The Jelly List: Unusual desserts to soothe your stress during quarantine

It’s been four months into the quarantine and with all the craziness that’s happening in and out of the country, many of us are feeling the literal and metaphorical heat.

I’m a firm believer in how the right kind of food improves one’s mood. And it just so happens that stressed spelled backwards is dessert.

Being a sweet tooth myself, of course I have a considerable bias towards desserts. (And words to the wise: biases are not inherently bad!)

Before I let my stress get the better of me, let me calm my mind down and yet excite my appetite as I present my picks for out-of-the-ordinary sweets.

These are usually reinterpretations or interesting tweaks to established dessert recipes, bringing something new to classic faves.

I also picked the ones that are currently available for pickup and delivery since most of us are stuck in our homes.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes from Ombu Kusina

Ombu Kusina, Tomas Morato

Ombu Kusina prides itself on its modern takes on Pinoy cuisine and this dessert is a prime example of that. Delightful layers of frozen soft meringue alternating custard filling, ice cream and graham cracker crust will make a great end to any meal.

Ombu Kusina is located at Ground Floor, Sequioa Hotel, Mother Ignacia Street, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, open daily from 9am to 8pm for dine-in, delivery and pickup. For reservations and inquiries, call +63 2 84411789 or +63 922 8149086, or email

Read more about Ombu Kusina here.

Black Forest Floor from Graffiti Desserts

Graffiti Desserts

Graffiti Desserts is a new entrant into the busy metro food scene which seeks to differentiate itself from other dessert shops by “taking inspiration from every direction, rethinking sweets and changing the dessert landscape in the process.” Its Black Forest Floor deconstructs and reimagines the classic Black Forest Gateau as the Shwarzwald’s lush forest floor. From the moist chocolate cake, amaretto-soaked cherries and crushed peanuts making up its “soil” which surrounds a “mud pool” of salted milk chocolate ganache, to its candy twigs and pebbles, dried rose petals and a green tea butter crumble “moss” hiding a gold cream dome egg, biting into this dessert is like stepping into fairyland.

To order, send Graffiti Desserts a message through Facebook or Instagram, indicating your number of orders, name, contact number and delivery address.

Read more about Graffiti Desserts here.

Turtle Pie Cheesecake-in-a-Jar from SugarSalt

Sugar Salt Bakery

Craving for something sweet but don’t want to over-indulge? Then SugarSalt’s Turtle Pie Cheesecake-in-a-Jar is just what you need. Made with dark chocolate, caramel kisses, caramel fudge and pecan nuts over freshly baked cheesecake in a crushed graham cracker crust and served in a cute little jar, it is a bite-sized taste of sweet heaven.

Order your SugarSalt Cheesecake-in-a-Jar through this website.

Read more about SugarSalt here.

Martabak Manis from Sammy’s Cookin’

Sammy’s Cookin’ To order, call 0939 1483960.

Martabak Manis is one of Chef Sammy Isidro’s signature dishes influenced ny the years he spent as a musical performer in Indonesia. Made with thick pancake layers filled with chocolate sprinkles, crushed peanuts, cheese and condensed milk, this dessert is perfect for those late-night sweet cravings.

To order, call +63 939 1483960 or course your orders through its Facebook or Instagram pages at least two days before you need them.

Read more about Sammy’s Cookin’ here.

Japanese Cheesecake from Fukurou Nihonryori

Fukuruo Nihonyori, Cainta

Fukurou Nihonryori is a cozy little resto in Cainta which serves authentic Japanese dishes. One such dish is the Japanese cheesecake, a light and fluffy confection made in the traditional Japanese way and drizzled with dulce de leche.

Fukurou Nihonryori is located at Ground Floor, The Pinnacle Plaza, Marikina-Infanta Highway, Bgy. San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal, open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9am to 5pm for pickup, takeout and delivery. For reservations and inquiries, call +63 2 82866672 or 5451245.

