Dairy Queen Blizzard Delivery

I had my first taste of Dairy Queen’s blizzards back when I was in high school (such a long, long time ago! Sigh!). After the last of our quarterly exams, my schoolmates and I made a beeline to SM Megamall to decompress.

Back then, the blizzard was totally new to me. For me, ice cream was something scooped out of a tub and served as is, or if you’re feeling fancy, with toppings. I found the concept of mechanically mixing ice cream while at the same time mixing in sundae toppings, and then handing it over to the customer upside down as proof of the thick creaminess of the ice cream absolutely amazing.

Fast-forward to a few decades later and I still enjoy Dairy Queen’s Blizzards, this time with the fam. As it happens, blizzards are dessert treats that appeal to the entire fam.

Dairy Queen Delivery

Despite being quarantined at home, we were still able to indulge ourselves with our icy dessert simply by ordering these Dairy Queen Blizzards via GrabFood.

Rocky Road Blizzard (Php110). My go-to blizzard order since high school, these are made with DQ’s soft-serve ice cream mixed with cocoa fudge, marshmallows and peanuts. As it happens, I share my taste in DQ Blizzards with both Hubby and my son #ExhibitB.

Dairy Queen Delivery

Dairy Queen Delivery

Oreo Blizzard (Php110). My daughter #ExhibitA’s only choice for her DQ Blizzard, being partial to Oreos herself. These are made with crumbled Oreo cookie pieces mixed into creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

Dairy Queen Delivery

As these are frozen treats, it’s best to eat them as soon as they arrive! (And for heaven’s sake, don’t flip them upside down!) 😜

Dairy Queen Delivery

Dairy Queen Delivery

To get your Blizzards and more from Dairy Queen delivered to your home, call +63 2 89111111, order online, or course your orders through GrabFood, FoodPanda or Lalafood.

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