Family Dinner Hack with Honestbee and Buffalo Swing Cafe, Maybunga

As a working mom, one of the regular challenges I face is trying to fit in all my errands and tasks during the weekend. Last Saturday was particularly hectic: I had errands elsewhere and I didn’t know if I will be able to finish them in time to come home and prepare an appetizing dinner for me and the kids.

Fortunately, Honestbee has recently expanded its services to food delivery and among its partner merchants is Buffalo Swing Cafe.

This resto is situated in the Maybunga area, quite some distance from my home. I never heard of it before as I don’t usually explore the area for dining options.

Already anticipating how busy my day was going to be, I already booked my orders the night before using the Honestbee app. I ordered the following:

  • 1 order of American BBQ wings (Php175 – 5 pieces)
  • 2 orders of Butter Parmesan Wings (Php175 – 5 pieces)
  • 1 order of Macaroni and Cheese (Php170)
  • 1 All-Cheese Pizza (Php345)

I chose 2 flavors of wings so that the kiddos and I will have some choice in our viands. The Mac ‘n Cheese is a special request from my daughter #ExhibitA, while the pizza is a treat for my little boy who is, by the way, is a self-confessed pizza monster, so I’m hopeful that the pizza order will be a hit with him.

The entire bill amounted to a little over Php1,000 but since I applied the Php500 reward I received for referring a friend of mine to Honestbee, my actual payable amount is Php569.

I was still stuck in traffic by the time my orders arrived. Fortunately, #ExhibitA paid for the delivery while I was gone.

By the time I got home, dinner was already laid out at the table, ready to be eaten.

Buffalo Swing, Maybunga

Not surprisingly, the little boy loved the All Cheese Pizza. It arrived still warm with the brick oven baked crust still crisp and the cheese toppings rich and creamy. My little pizza monster was able to polish off 3 slices.

Buffalo Swing, Maybunga

The Mac ‘N Cheese, on the hand, was a hit with #ExhibitA. We found the noodles firm and the sauce really cheesy, with bits of bacon to add a meatier flavor to the dish.

Buffalo Swing, Maybunga

We actually loved the Butter Parmesan Wings. It had a new kind of flavor that is a departure from the usual spicy buffalo wings. The American BBQ Wings wasn’t bad either. It was quite close to the barbecue sauce flavoring we’ve come to expect and had some zesty aftertaste which counters some of the umay factor.

Buffalo Swing, Maybunga

Buffalo Swing, Maybunga

Both sets of buffalo wings arrived still warm and had tender and juicy meat, which was very much appreciated by the kids and myself who all made short work of the meal.

I’m glad that with Honestbee there’s now a convenient way for me to have food delivered at home, with various options other than the big fast food chains. It’s become a life hack for busy working moms like me who want to give their kids a dining treat without having to spend all day in the kitchen, nor having to forego other important activities.

If you’re in an area where Buffalo Swing Cafe delivers via Honestbee, I would recommend ordering from it. Sign up for Honestbee using this referral link and get Php500 off for a minimum spend of Php2,500.  You can download the Honestbee app on iTunes or Google Play.

This post contains affiliate links.

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