Read more about Fukurou Nihonryori here.

Putoflan from Batter & Bake

Batter & Bake Putoflan

Another promising newbie in the online food selling business, Pasig-based Batter & Bake entered into the fray with the Puto Flan among its initial offerings. This dessert lets you enjoy two Pinoy classic desserts – the puto (rice flour cake) and leche flan (steamed milk custard) – in one neat little package.

To order, message Batter & Bake on Facebook or Instagram or call +63 917 3115064.

Spiked Carabao Milk Ice Cream from The Blissful Story

Greenfield Weekend Market

Ice cream is every kid’s favorite dessert, but Pasig-based micro-creamery The Blissful Story churns out something special for us grown-ups: a little bit of Tequila Rose to go with its carabao-milk based Strawberry Rose ice cream, giving its sweet fruity flavor and nutty cacao nibs some added oomph.

You can order this tipsy ice cream at The Blissful Story’s Facebook Page.

Well, that’s quite a list that lifted my spirits, I have to say! Would you know of any other unusual desserts? Drop your suggestions in the comments!

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Happy eating, dessert lovers!

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The Jelly List: Chocolate dessert picks for World Chocolate Day

Did you know that World Chocolate Day falls on July 7?

On this day, you can expect chocolate lovers from all over the world to celebrate what they deem to be the end-all and be-all of foodstuffs: the chocolate.

Chocolate is prepared from the fruit of the tropical tree Theobroma cacao (the name translates to “food of the Gods). This tree is native to the Amazon and Orinoco river basins in South America, thriving in hot and humid areas. As chocolate’s global popularity grew, so did its cultivation, with cacao plantations in regions such as West Africa, South and Southeast Asia.

While chocolate is so versatile that it can even be used as an ingredient in savory dishes, my love for it stems from its sweet applications.

So, fellow foodies, allow me to share a sampling of my favorite chocolate dessert incarnations from various establishments in the metro.

Teddy Keng’s Chocolate Gateau from Chef Jessie’s Place

Chef Jessie’s version of the decadent chocolate cake, this confection is made of alternating layers of light chocolate cake and rich chocolate cream filling all covered with a rich, shiny ganache and decorated with an unfurling flower fashioned from chocolate. Definitely a choco-holic’s delight!

Chef Jessie’s Place for delivery

Chef Jessie’s Place is located at 1997 Pililla corner Obrero and Tanay Streets, Valenzuela, Makati City, open daily from 9am to 4pm for pick up and delivery. To order, text or call +63 917 8967880, +63 917 8330797 or +63 977 0976649 or email

Read more about Chef Jessie’s Place here.

White Chocolate Creme Brulee from Bistro Manuel

This rich and creamy custard also features the subtle flavor tones of white chocolate, topped with a torched sugar sculpture and a tangy berry tartlet.

Bistro Manuel, Poblacion

Bistro Manuel Bistro Manuel is located at Second Floor, Six Axis Center, 4347 B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City, now open for dine in as well as takeout. To book your table, fill out this questionnaire.

More on Bistro Manuel here.

Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie from MDJ Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a go-to comfort food. Now imagine those goodies getting an upgrade with the use of silky brown butter sauce and a bit of sea salt and you’ve got one of MDJ Cookies’ best-selling creations.

MDJ Cookies

To order, send MDJ Cookies a message via Facebook or Instagram with your name, address, contact number, delivery date, flavors (with quantity of order) and mode of payment (GCash and BPI are accepted).

More about MDJ Cookies here.

Chocolate Truffle Liquor Cake from Inang Charing

A decadent 5-inch diameter confection of layers upon layers of chocolate goodness from a moist chocolate cake base flavored with chocolate liquor covered by a thick and creamy chocolate ganache and topped with a generous sprinkling with cocoa powder.

Inang Charing

Course your orders for this chocolatey delight via Facebook or Instagram with a three-day lead time and pay via Gcash or BPI bank deposit a day before the delivery.

