The Jelly List: Desserts for delivery that will sate your sweet cravings

How’s your sweet tooth these days, foodies?

The quarantine has hampered our ability to go out for our sweet fix. Thanks to the internet, however, we can easily find dessert sellers, ready to supply us with goodies so we won’t have to leave home to sate our sweet cravings.

If you’ve been missing your favorite dessert stops during your life before the pandemic, it may be high time to get tapping on your phone and have your sweet cravings delivered to your doorstep.

Being a sweet tooth myself (and egged on by my equally sweet fanatic kids), I decided to give some of these sweets a try over the past few months. Others have been sent by friends and relatives to celebrate special occasions. Whatever the reason, being treated to new desserts is always a good idea.

Check out my picks and see if they can become your favorites too!

Triple Cheese Donuts from Lola Nena’s

The social media star for many months into the quarantine is Lola Nena’s Triple Cheese Donuts. It’s the offshoot of the old-fashioned donuts inspired by the sugary bicho-bicho but now overloaded with cheese.

These are best served when heated so that the cheese gets all melty and yummy!

Desserts for Delivery
Desserts for Delivery

Get a box of eight for just Php216.

Order online at Lola Nena’s website or via GrabFood.

Remilly’s Yema Cakes

Remember that sticky and milky-sweet candy we loved as kids? Well, the yema has long been turned into a cakes.

Check out Remilly’s Yema Cake single- serve creations the Yema Cake – vanilla chiffon cake covered with yema frosting topped with grated cheese – and Yema Caramel – vanilla chiffon cake covered with caramel frosting and topped with dark chocolate shavings.

Desserts for Delivery
Desserts for Delivery

Get these single-serve cakes at Php70 each.

Order online at Remilly’s Yema Cake Facebook Page or via GrabFood.

Flavored Ensaymada from Bread for EveryJuan

Ensaymadas are another childhood favorite of mine. I prefer these pastries to be fluffy and topped with lots of sugar and cheese for that sweet-and-salty dynamic.

Bread for EveryJuan, however, ups the ante on my favorite kind of ensaymada with the addition of Ube and Caramel flavors.

Desserts for Delivery
Desserts for Delivery

Get a box of 5 mixed special ensaymadas for just Php250.

Order now by sliding in to BFE’s DMs on Facebook.

Flavored Cream Puffs from The Puff Dough

Biting into a cream puff is such a decadent experience: just imagine the flaky pastry studded with caramelized sugar gives in to a creamy custard filling, producing different textures and kinds of sweetness in your mouth.

Now, imagine discovering another dimension to this French-inspired dessert through the addition of flavors such as Chocolate, Ube, Cheesecake, Milo and Matcha, thanks to The Puff Dough.

Desserts for Delivery
Desserts for Delivery

Well, you won’t have to imagine for long if you order through TPD’s jot form, especially since you can get a box of twelve assorted cream puffs for just Php500.

Snickers Bomb from Pufft Doughnuts

Want your favorite chocolate bar in doughnut form?

Check out Pufft Doughnuts’ Snickers Bomb, a dessert inspired by the Snickers bar, from crunchy and chewy Snickers bits and peanut butter chips drizzled with caramel sauce on top to the rich and creamy peanut butter filling inside the soft and fluffy doughnut.

Desserts for Delivery
Desserts for Delivery

At Php140 per piece, it’s an explosive piece of pastry for any dessert lover.

Order now at Pufft Doughnuts website.

Mango Torte from I Khan Bake

For a showstopping finish to a meal, check out I Khan Bake’s Mango Torte.

From its crunchy and meringue base to its cream topping studded with mango balls, every piece is a masterpiece. It’s best to keep it refrigerated, though.

Desserts for Delivery
Desserts for Delivery

You can order this cake for Php1,050.

Order now by sending a message over Facebook.

Signature Moist Chocolate from Amante’s Decadent Moist Cakes

The gold standard for any chocolate cake is the moistness (read: non-dryness) of its chocolate cake base. (Speaking as a home baker myself, it’s actually hard to achieve!)

That’s why it’s best to let the pros handle it, like Amante’s Decadent Moist Cakes. It’s Signature Moist Cake has that moist cake base, and a decadent chocolate frosting topped with chocolate chips. It is not too sweet, so you can savor more of its richchocolate goodness.

Desserts for Delivery
Desserts for Delivery

A nine-inch cake sells for Php570, while its tin-can version is available for Php520.

Send a message over Facebook to order.

So, foodies, you can always indulge your sweet tooth during quarantine. Just choose which dessert you’re craving for and order away!

Photo Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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