Holiday kakigori flavors at Shari Shari, BGC

Given that we’re in a tropical country, we shouldn’t have to wonder why ice-based desserts have so much appeal.

Even now, having entered the supposedly “brrrr” month of December, we can still find the metro’s heat and humidity quite oppressive.

Yes, icy desserts are definitely the way to go, and luckily, all kinds of these frozen treats are readily available in the metro.

The kakigori, for example, is fairly new to Pinoy foodies. This shaved ice dessert originated from Japan and has been around since the 11th century when blocks of ice saved during the stockpiled during the winter months are shaved to a snow-like consistency and served with sweet syrup to the aristocrats during the summer months.

Today, icy treats are a lot more accessible to us year-round, thanks to technology (yey for refrigeration!).

And with specialty shops like Shari Shari, we Pinoys get to have a taste of authentic kakigori.

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

This dessert shop was founded in Hong Kong but soon found its way to the Philippines. It opened its first shop in Serendra, BGC where it serves bowls of its signature shaved ice desserts. Using special ice custom-made from different kinds of water, shaved with a special machine imported from Japan and flavored with syrups made fresh everyday has allowed Shari Shari to offer kakigori with the look, taste and texture consistent with those in Japan.

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

And you would be amazed at the sheer variety of flavors possible with the kakigori: from fruity versions like strawberry, melon, mango and banana; classic dessert flavors like chocolate; to more exotic variants like Coffee Tiramisu, Earl Grey Milk Tea and Matcha Cream. There’s something for almost every sweet craving at Shari Shari.

Plus, be sure to check out Shari Shari special holiday flavors available beginning December 1:

Pistachio Raspberry topped with whipped cream and a candy Santa. This combines the nutty taste of pistachios with the sweet and fruity tartness of raspberries.

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

Choco Hazelnut topped with whipped cream and a chocolate gingerbread man. Dessert lovers would really go for its combination of nutty and cocoa flavors.

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

Shari Shari, BGC

Every spoonful is a burst of icy sweetness in my mouth, a great way to relax and cool down, warm weather or not!

And what a sweet and cool (or icy!) way to get in the holiday spirit!

Shari Shari Kakigori House is located at Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Shari Shari Kakigori House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclosure: I visited Shari Shari during its mini blogger get-together where the holiday kakigoris were served for free to facilitate an honest review.

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