Read more about Inang Charing Cakes and Pastries here.

S’mores from Bistro Charlemagne

Truth be told: I’m not into marshmallows but Bistro Charlemagne made a believer out of me with its S’mores. Rich Ghirardelli chocolate ganache is topped with a thick layer of roasted marshmallows and served with graham crackers. This has become a fam fave!

Bistro Charlemagne, Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Bistro Charlemagne’s branches in Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Ayala Malls Feliz and Ayala Malls Solenad are open for takeout and delivery via GrabFood, LalaFood and FoodPanda.

Read more about Bistro Charlemagne here.

Hot Chocolate from Cafe Mary Grace

During gloomy rainy days, a cup of hot chocolate sure perks me right up. Cafe Mary Grace’s Hot Chocolate is rich and milky, good enough on its own but spectacular as a dessert when paired with some of the store’s baked goods.

Cafe Mary Grace, Eastwood Mall

Selected Cafe Mary Grace stores are open for dine-in, takeout or delivery via GrabFood.

Read more about Cafe Mary Grace here.

Choco Salted Caramel Cake from Coffee Time Cakes and Pastries

This dessert is a chocolate cake layered with salted caramel and covered with a luscious chocolate frosting. Perfect when partnered with a cup of your favorite coffee.

Coffee Time Cakes and Pastries

To pre-order, send a message via Facebook or Instagram, or call +63 920 4900391

Read more about Coffee Time Cakes and Pastries here.

Champorado Cheesecake from 121 Restaurant

The quintessential Pinoy breakfast cereal is now in cheesecake form. Now, instead of enjoying piping hot, you get to savor it decadent and frozen on a crust of graham crackers. Yum!

121 Restaurant, Allegro

Course your order for this fresh take on an old favorite for delivery here.

Read more about 121 Restaurant here.

So chocolate lovers, feel free to indulge yourself and give in to your chocolate cravings with these top picks on World Chocolate Day!

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Happy eating, choco-holics!

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The Jelly List: Father’s Day gift ideas for your foodie dad

They say a dad is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.

There’s no doubt that our fathers play a very important role in our lives. With Father’s Day coming in a few days, it’s time to think about what to give our dads as little tokens of our love and appreciation for all they have done and continue to do for us.

This task is even easier if our dads have a great love and regard for good food. Luckily, we have an abundance of great food choices that can be delivered straight to Dad’s doorstep to delight him come Father’s Day.

Let me share with you my top picks:

Pampanga’s Famous Cheesebread from LBS Bakeshop

If Daddy ever tasted Pampanga’s famous cheese bread, I’ll bet that he will be craving for more. As luck would have it, this delicacy is now easily available in the metro. At just Php299 for a box of thirty pieces of cheese bread, he can eat his fill of this yummy pastry from Pampanga’s LBS Bakeshop.

LBS Bakeshop

To order, just send a message through Facebook or Viber +63 999 8233340.

More on Pampanga’s Cheesebread here.

Sous Vide Steak from The Manila Hotel

If Dad is a certified carnivore, he will love the Sous Vide Steaks from The Manila Hotel.  “Sous vide” – or “under vacuum” in French – refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag then cooking it in a very precise temperature in a water bath. Cooking steaks sous vide results in a tender and juicy meat, evenly cooked from edge to edge. Daddy will surely delight in the premium cuts of imported meats, prepared by The Manila Hotel’s expert chefs.

The Manila Hotel’s Sous Vide Steak

Pre-order now to get 20% off on a minimum food bill of Php2,500 for pickup or delivery on Father’s Day by calling +63 2 85270011 or sending an SMS/Viber at +63 998 9501912.

More on The Manila Hotel here.

