishes.

Picked and canned on the same day, UFC Fresh Selections enable newbie home cooks to conveniently include healthy and wholesome ingredients in their cooking. To make this Ginataang Mais, for example, just bring a pot with malagkit rice and UFC Fresh Selections Coconut Cream to a boil, then simmer until the rice is cooked before adding the UFC Whole Corn Kernels and sugar. In a few minutes, this classic Pinoy merienda is ready for the family to enjoy.

Cooking Hacks - Lemon Square Lava Cake

Lemon Square Chocolate-Filled Lava Cake.

Many find baking to be quite intimidating. Whether it’s because of the need for precise measures or exact temperatures and baking times, some home cooks would rather avoid baking altogether, which is a shame since it’s a requirement of many scrumptious desserts.

However, my kids’ favorite snack during recess can actually be used as the cake base for a truly decadent Chocolate Dreamcake. Just crush a few pieces of Lemon Square Chocolate-Filled Lava Cake and press the crumbs into a pan before layering in the chocolate pudding and the melted chocolate to produce a truly show-stopping dessert.

Jelly’s Picks

MY San Chocolate Graham Crackers.

There may be times when a fuss-free snack is in order.

A quick and delicious snack may be produced in a few minutes by bringing a pot of sugar, milk and butter to a boil, then adding oats, vanilla and salt and stirring in some crushed MY San Chocolate Graham Crackers once the oats are cooked. Shape these into balls and leave at room temperature , and soon, there’ll be a lovely treat for the kids to nibble on.

With these cooking aids that help us skip many of the lengthy, time-consuming and tedious processes involved in preparing meals at home, budding home cooks really don’t have to be afraid of the kitchen. They can hone their cooking skills with ease and confidence, and still produce mouth-watering home-cooked meals for the family to enjoy.

Check out my Lazada picks to stock up on these pantry essentials and more.

Photo Credit: Header by Anton Nazaretian of Unsplash.

Secrets to making the perfect steak dinner from Saab Magalona-Bacarro and La Germania

There’s nothing like enjoying a delicious steak dinner to mark special occasions. While it may not be advisable to dine out and have this juicy classic in your favorite restaurant just yet, the good news is that you can cook this dish right in the comfort and safety of your home!

​Actress and musician Saab Magalona-Bacarro, alongside her husband, businessman and Cheats frontman Jim Bacarro, make it a point to still hold romantic date nights with some good ol’ steak and mashed potatoes. “We enjoy preparing steak and potatoes because it’s delicious, hearty, and fancier than our usual meals, but also really easy to prepare,” Saab shared. Aside from having steak on date nights, they even repurpose them into steak fried rice for their kids.

In the first episode of La Germania’s recent Masterclass Series, the famous couple shared their secrets to making this dish at home. While you can watch the full episode on La Germania’s Facebook page to see how they prepare this classic dish, here’s the recipe you can try at home:


● 500g rib eye steak
● Salt
● Pepper
● Butter
● Garlic
● Thyme

Mashed Potatoes
● Potatoes (5 large potatoes)
● 250ml Cream
● Beef cube
● Butter
● Parmesan Cheese
● Parsley
● Olive oil
● Stevia
● Cayenne pepper
● Paprika


  1. Make sure your steak is at room temperature for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Season the tray or cutting board first. 30% of the seasoning disappears when you cook beef, so make sure you season liberally. Then, rub both sides of the beef on the tray.
  3. Season the beef again until it looks encrusted in seasoning.
  4. Put the stove at a low temperature before putting the meat. The meat must be cooked in piping hot heat, so you have to be ready.
  5. Meanwhile, you cut the potatoes, and boil them for about 12 minutes. Use a fork to check how soft the potatoes are. Then, you mash the potatoes.
  6. Deglaze the pan with some red wine if you want some sauce alongside your steak.
  7. Put butter gradually on your potatoes. Taste test the potatoes so you can gauge how much seasoning you need to after.
  8. Once you season the potatoes to your preference, you can add some garlic.
  9. Fry some garlic with half a tablespoon of olive oil on low heat. Then add the cream, beef cube, and herbs of your choice.
  10. Put the sauce on the potatoes using a strainer. Add the garlic chunks if you would like. Then, put it back on the stove. Mix it around, and taste test if it’s seasoned according to your liking.
  11. If you like your steak medium, you should cook your steak for 4 minutes on each side. Leave it to cool down for about ten minutes, and enjoy immediately.

​For Saab and Jim, it’s not just about the way you cook your steak and potatoes. The secret is to use the best ingredients and invest in good quality kitchen equipment like La Germania. “With our La Germania stove, we can speed up the process of cooking our favorite dishes because it has multiple burners. It’s easy to control, and child-friendly too since it’s an induction stove,” Saab mused. “If you’re raising a small family like us, having a reliable kitchen partner like La Germania makes everything easier to manage. From everyday dishes to more elaborate recipes, we can have fun and experiment in the kitchen.”

Built according to the highest European standards in terms of construction and design, La Germania appliances allow you to prepare restaurant-worthy dishes in an efficient and easy way. With guaranteed durability and superior quality, they’re a good investment for you to channel your inner chef, and unleash your kitchen genius.

La Germania Steak Dinner
Saab and Jim Bacarro preparing their steak dinner.

Check out my La Germania Wish List on Lazada!

La Germania products are available online through La Germania’s official e-commerce website and e-commerce platforms on Shopee and Lazada. For more information on La Germania and its products, you may follow the official Facebook and Instagram accounts of the trusted kitchen and appliance brand.

Italian-heritage brand La Germania has been the preferred kitchen companion of Filipino homemakers for 53 years and counting. Its wide array of ovens, cooktops, and stoves is made of high-grade materials and designed to stand the test of time and extensive use. La Germania’s current line of products continues to serve the cooking needs and lifestyle of this generation and the next. To know more about La Germania and its products, visit The trusted kitchen partner of Filipinos also has its official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Recipe and details provided in a recent press release.