Bring out the popcorn for these international movies on CinemaWorld this June

Rainy days are upon us!

With the onslaught of the wet season, going out to watch a movie might be more of a hassle than a treat.

Why not stay inside, and get your movie fix right at home?

With CinemaWorld’s releases this June, curling up in your comfy sofa with a tub of popcorn is a great movie date!

Mondays need not be manic with these highly entertaining rom-coms.


(June 3, Mon, 9pm)

In this German film, Sebastian’s life of wanton indulgence comes to an abrupt stop when he gets blinded by an accident. Mia, a nurse unlike his usual women, enters his life and shows him the beauty of a life he can attain if he follows his true passions.


(Jun 24, Mon, 9pm)

Romancing the Jungle

While doing an investigative piece on sea piracy in Thailand, rookie journalist Eva is kidnapped for real by pirates. She bands together with hunky smuggler Nik, and together, they fight for their survival in this German movie.

Explore the world while curled up in bed on weekends with these top movie picks from CinemaWorld:


(Jun 15, Sat, 9pm)

The Father and the Foreigner

In this Italian-language flick, Diego forms an unlikely friendship with Arab businessman, Walid. When Walid and his son go missing and the secret service enters the picture, Diego embarks on a dangerous search for them.


(Jun 30, Sun, 9pm)

Dear Lemon Lima

In this coming-of-age comedy described by Variety as “Juno meets Napolean Dynamite”, 13-year-old Vanessa discovers her Eskimo heritage. She bands together with her misfit friends to compete in the school’s notorious winter competition to impress her crush.

CinemaWorld is a 24-hour, movie channel that premieres the world’s best and award-winning movies, box-office successes, critics’ favorites from all around the world. These films are aired in their original language with English substitles.

In the Philippines, SKYcable subscribers can add it to their channel line-up for only Php150/month. To subscribe to CinemaWorld, click here.

Until June 7, watch CinemaWorld’s movies for free along with other channels with a deluge of shows as SKYcable opens up its HD and standard definition channels to its subscribers. For more details, visit

Disclosure: I work for SKY and part of my job is promoting its products and services, especially the content it provides to its subscribers. I consider being able to share my love for TV shows and movies and the experience of watching and talking about them with like-minded people some of the biggest perks of my job.

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Header photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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