Cool down with fun icy treats at Dripp, The Grid Food Market

The long, hot summer may be giving way to the rainy season but we’re not there yet, folks!

So whenever the heat and humidity of the metro threaten to befoul your mood, know that you can always counter them with something delightfully delicious: cereal soft-serve and swirls from Dripp!

Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market

Located inside The Grid Food Market in Powerplant Mall, Dripp is all set to be your go-to stall for yummy post-meal desserts or your icy snack to help you stay cool on a hot day.

What goes into your Dripp? A whole lotta goodness, that’s what!

It all starts with Dripp’s creamy 100% fresh milk soft-serve base, then comes added flavors and textures from:

  • Cereals such as Coco Pops, Froot Loops, Frosties, Koko Krunch, Milo Cereal, Trix, Gold Corn Flakes, Honey Stars and Honey Gold Corn. For an additional Php25, you can add premium cereals such as Dunkin Caramel Macchiato, Dunkin Mocha Latte, Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Oreo O’s, Reese’s Puffs, Chips Ahoy Cereal, Cinnamon Toast Cruch, Chocolate Churros and Wendy’s Frosty
  • Mixins such as Polvoron, Milo Powder, Crushed Oreos, Matcha Powder, Barquillos Crisps, Dark Chocolate Sticks, Almonds, Black Sesame, Candy Sprinkles, Cashew Nuts, Rice Crispies, Choc Nut, Mini Kitkats, Crushed Grahams and more
  • Drizzles such as Caramel, Chocolate, Honey and Strawberry
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Milk Soft Serve

For Php180, you can Make Your Own Soft Serve Flavors by picking one each from the Cereals, Mixins and Drizzles selections to add to your premium milk-based soft-serve or choose from the top combinations recommended by Dripp’s very own Chef Patrick Go which include:

  • The Grrrid Blend: Gold Corn Flakes, Graham, Caramel
  • Choco Crunch: Koko Krunch, Rice Crispies, Chocolate
  • Pop That Matcha: Coco Pops, Matcha Powder, Chocolate
  • Funfetti: Froot Loops, Candy Sprinkle, Strawberry
  • Milo Loco: Milo Cereal, Crushed Oreos, Caramel
  • Fruity Stars: Trix, Honey Star, Strawberry
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market

But the fun doesn’t end there: Dripp recently made a move towards creating more out-of-this-world ice cream concoctions with its new secret menu which includes:

  • Hot Cheetos: inspired by the fan-favorite snack, this sundae is covered in crushed Hot Cheetos for a sweet-salty dessert with a kick
  • Dripp Scramble: Dripp’s own version of the classic Pinoy dessert overloaded with sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate drizzle, and more
  • my personal pick, Horlicks Crunch: this has that distinctive, malty flavor that reminds you of ‘50’s American-diner milkshakes, to which I added more crunch in the form of almond slices
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market

So, really, whether the summer season is on the rise or ebbing away, there’s always a reason and an opportunity to treat yourself to a cool and creamy delicious delight at Dripp!

Dripp, The Grid Food Market
Dripp, The Grid Food Market

Dripp is located Stall 19, The Grid Food Market, R2 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City.

For more details on its promos and offers, follow Dripp on Facebook or Instagram.

The Grid Food Market is the resident food hall of Powerplant Mall which offers a wide range of flavors to cater to various cravings.

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Disclosure: I attended a food tasting held at this establishment. Food items mentioned here were served at no cost to the attendees.


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