Choco Lovin Ice Cream Cake from Papa Diddi’s

Give Daddy a break from the heat with the all-new Choco Lovin ice cream cake from Papa Diddi’s. Made with Batangas tablea punctuated with choco chips, matched with chocolate cake, giving Daddy a rich dark chocolate experience.

Papa Diddi’s Choco Lovin

Course your order through Papa Diddi’s Facebook and Instagram accounts or have it delivered via FoodPanda.

More on Papa Diddi’s here.

Tableya Filipina from Theo & Brom

If Daddy is a hard-core chocolate fan, gift him with a bag of Tableya Filipina. Made as an homage to the country’s traditional tablea tsokolate, it can be made into a rich hot chocolate for his morning drink or added to baked goods to get that rich chocolate flavor.

Theo&Brohm Tableya Filipina

Order your Theo & Brom’s Tableya Filipina here.

Jams from The Fruit Garden

Speaking of Daddy’s morning chocolate drink, how about the rest of his agahan? Sweeten his pan de sal with some fruity jams from The Fruit Garden. These artisanal jams are cooked in small batches using copper cauldrons to bring about a burst of fruity flavors.

The Fruit Garden Jams

Order your jars of The Fruit Garden’s jams at SpeedRegalo.

Ube Pandan Premium Flantasy Cake from What’s Your Flan

This creamy cake flan combines the flavor of ube (purple yam) with the appetizing aroma of pandan. If my Hubby’s reaction to this dessert is any indication, it’s sure to be a hit with Dad!

What’s Your Flan?

Order your Ube Pandan Premium Flantasy Cake from What’s Your Flan?’s Facebook or Instagram account or call +63 916 497 8876.

More on What’s Your Flan here.

Bottled Cocktails from After Hours Bar

Celebrate the weekend with Dad by gifting After Hours Bar’s Gin Basil Smash cocktail in a bottle. Minors and non-tipplers in the family can join in the fun with After Hours Bar’s refreshing Handcrafted Iced Tea.

After Hours Bar Bottled Cocktails

Order your After Hours Bar bottled cocktails here.

More on After Hours Bar here.

So check out these yummy gift ideas for your foodie dad and show him how much you love him this Father’s Day!

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Photos for Sous Vide Steak, Choco Lovin and Tableya Filipina provided by The Manila Hotel, Papa Diddi’s and Theo & Brom, respectively.

This post contains affiliate links.

The Jelly List: Top picks from re-opened Marikina restos

The city of Marikina has long been a haven for food lovers. Food establishments of varied concepts and menus line many of the city’s streets and have grown to become favorites, not just of the locals but of people from other cities as well.

All was generally going well for Marikina and its restos until the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the community quarantine that followed necessitated a long pause in the operations of many dine-in food businesses.

However, with the gradual lifting of quarantine restrictions, I’m happy to see that my go-to Marikina restos are re-opening, and were even able to pivot their businesses to operate in The New Normal by making their dishes available for delivery and pickup.

So check out the restos and their offerings that I’m looking forward to revisting while still in the safety of home:

Dong Juan Marikina

Dong Juan, Marikina

Quarter-pounder patties of Dong Juan’s 100% USDA beef are now available frozen in packs of four or six for Php349 and Php549, respectively, ready to be cooked at home and enjoyed for all their tender and juicy beefiness.

To order, call +63 2 88664158 or +63 917 7095969 or send a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Don Juan Marikina is located at Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue, Santo Nino, Marikina. More on Dong Juan Marikina here.

Tongara Ramen

Tongara Ramen, Lamp Quarters

With its Easy Ramen Kit, ramen lovers can now enjoy the famed Tongara Ramen at home. At Php400, the kit includes the tonkotsu + torigara (pork + chicken) broth flavored with aged soybean, chashu (pork belly), ajitama (seasoned soft-boiled egg), menma (bamboo shoots) and negi (vegetables).

To order, fill up this form or call +63 2 82903773 or +63 917 1794719 for inquiries.

