Easy dinner delivery from Delanders Pizza + Cafe

I’m all for home cooking; in fact, I’ve been taking the extra time spent at home to cook up delish dishes for the fam.

Every once in a while, however, I find myself lacking the inclination to whip up something in the kitchen. It may be because of a videocon that extended past office hours, or the depletion of supplies in the pantry.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad that a busy work-at-home mom like me – one that’s still adjusting to the New Normal – have a myriad of options for her family’s meal.

One such option is the delivery of pizzas from Delander Pizza + Cafe via FoodPanda.

Delander’s Pizza

Delander’s Pizza

Delander’s Pizza

Both of the kiddos are avid pizza fanatics and both welcomed the break from our usual ulam with pizzas ordered from a relatively new store.

Delander’s Pizza

Delander’s Pizza

Delander Pizza + Cafe opened its doors in Manggahan, Pasig a little over two years ago, bringing local residents a taste of freshly baked and topping-rich pizzas.

Thankfully, it has remained open through the various stages of community quarantine since mid-March to present for takeout and delivery.

Thanks to FoodPanda, the kiddos and I supped on:

Delander Special (Php90 solo | Php240 regular | Php320 mega). Topped with cheese, ham, bacon, beef, pepperoni, pineapple, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions.

Delander’s Pizza

Delander’s Pizza

Delander’s Pizza

Quadro Pizza (Php405). Four flavors all in one pizza: the Delander Special, Hawaiian (Ham, Cheese and Pineapple), Pepperoni and Cheese, and Shawarma (beef shawarma, cheese, onions, bell pepper and fresh tomatoes). This was an excellent choice as we were able to enjoy all four pizza variants for the price of one.

Delander’s Pizza

Delander’s Pizza

Delander’s Pizza

So, this busy mom got a kitchen duty reprieve, thanks to Delander Pizza and FoodPanda.

Delander’s Pizza

Delander’s Pizza

Delander Pizza + Cafe is located at 451 RL Reyes Building, Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Barangay Manggahan, Pasig City. To order your pizzas, call +63 2 85439843 or +63 975 7306240.

Late last year, it opened a branch a bit nearer to my home (but, sadly, does not yet offet delivery) at 7 Ilang-ilang Street, De Castro Subdivision, Barangay Santa Lucia, Pasig City. To order for pickup, call +63 2 73737751 or +63 999 9908910.

You may also course your orders through FoodPanda. Use this link to download the FoodPanda app and get Php100 off your first order.

Delanders Pizza + Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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