The Jelly List: Tasty food options available for delivery

While many of our old dining haunts have (thankfully!) re-opened for business, they are doing so at just thirty percent capacity for outdoor dining and ten percent capacity for indoor dining, catering only to customers who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

That leaves many of us members of the dining public still with little recourse for our foodie adventures but to have them at home.

Fortunately, great food is only a few phone taps away with these food shops!


Veggies are front and center at Salad Stop!, a salad-centric shop that espouses “Eating Wide Awake.” Its salad creations are not only fresh, nutritious and flavorful, their ingredients are also sustainably sourced.

Hubby likes to add some greens to our meals by ordering his favorite salad trays which consist of up to six servings of fresh salad variants.

Food for Delivery
Food for Delivery

Hail Caesar Salad Tray. A variation of the classic Caesar Salad with romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan, sliced cage-free eggs, croutons and bacon bits tossed in Caesar Salad dressing.

Food for Delivery
Food for Delivery

Man-Go Wild! Salad Tray. A salad that makes vibrant use of the tangy green mango, with crabsticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, white turnip, yellow raisins and fried garlic tossed Mango Vinaigrette.

Salad Stop delivers via GrabFood.


While its menu are mostly made up of ready-to-eat meals, this Antipolo-based enterprise also curates its own grazing spreads such as this Sampler, which consist of two kinds of cold cuts, two kinds of cheese, nuts and chocolates prettily and conveniently arranged in a 3×2 can.

While this sampler gifted by my brother-in-law is perfect for solo nibbling while watching TV or for sharing with a special someone over a glass of wine, Juliano’s also has bigger grazing spread variants for family dinners or parties.

Food for Delivery
Food for Delivery

Juliano’s accepts orders and bookings via Facebook.

Slow Burn MNL

Chef Chryso Morales crafts platters and food trays that highlight the enhanced flavors of food grilled to burned perfection through the business set up with his brother Dale: Slow Burn MNL.

Mother-in-law has the delicious habit of marking special occasions by sending us a tray of Slow Burn MNL’s Surf and Turf Tray (without shrimps) which features fall-off-the-bone tender Smoked Ribs over Umami Rice served with cherry tomatoes and French beans.

Food for Delivery
Food for Delivery

To order, call +63 956 0270730 or send a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Naked Bones

Barbecue is really close to our hearts, and appealing to our tastebuds because those barbecued ribs are always a hit with the fam.

Naked Bones’ Feast, for example, is portioned just right with a full slab of barbecued ribs, four cups of rice and four side dishes, all in one box, ready to serve!

Food for Delivery
Food for Delivery

Naked Bones accepts orders via Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s Get Litson

The roast beef has expanded its horizons beyond hotel buffets and is now in-demand as a food delivery item, particularly in its Pinoy iteration: the litson baka.

Cloud kitchen Kraver’s Canteen houses Let’s Get Litson which offers litson baka that’s been marinated for twenty-four hours, smoked and slow-cooked for six hours to tender and flavorful perfection.

It comes in an All-Meat Tray (all-meat, no rice), which contains roast beef slices good for up to four people accompanied by its own dipping sauce.

It’s perfect with rice and leftovers (if there are any!) can be added to salads. Yum!

Food for Delivery
Food for Delivery

Let’s Get Litson accepts orders through the Kraver’s website or via GrabFood.

Baked Sushi Manila

One of the top quarantine food trends – the Sushi Bake – has evolved into many delicious varieties such as the ones offered by Baked Sushi Manila.

Food for delivery
Food for delivery

Salmon Kani Avocado Bomb. Loaded with fresh toppings and premium Japanese spices, it’s a healthy and savory spin on the dish.

Food for delivery
Food for delivery

Cheesy Beef Gyudon. Thinly sliced beef cooked in a sweet and savory mixture of mirin and soy sauce and torched to smokey perfection.

Baked Sushi Manila accepts orders via Facebook.

These online food shops make it easy for us epicures to sate our cravings and discover new favorites.

Foodies, as you can see, you don’t need to venture out of home to enjoy great food. Just keep your phone handy and get to tapping for those orders!

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