Tongara Ramen is located at Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue, Santo Nino, Marikina. More on Tongara Ramen here.

Swig & Nosh

Swig & Nosh, Marikina

For Php340/100g, carnivores can feast on the rich beefy flavors and buttery texture of this Certified Angus steak.

To order, call +63 2 75041757, +63 917 5062746 or +63 917 5188485.

Swig & Nosh is located at No. 6, Mt. Pleasant Street, Bgy. Santa Elena, Marikina City. More on Swig & Nosh here.

Mang Ding’s Pinoy BBQ

Mang Ding’s, Marikina

Rediscover Pinoy street food right at home with Mang Ding’s ready-to-grill frozen packs of Pork BBQ (Php360/20 pieces. Php560/30 pieces), Isaw Manok (Php360/20 pieces), Isaw Baboy (Php450/20 pieces) and Chicken Quarter Leg BBQ (Php390/3 pieces), all great for pairing with your favorite beers for an after-hours sesh.

To order, call +63 916 2853031.

Mang Ding’s Pinoy BBQ is located at Block 3, Lot 13, C. Buenviaje Street, Santo Nino, Marikina City. More on Mang Ding’s Pinoy BBQ here.

Over Easy

Over Easy, Marikina

American-style barbecue lovers will love the fall-off-the-bone tender braised ribs, grilled for that rich smokey flavor, and served with Over Easy’s signature barbecue sauce.

To order, send a message over Facebook or Viber +63 917 1394800.

Over Easy is located at G&W Terraza, Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, San Roque, Marikina City. More on Over Easy here.

Ca Phe Saigon

Ca Phe Saigon, Marikina

Pluviophiles (lovers of rainy weather, yeah, I had to Google the term too!) can warm their tummies with Ca Phe Saigon’s Pho Bo Kho (Php180 regular | Php350 large), a very fragrant noodle stew colored with achuete and flavored by lemongrass with tender pieces of beef.

To order, call +63 2 86461348 or +63 917 8016411.

Ca Phe Saigon is located at 14 Red Cedar Street, New Marikina, San Roque, Marikina City. More on Ca Phe Saigon here.

Passenger Seat

Passenger Seat, Marikina

Have a boodle meal at home with Passenger Seat’s Pilipinas Boodle Flight. For Php1,499, the entire fam can feast on Chicken Inasal, Grilled Liempo, Grilled Stuffed Squid, Lechon Kawali, Daing na Bangus, Buttered Shrimp, Sinigang sa Miso na Ulo ng Salmon and Pork Sisig, served with Salted Egg, Boiled Okra, Grilled Eggplant, Ensalada, Steamed Rice and two pitchers of Iced Tea.

To order, call +63 2 73694555 or +63 917 8373695.

Passenger Seat is located at Ground Floor, Riverbanks Mall, A. Bonifacio Avenue, Barangka, Marikina City. More on Passenger Seat here.

So foodies, do show your support for local businesses and check out these re-opened Marikina restos!

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The Jelly List: Extraordinary sushi picks for International Sushi Day

Did you know that there’s such a thing as an International Sushi Day? On the 18th day of June every year, food enthusiasts the world over celebrate one of the jewels of Japanese cuisine: the sushi.

Made with vinegared rice, seafood, vegetables, and even tropical fruits, sushi has embodied several tenets of Japanese food such as the use of fresh ingredients, simple and natural cooking methods, exquisite presentation and portion control.

A well-made sushi is akin to a work of art.

So on this day of all days, we can’t just have any ‘ole sushi. Nope, on International Sushi Day, we deserve sushi with that extra oomph to elevate our sushi experience.

Plus, given the restrictions on movement and dining out in the metro due to the community quarantine, we need sushi that is can be delivered to our homes.

Oh, how to solve this quandary? Well, allow me to share with you my top picks for extraordinary sushi in the metro for you to enjoy on International Sushi Day.

