Jellybeans in the City

A Matcha Treat at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tomas Morato

The last among The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s limited-edition matcha line that I tried is the Matcha Affogato.

On one of my lunchbreaks, I headed on to the CBTL branch in nearby M Place along Mother Ignacia Avenue to try it out.  This branch offers coffee and tea addicts like me a place where they can relax and just hang out while getting our caffeine fix.  Its open concept layout and floor-to-ceiling glass windows give the place a bright and airy feel that provides an interesting contrast to the vibe provided by dark wood furniture and  colorful accents.

Did you know that CBTL invented Ice Blended drinks over 20 years ago?  In 1987, an employee brought a blender to the Westwood, LA store and mixed together ice, coffee extract and chocolate powder.  This paved the way for countless coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite drink cold.

This new addition to CBTL’s Ice Blended drinks, the Matcha Affogato (price starts at Php185), basically brings a caffeine, dessert and matcha fix in one delicious concoction. With the addition of frothy cream and a shot of espresso to its Matcha Green Tea Ice Blended drink, CBTL serves up an energy boost from the caffeine and the sugar rush.  The icy drink also provides a welcome refreshment during the hot midday.

While my favorite among the three new drinks in the matcha line is the Matcha Raspberry Latte, the Matcha Affogato Ice Blended still is a welcome addition to the arsenal of icy drinks that I can beat the heat with.

This Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch is located at M Place, Panay Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City and is open daily from 6.30am to 1am. For queries, call +63 2 7539372.

For more details on Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s limited edition matcha line, visit CBTL’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Disclosure: I was provided promo codes that I can present to CBTL branches so I can sample the featured drinks for free.