Creativity Lives On: DTI and PFFI showcases a new breed of creativity as the 7th Filipino Footwear Design Competition pushes through for 2020

Adapting to the age of digitally accessible media, FFDC 2020 aims to highlight the creativity and ingenuity of these Filipino creatives to a bigger online audience.

Earlier this year, the Department of Trade and Industry alongside the Philippine Footwear Federation Inc., announced the upcoming annual Filipino Footwear Design Competition for the year 2020. Since the initial call for participants, unforeseen circumstances arose and put a hold on the national contest. With the effects of the CoVid-19 pandemic that struck a nationwide quarantine as well as the recent devastating onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses, FFDC 2020 seemed albeit subject to a hindered come through. 

Despite these challenges, hope and optimism rose above for the local shoe industry and the organizational hosts of the competition still persevered to meet their hopes of presenting the talent and ingenuity of Filipino design and craftsmanship. 

The Industry that upholds heritage and innovation 

The Filipino Footwear Design Competition is the annual national competition organized to rally and present the creations of the talented designers and makers of the country. It is often a pre-set in preparation for the International Footwear Design Competition, a prestigious event that highlights footwear design concept and development on a global scale. The objective of FFDC is to encourage more local talents to pursue footwear design as a profession or business and to showcase to the world the resourcefulness and Filipino creativity.

The Department of Trade and Industry along with the Philippine Footwear Federation Inc. (PFFI), serves as the host and presenter of the Filipino Footwear Design Competition. Both parties recognize the importance of raising awareness and support for the local shoe industry as well as developing a commune for skill enhancement to empower the Filipino talent pool. This coincides with DTI’s agenda of supporting the local creative industries to hone its potential towards building the Philippines as one of the top creative economies in Southeast Asia by 2030. PFFI serves as the main founding party behind FFDC given that it is the largest Filipino organization devoted to promoting local footwear. Through the leadership of DTI Regional Director Marcelina Alcantara with PFFI President Antonio Andres, FFDC 2020 will continue the legacy of creativity and innovation brought on for the past seven years. 

A New Breed of Creativity

The official call for participants was held last March 2020, garnering more than 70 unique entries from a number of talented local designers. The design boards submitted are in line with the six categories presented for the competition: Men’s Shoes, Lady’s Trendy, Lady’s Leisure, Lady’s Boot, Children Shoes, and Sports Shoes. These designs then underwent the vetting process of drafting the initial shortlist of finalists who will then be given the opportunity to have their designs professionally prototyped by local manufacturers. 

Launched this December 2020, the 7th annual Filipino Footwear Design Competition pushes through with the theme: Creative Virality; carrying on the objective of reaching a wider audience to celebrate the uniqueness and originality of Filipino talent. Presented by DTI alongside PFFI, and co-presented by the Philippines’ first creation hub for footwear design and development, Zapateria, the national competition gathers the community of the local shoe industry to team up in the mentorship and production of the designs of the Top 8 National Finalists; with the final output to be presented to an esteemed panel of judges. 

FFDC 2020 will also host a number of experiential learning activities; setting forth a program that also empowers the new generation of local creatives. These workshops on footwear making 101, sketching, designing, and cost and projection are also offered for the public to join.

Adapting to the age of digitally accessible media, FFDC 2020 aims to highlight the creativity and ingenuity of these Filipino creatives to a bigger online audience. The development  and creation process of the Top 8 National Finalists will be digitally showcased on the PFFI and Zapateria’s official Facebook and Instagram.



Zapateria –

Image and details provided in a recent press release.


TikTok Launches Creative Competition to Solve Real-World Marketing Challenges

TikTok invites marketing and creative professionals as well as agencies in Southeast Asia to participate in the TikTok Trendsetter creative competition. Winners to receive up to US$40,000 in prizes and mentorship with TikTok Global Business Marketing (GBM) executives

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, is calling all marketing and creative professionals as well as agencies in Southeast Asia to think outside of the box and join the TikTok Trendsetter creative competition. Launched last November 9, 2020, TikTok Trendsetter aims to inspire professionals and agencies in the Philippines to harness the untapped potential of TikTok to solve real-world marketing challenges.

“The power of TikTok is clear, but it requires a new and different way of thinking. Utilizing an entertainment-based platform allows marketers to engage with users in a ‘sound on’ environment, opening an entirely new window of opportunity,” said Ng Chew Wee, TikTok Head of Business Marketing. “Just like our users, we invite marketers to be experimental and explore their creative side while addressing today’s brand challenges through the Trendsetter creative competition.”

Running for over the course of six weeks, the TikTok Trendsetter creative competition is divided into three separate categories including:

  • Individual Category: Individual contestants to submit one TikTok video creative idea that addresses marketing-related challenges for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs), and sectors such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Government.
  • Agency Category:Agency contestants to submit a storyboard for at least four TikTok video creative ideas, a media plan leveraging TikTok and one sample TikTok video that addresses marketing-related challenges for industries such as Fintech, Luxury, Automobile, and Telecoms.
  • Existing Campaigns: Campaigns that have already run on TikTok this year can also participate in the competition.

