Tapa Box delivery from Tapa King

Sometimes, the stars align and everyone in the family agrees that they just had a good meal.

This Sunday, after running morning errands and lunchtime looming just a short hour away, neither Hubby nor I were in the mood to handle the stress of meal prep and cooking.

Well, I thought to myself, this looks like a job for my food delivery apps!

So off I went, tap-tap-tapping on my phone, looking for food that I can have delivered for the fam’s Sunday lunch. My criteria is that the meal should appeal to the fam’s collective taste in food, not be something we recently ate (for variety), and should cost below Php1,000, delivery fee included (because payday is still a few days away!).

Lo and behold, the solution to my dilemma was at my doorstep less than an hour later.

The fam’s meal consisted of five sets of Tapa King Classic.

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Tapa King started as a hole-in-the-wall business in 1987 in Makati CBD. Today, it’s a chain of restaurants with presence, not just in the Philippines but also in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Despite recently undergoing a brand refresh and store makeover, it remains true to its original intent: to serve homestyle Pinoy comfort food – tapa.

Tapa is basically marinated beef, stir-fried in oil and, when served with fried egg and garlic fried rice, forms the iconic tapsilog (tapasinangagitlog).

The Tapa King Classic is the formerly known as Tapa King (yes, there were also a Tapa Queen and a Tapa Prince). It is tapa cooked the traditional way, seasoned with spices that bring out the beef’s natural flavors. With fried egg and garlic fried rice included in the order, it is a deliciously satisfying meal.

You can have it as a solo meal at Php169.

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Or you can choose to have all the meals in the 4-in-1 Box (Php678) be all Tapa King Classics. You even get solo bottles of Pepsi to go with your meal.

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

In our case, I opted for both so the whole fam – myself, hubby, the kiddos and yaya – can all enjoy our own Tapa King Classic. Thanks to a a GrabFood free delivery promo, my total bill came in at just Php847.

Tapa King, L&Y Plaza

Thanks to Tapa King, I escaped lunchtime stress. Now, on to worrying about dinner…

This Tapa King branch is located at G/F L&Y Plaza E. Rodriguez Ave. Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City, open daily from 6am to 8pm for dine-in, takeout and delivery. For inquiries, reservations or orders, call +63 2 82916254 or +63 915 0611117, or course your food delivery via GrabFood or FoodPanda.

Download the Grab App and get a discount on your first food order when you use my code: GRABJELLYBEANS.

Use this link to download the FoodPanda app and get Php100 off your first order.

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Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

3 thoughts on “Tapa Box delivery from Tapa King”

  1. Tapa is really tasty, fav ko din to. I remember during ojt days dahil kulang na kame sa time mag luto during lunch, we always stop by the “tapsihan” near our place. Perfect talaga to even for breakfast and lunch. Samahan pa ng egg and malamig na pepsi.


  2. Wow! This is so delicious meals , fave ko din to samahan pa ng Pepsi perfect breakfast and lunch for the whole fam. Good to know talaga na may mga apps para makapag pa deliver na lang at more convenient and hassle free pa


  3. Napaka sarap the best talaga to pang breakfast or lunch. Eto yung favorite ko sa tuwing kumakain kami sa labas ng partner ko lagi kaming kumakain ng tapsilog tas partner rin namin ang pepsi 😍💞


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