Soru Izakaya’s Lava Maki

Soru Izakaya’s has long been known for playful and whimsical takes on sushi and it’s Lava Maki is no exception. Salmon skin, crabsticks and mango are topped with cubes of salmon and tuna doused with a mixture of spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce, making it a savory and slightly spicy treat for the palate.

Soru Izakaya, Tomas Morato

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

To order your Lava Maki from Soru Izakaya, fill up this form, or text +63 917 7040515, +63 917 6363526 or +63 935 7830298.

Read more about Soru Izakaya here.

Omakase’s Spicy Maguro Roll (Php310).

This deep-fried sushi roll made with spicy tuna topped with ebiko and scallions is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, quite an exciting contrast that adventurous sushi fans love!

Omakase, Greenhills

Course your order for the Spicy Maguro Roll from Omakase through GrabFood or FoodPanda or call the Omakase branch nearest you (Marikina +63 2 86316588 or +63 917 5590746 | Don Antonio +63 2 77995891 or +63 977 3881954 | Molito +63 2 84033279, +63 2 87711443 or +63 906 4917798 | Il Terrazo +63 2 83324115 or +63 905 3369648 | Ayala Feliz +63 2 82536354 or +63 956 0164604).

Read more about Omakase here.

Icho Japanese Restaurant’s Foie Gras Aburi (Php250/pc).

Every now and then, you want to treat yourself to something indulgent, right? Well, this Foie Gras Aburi is your best bet. Lightly broiled goose liver with balsamic teriyaki sauce placed on top of sushi rice make for a decadent sushi experience.

Icho Japanese Restaurant, Greenhills

ICHO Japanese Restaurant, Greenhills

To order your Foie Gras Aburi from Icho Japanese Restaurant, call +63 2 85350020 or +63 917 1346027.

Read more about Icho Japanese Restaurant here.

Hanako’s Five Star Roll (Php149).

Made with fried salmon skin, salmon, kani, mango, teriyaki sauce, sesame and cucumber which made for interesting contrasts in textures and flavors in each mouthful, this sushi roll deserves its five-star moniker.

Hanako, Katipunan

Hanako, Katipunan

Course your order for the Five Star Roll from Hanako through GrabFood or FoodPanda or call the Hanako branch nearest you (Better Living +63 2 88280189, +63 2 75010189 or +63 917 7144278 | SM Pasig +63 2 85848708 or +63 917 7144287 | Regis Katipunan +63 2 83323626 or +63 907 4879346).

Read more about Hanako here.

Fukuruo Nihonryori’s Yaki Samon Mayo Nigiri (Php145).

With two hefty slices of salmon draped over balls of Japanese rice and complemented with Japanese mayo and fish roe, this made for a decadently delicious sushi dish.

Fukuruo Nihonyori, Cainta

Fukuruo Nihonyori, Cainta

Course your order for the Yaki Samon Mayo Nigiri from Fukurou Nihonryori through GrabFood or call +63 2 82866662 or +63 915 5451245.

Read more about Fukurou Nihonryori here.

Grillin’ Ape’s Lava Sushi Donut (Php230).

This dish is a modern take on how to enjoy sushi: a donut-shaped sushi rice base topped with tempura, egg, yuzu kyozu mayo and mozzarella cheese. It’s quite a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Grillin’ Ape, Eastwood

Grillin’ Ape, Eastwood

Course your order for the Lava Sushi Donut from Grillin’ Ape through GrabFood, FoodPanda or LalaFood, or call +63 2 83677135.

Read more about Grillin’ Ape here.

Meatsumo’s Sushi Bake (Php480).

One of the food items to gain prominence during the quarantine, the Sushi Bake combines the exotic flavors of sushi with the comfortable homeyness of baked casseroles. Meatsumo’s Sushi Bake is made with sushi rice, kani, mango, zucchini, Japanese mayo and tobiko, the flavors we expect from California Maki but packaged in a half tray good for four people, with portions to be scooped out and placed in nori squares for maximum enjoyment.

