Non-dairy and fructose-free milk teas from Grillin’ Ape

As a sweet tooth myself, I have to admit that I do have trouble saying no to sugary treats.

There’s nothing like a l bit of sweetness that I can enjoy in various parts of my day to give me that little kick of energy so I can power on or get out of a slump.

Grillin’ Ape

However, said sweet treats may have an impact on my health.

Milk teas, for example, are some of my perennially favorite drinks but these have high sugar levels and make heavy use of dairy products which may lead to difficulty in weight management as well as other potential health problems.

If only there was a way to enjoy my milk tea fix without its troublesome components, right?

Grillin’ Ape

Well, the Japanese street food joint in Eastwood Grillin’ Ape has expanded its product line to include fructose-free and non-dairy milk teas under its new brand: Ape Tea.

With exciting flavors such as Honey Dew Cheesecake and Strawberry Salted Caramel, Ape Tea brings that sweet and creamy goodness of milk tea without the use of fructose-based sugars and dairy products.

Grillin’ Ape

Grillin’ Ape

Grillin’ Ape

Try it with some of Grillin’ Ape’s tasty Takoyaki for a light and delicious snack.

Grillin’ Ape

You can also enjoy it as your dessert after feasting on Grillin’ Ape’s heartier offerings.

Grillin’ Ape, Eastwood

Grillin’ Ape, Eastwood

Ready to indulge yourself with a new milk tea experience and more? Order now through the Grillin’ Ape website or via Facebook. You may also call in your orders at +63 2 83677135 or +63 956 1504450.

Grillin’ Ape

Grillin’ Ape is located at Eastwood Cybermall level 3, Bagumbayan, Quezon City.


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