The Jelly List: Order in for your holiday feast from these online food sellers

There’s no doubt that the holidays will be a very busy time.

With all the preparations and trips for gatherings (which, thankfully, we are now allowed to do) and family meals fit for a holiday spread, we moms sure could use all the help we can get to serve our loved ones a fabulous Christmas feast.

So why deny ourselves the convenience of simply tapping our phones to have mouthwatering dishes delivered right to our doorstep?

Check out these online food sellers to get the show-stopping dish on your holiday spread.

Chef Resty’s Roast Beef

If, like me, you’ve been missing the roast beef carving station in the hotel buffets you used to frequent, then Chef Resty’s is your best bet for tender, juicy and, oh so flavorful slices of roast beef for the fam!

Chef Resty’s Roast Beef are priced at:

  • half kilo (Php950): sliced only, serves four people
  • 1 kilo (Php1,700): whole or sliced, serves eight people
Chef Resty’s Delivery
Chef Resty’s Delivery

To order, send a text or Viber message to +63 917 4329953 or +63 919 0985448 with your name, mobile number, address (including barangay), date and time of delivery and order quantity.

More on Chef Resty’s here.

Fira’s Kitchen

Before, I thought the only way I can get another taste of Chicken Galantina is if I attended a party hosted by a very patient cook. I,m happy to discover that Fira’s Kitchen specializes in this dish.

Chicken Galantina is made with a deboned chicken stuffed with ground pork, hard-boiled egg and sausages with some pickle relish and spices which is then baked until cooked.

A whole Chicken Galantina with gravy can be ordered for Php850 while a Galantina Roll with gravy is priced at Php180.

Fira’s Kitchen
Fira’s Kitchen

To order, email or text +63 927 5192810.

More on Fira’s Kitchen here.

The Happy Kitchen

Want the deliciousness of a good home-cooked meal without having to spend all day in the kitchen?

Call The Happy Kitchen and enjoy flavorful ulams you would be craving for again and again such as Beef Caldereta (Php650 half tray | Php1,100 whole tray) and Korean Chicken (Php520 half tray | Php880 whole tray).

The Happy Kitchen
Beef Caldereta
The Happy Kitchen
Korean Chicken

To order, text +63 917 6510981 your name, contact number, your orders and your preferred delivery date, time and address or your preferred date and time of pickup.

More on The Happy Kitchen here.

Salmon HQ

Planning a party at home? Grab your centerpiece dish from Salmon HQ and make a lasting impression on your guests and family members.

Imagine serving up shrimps, scallops and salmon in soy butter glaze with a tray of Seafood Wafu Pasta (Php500 small | Php1,000 medium | Php1,200 large) or unveiling an impressive Salmon Sushi Cake (Php1,200) to your guests!

Salmon HQ
Salmon Sushi Cake
Salmon HQ
Seafood Wafu Pasta

Text your orders to Salmon HQ via +63 922 8943679.

More on Salmon HQ here.

Heavenly Spiced

Comfort food elevated is what you can expect from Heavenly Spiced where Chef Edmond Dannug brings his considerable skills to bear in enhancing the flavors of his all-time favorite dishes.

A tray of Heavenly Spiced’s Hainanese Chicken (Php999) comes with wonderfully flavored Chicken Rice, as well as sweet soy, ginger and chili sauces, while its Bourbon BBQ Pork Ribs (Php1,599) consists of two whole slabs of grilled pork ribs along with umami fries. Both are good for four to five people.

Heavenly Spiced
Hainanese Chicken
Heavenly Spiced
Bourbon BBQ Pork Ribs

To order, text +63 939 2373383 or Viber +63 929 4514998 your name, contact number, delivery address, list of orders, delivery date/time and mode of payment.

More on Heavenly Spiced here.

Kuki’s Fudtrip

While most pasta dishes are easy to whip up, lasagna may be a bit of a challenge.

Well, just get a tray of Lasagna Special (Php800) from Kuki’s Fudtrip and you’ll have a hearty and mouthwatering pasta dish for your holiday dinner with none of the hassle.

Kuki’s Fudtrip
Kuki’s Fudtrip

Text your orders to +63 906 4330991.

More on Kuki’s Fudtrip here.

Epic Cravings

Every great holiday meal should be capped with a sweet ending.

What sweeter way to end a lovely repast than with a box of Assorted Cream Puffs (Php230) from Epic Cravings. With such delectable flavors – Sugar Glazed, Powdered Sugar, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Butterscotch, Cookies ‘n Cream and Matcha – all family members can find their own special cream puff.

Epic Cravings
Epic Cravings

Click here to order from Epic Cravings.

So, mommies, if you find yourself getting harried over your holiday feast preparations, know that help is just a few phone taps away!

Photo credit: Header image by Jed Owen on Unsplash


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