Steak lunch with the kiddos at Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

I took my kids to Mad Mark’s in Pioneer Center, Kapitolyo last Monday for lunch before we run our errands for the day.

I remember that we used to have our weekend dinners at its former branch in East Capitol Drive several years ago.  That was when Kapitolyo was the only foodie area in our radar.  We stopped going around the time when we discovered other food communities as well as other Mad Mark’s that were more conveniently situated in malls.

This new branch in Kapitolyo is definitely an improvement over their old one.  For one thing, it has twice the floor area and can accommodate more people.  Secondly, being located in the Pioneer Center compound, there are a lot more parking space.

This branch is definitely more spacious, allowing the resto to play around with a few minimalist decor and furnishings that give homage to its artisanal beginnings.

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

I guess my major beef with this Mad Mark’s branch is how undermanned it is.  At 11.30am, the time when most restaurants expect an influx of customers, it only has one person manning the store and most probably one cook in the kitchen.  This resulted to long waits for our orders and requests, as well as the unavailability of some items in the menu.

When we were getting ready to order, we were informed that only the “Grill Works” – the steaks, ribs and grilled chickens – were the only viands available.  Furthermore, of the seven side dishes on the menu, only plain rice, Garden Grains (Mad Mark’s version of fried rice), corn and carrots and smashed potatoes can be ordered.

We didn’t mind given that we just wanted to order the Signature Steaks (Php330), 150g premium USDA flat-iron steaks served medium-well accompanied by our choice of cream sauce.  We were lucky enough that our favorite side dishes were also available. The steaks and sides served to us did not disappoint: the meat was cooked as per our requested doneness and the sides and our chosen sauce complemented the steaks very well.

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

We also ordered Mad Mark’s own Home-Brewed Iced Tea (Php49) – which I found a bit too sweet – to wash the steaks down.

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

And, of course, a visit to Mad Mark’s will not be complete without ordering dessert.  Today, we decided to try the Liquid Cheesecake (Php160): it consisted of two pie pockets filled with a gooey custard topped by a scoop of Mad Mark’s Half-Baked Madagascar Ice Cream and drizzled over with thick chocolate fudge.  I don’t get why this dessert is named Liquid Cheesecake (and I really don’t care; my kids and I liked it!).

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo

Mad Mark’s, Kapitolyo


This Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats is located at Pioneer Center Supermart, 8006 Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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