Shopee sees growth in digital payments as Filipinos adjust to the New Normal

While 70% of purchases made through digital payments were by younger users, Shopee also saw an increased adoption among users aged over 50.

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, saw an acceleration in digital payments as Filipinos fulfill more daily needs online amidst the ongoing pandemic. Shopee saw an increase in the number of digital payments made on the platform since the beginning of the pandemic. More people paid for their purchases via credit cards, bank transfers, and ShopeePay. According to a Boston Consulting Group report, this trend will continue as more Southeast Asian households embrace digital payments during and after Covid-19.

Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “2020 has brought about significant shifts in the way we live, work and shop online. Among these shifts is the accelerated move towards a cashless society across the region. In line with social distancing efforts, we see consumers embracing digital payments for greater convenience and security. Local governments are also stepping up their efforts to encourage this move. Similarly, Shopee continues to offer a wide range of digital payment options to cater to evolving needs, including ShopeePay, our mobile wallet.” 

Shopee outlines three observations on digital payments in the Philippines:

  • Increased adoption of digital payments among older users: 70% of the total number of purchases made using digital payments were by users between the ages of 18 to 34. However, older users are also starting to adopt digital payments when shopping online. Shopee observed a 100% increase in the number of ShopeePay transactions among users over the age of 50. Given that older users typically find it harder to adapt to digital payments, this heartening trend illustrates the ease of use of ShopeePay and the trust it has built among users.
  • Men’s adoption of digital payments is higher than women: Men increasingly value the convenience and security of digital payments. Over the past year, the rate of growth in the adoption of digital payments is 80% higher for men than for women.
  • Digital payments are more prevalent in urban cities: The National Capital Region (NCR) has the highest digital payment adoption. Larger cities, which are critical drivers of the Philippines’ economic growth, have better connectivity and a more developed IT infrastructure. Individuals in these cities also have better accessibility to smartphones, contributing to the adoption of digital payments.

Shopee is committed to meeting the needs of its users. Through its integrated mobile wallet, ShopeePay, Shopee strives to ensure that users can shop and pay with ease. In addition to the ease of use, ShopeePay offers several benefits to users, including convenience, a seamless user experience, security, and more significant cost savings.

Convenient and easy to top-up: ShopeePay is easy to top-up through a variety of methods. These include online banking, payment centers, and over-the-counter bank transactions. Through ShopeePay, users can make online payments, top-up their wallets, transfer, and withdraw funds.

Safe and secure payment method: ShopeePay follows the highest security standards. An automated registration process protects the user, and there is also a dedicated 24h Customer Service team.

Greater cost savings with ShopeePay promotions: ShopeePay users can enjoy the following regular promotions:

  • Mobile Load: New users can earn 30 coins when they buy ₱100 worth of load, while regular users get big discounts when they buy load via ShopeePay.
  • Bills Payment: Users can claim 150 to 350 coins (with ₱800 minimum spend) when they pay their utility bills via ShopeePay.
  • ShopeePay Day: Users can enjoy free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend on ShopeePay Thursdays. They can also enjoy up to 20% off discount with minimum spending of ₱200.

Yu closed, “As more consumers turn to our platform to stay connected and fulfill their daily needs, we are committed to leveraging our key strengths to help consumers adapt to the new normal. We want to provide our users with easy access to digital payment services such as ShopeePay, through an integrated and secure ecosystem.”

Download Shopee for free through the App Store or Google Play.

Image and details provided by Shopee in a recent press release.


What New Fashion Styles Should We Expect in 2019?

The saying “out with the old and in with the new” is never more appropriate than during the start of the year, and if you’ve kept up with social media then you’ve probably seen hundreds of posts about clearing out closets (literally and figuratively) to make space for better things. If you’re looking to beef your wardrobe back up after a Marie Kondo-esque purge, then here’s a short list of some fashion trends for 2019 that’ll definitely be on the top of your Instagram feeds.

Classic loose shorts

Tamara Bellis of Unsplash

While shorts have always been a good excuse to cool down and show off a bit of skin, 2019 looks like it’s going to take a more relaxed approach to the wardrobe staple. Glamour Magazine suggests wider-leg shorts with a looser fit are in this year, prioritizing the classic schoolboy look over a tighter fit. This is definitely a godsend for the hot weather, and as an added bonus they look and feel comfortable.

Pick shorts in lighter colors like khaki or light blue for a daytime look, and pair with loose-fit satin tops for maximum freshness. Don’t shy away from patterns, either; stripes are the way to go with this item.

Pleated skirts

Leonardo Silva on Unsplash

Pleated skirts may bring to mind private Catholic schools and strict dress codes, but luckily for the skirt lovers that’s about to change. 2019 looks like the year of balancing comfort with style, with Insider claiming pleated skirts are definitely going to play a part in that.

A long pleated skirt in a rich color like mustard or burgundy is a great piece to build your outfit around, and depending on your top could be perfect for a night out or a Sunday brunch. Wear with boots for a dressier look, or sandals for that easygoing vibe.

Flared jeans

Madison Compton on Unsplash

Tons of fashionistas are taking inspiration from previous decades and experimenting with their looks, and if there’s one style that’s a showstopper then it’s the flared jeans look of the 1970s. Flared jeans are making a huge comeback, and you’ll find more and more retailers offering them as part of their lineup. BNY Jeans is a denim brand from the Philippines that offers just that: light wash, high-waisted flared jeans in a flattering cut and comfortable fabric. They’ve made a name for themselves recently for releasing eye-catching flared denim jean ranges that are great for just about anyone.

Wear these jeans with a simple t-shirt and sneakers for a classic, everyday look, or go all out with a pair of killer heeled boots and a rockin’ top.

Statement sneakers

Mnz on Undplash

In the past year, sneakers have taken center stage, and it looks like that trend is only going to continue. Stylecaster reports that Pinterest searches for “statement sneakers” are up over 2000%, which is a clear indication that people are putting more thought into what they’re wearing on their feet. The right pair of sneakers can turn your outfit from good to unforgettable, so it might just be time to invest in a nice pair.

You can go the tried and tested route with jeans and an oversized shirt, or you can get a little creative and play with colors, patterns, and silhouettes. Don’t let these sneakers intimidate you— just have fun!

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