All submissions will need to be submitted by 24 December 2020 with voting for the most creative ideas taking place from 4 to 22 January 2021. The following panel of judges representing in-house and agency creative executives, as well as CMOs and TikTok Creators, will be determining the winners of the competition which will be announced on 1 February 2021:

  • Ng Chew Wee, TikTok Head of Business Marketing
  • Katie Puris, TikTok Managing Director of Global Business Marketing
  • Dianchen Yao, TikTok Head of Client Solutions SEA
  • Nguyen Dinh Toan, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Suntory Pepsico Vietnam
  • Sutirapan Sakkawatra, EVP Head of Marketing at Siam Commercial Bank
  • Roberto Saputra, Chief Brand Officer at Smartfren Telecom
  • Jeff Cheong, DDB Group Singapore Deputy CEO and Tribal Worldwide Asia President
  • Maryzyle Fernadez Galinato, Group Creative Director at Hakuhodo Saigon
  • Pingkan Rarumangkay, Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Indonesia
  • Tay Guan Hin, Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Singapore
  • Sompat Trisadikun, Chief Creative Officer at The Leo Burnett Group and Publicis Group in Thailand

For each category, regional and local winners will be selected. Agency teams will have a chance to win up to US$40,000 in prizes, while Individual applicants can win a mentorship session with TikTok Global Business Marketing (GBM) executives.

Kantar research shows that in order to tap into the powerful audience response, it is vital to understand TikTok and engage with users on their own terms. To provide a deeper understanding on how to leverage TikTok for marketing purposes, TikTok will also hold a creative workshop on 24 and 26 November in partnership with BBDO Singapore, hosted virtually at for anyone who is interested in learning about leveraging the platform to solve creative challenges.

To enter the competition, view tutorials, best practices and creative playbooks, please visit:

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, Mountain View, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Details provided by Tiktok in a recent press release.

Regional heritage meets global appeal: PhilPop 2020 charms with first batch of songs

Distributed by Warner Music Philippines, the maiden batch reflects the diversity and appeal of the region’s music heritage, and champions authentic representation of the contemporary ‘Mindanaoan’ experience.

PhilPop, the country’s premier songwriting competition, has officially released the songs from the finalists of the Mindanao cluster on Spotify and other digital platforms worldwide this October 23, Friday.

Distributed by Warner Music Philippines, the maiden batch reflects the diversity and appeal of the region’s music heritage, and champions authentic representation of the contemporary ‘Mindanaoan’ experience.

The tracks available for streaming and download include “Akong Bilihon,” composed by John Cadeliña and interpreted by The Marshland; “Kasadya,” composed by Christian Chiu and interpreted by Jay-ar Vaño and XT on Sax; and “Pahuway,” composed by Sherwin Fugoso and interpreted by Ferdinand Aragon.

Akong Bilhon: An anthem of resilience

According to singer-songwriter John Cadeliña, “Akong Bilhon” is a song about contentment. “No matter how big or small the blessings you have or received, if you really appreciate it’s true value, then it’s more than enough for you to be happy,” the Pilipinas Got Talent season 2 finalist says. “I wrote it last June, inspired by the current situation we have—that despite the negativities, the weights on our shoulders, we should still look up for the silver lining.”

With its soaring arrangements and infectious melodies, the inspirational piece stresses the importance of optimism and resilience in dealing with the uncertainty of the times. 

John Cadeliña’s music project, The Marshland is the sole interpreter of the guitar-pop ballad. He counts the likes of Five For Fighting and City and Colours as major influences.

Kasadya: An eclectic sonic brew

Christian Tiu marks the passing of time on “Kasadya,” an irresistible number inspired by childhood nostalgia, Ilonggo culture, and the pandemic. Tiu’s official entry to the PhilPop 2020 Songwriting Festival looks back at the glorious memories spent with his family and grandparents.

Tiu shares, “During the pandemic, that feeling of isolation was even more accentuated.

The thought of spending time with our grandparents would be at the bottom of the list due to their vulnerabilities with the virus. In the song Kasadya, I was looking back to those times; reliving those memories and just embracing those nostalgic moments. I felt genuinely happy for those times.” 

Musically, “Kasadya” is an upbeat number that blends ‘80s pop with jazz, Manila Sound, ‘70s soul, and contemporary R&B sounds. It features interesting arrangements that mirror the artist’s intentional leaning towards retro-sounding appeal, while also incorporating modern touches to cater to the younger generation of listeners. The song is interpreted by Jay-ar Vaño, a singer based in Koronadal City and an active contributor to the Ilonggo pop scene, and XT on Sax, a renowned saxophonist.

Pahuway: An emotionally gripping ballad

Sherwin’s Fugoso’s stripped-down ballad “Pahuway” speaks about knowing what your heart truly desires and patiently waiting for its fulfillment. According to the folk artist, it’s a song about “longing, love, commitment, and dedication that stands against the test of time.”

Pahuway was inspired by a famous passage from Saint Augustine’s  Confession in which he states: You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you,” Fugoso explains. “His words hit me big-time, and for me, it is a must to write songs out of these very powerful words.  Pahuway portrays my longing for a cure for my daily dose of restlessness.”

The spiritual song digs deeper into the songwriter’s emotional psyche, but mines a less-is-more approach to showcase the vulnerability in Fugoso’s words. Award-winning Cebu-based artist Ferdinand Aragon interprets the song with the right mix of subtlety and warmth, and even going to as far as captivating listeners with his nuanced delivery and wounded vocal styling.

“Akong Bilhon,” “Kasadya,” and “Pahuway” are now available on streaming and digital platforms worldwide via PhilPop and Warner Music Philippines.

Image and details provided by PhilPop in a recent press release.