Meatsumo Premium, Panay

Meatsumo Premium, Panay

To order your Sushi Bake from Meatsumo, fill out this form, send a message via Facebook or Viber +63 933 1346534.

Read more about Meatsumo here.

So on International Sushi Day, get your hands on these extraordinary sushi!

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The Jelly List: Desserts for Delivery During Quarantine

How are your sweet cravings, foodies?

Sugar addicts like me are sure to be missing their usual dessert places with many restos and cafes closing shop during the enhanced community quarantine.

If your usual dessert haunts are currently inaccessible, you’ll be happy to know that desserts and baked goodies from these stores are available for delivery.

1. Cookies from Sugar Creations by Alex

“C is for cookie. That’s good enough for me.”

For all you Cookie Monsters out there, mommy Alex whips up crave-worthy cookies like Dark Chocolate, Dark Oatmeal, Classic Chocolate Chip and Smookies.

Sugar Creations by Alex

Sugar Creations by Alex

Sugar Creations by Alex

Sugar Creations by Alex

Sugar Creations by Alex

To order, call +63 988 5447945, or send a message via Instagram or Facebook.

2. Breads from Chloe Creations Bakeshop

Even if you’re working from home, you can still use a coffee break.

Have a few pieces of Ubechizdesal or a slice or two of Banana Loaf to go with your favorite cuppa.

Chloe Creations Bakeshops

Chloe Creations Bakeshops

Chloe Creations Bakeshops

To order, call + 63 915 3196411 or send a message via Instagram or Facebook.

3. Cakes from Carla Kusinera

C’mon… you know there’s always room for dessert! There’s nothing like a sweet treat to cap off a great meal.

So how about a slice of Carla Kusinera’s light and fluffy Creme Brulee Cake or decadent Chocolate Cake?

Carla Kusinera

Carla Kusinera

Carla Kusinera

To order, call +63 917 5638785 or send a message via Instagram or Facebook.

4. Mocha Dalgona Avocado Gelato from What’s Your Flan?

With the summer heat intensifying, what we sometimes need is to cool down with a a frozen treat.

Indulge yourself with a tin of Mocha Dalgona Avocado Gelato (with real Dalgona candies) from What’s Your Flan?!

What’s Your Flan?

What’s Your Flan?

To order, call +63 916 4978876 or send a message via Instagram or Facebook.

5. Burnt Basque Cheesecake from Sweet Samthings

My birthday-in-quarantine was still a happy one with this lusciously milky and custardy Burnt Basque Cheesecake from Sweet Samthings.

Sweet Samthings

Sweet Samthings

To order, call +63 917 6183443 or send a message via Instagram or Facebook.

6. Apple Pie from Yellowbakerbug

Want a taste of home-style apple pie? I know I did last Mother’s Day!

That smell of cinnamon that wafted from the crumbly and sweetly spiced pastry from Yellowbakerbug got me and the fam salivating! Its crisp apple slices and buttery crumb topping make it a perfect dessert for my Mother’s Day meal.



To order, send a message via Instagram or Facebook.

Now you know who to call to sate your sweet cravings during quarantine!

Thanks to Harvard of AlwaysHungryPH for sharing the goodies from Chloe Creations Bakeshop, Karla Kusinera and What’s Your Flan?

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The Jelly List: Top Metro Manila Restaurants for your Valentine’s Day Date

What? It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow you haven’t decided on where to take your beloved yet?!?

Oh, honey

Let your Tita Jellybeans share with you my top picks among the metro’s restaurants to serve as the romantic setting for your intimate get-together for two.

How did I come by this list? Well, to narrow down the choices, here are the criteria I used:

  • The resto should be away from the madding crowd so it can sustain an intimate and romantic mood. I recommend establishments situated away from the crowded malls frenetic with the Valentine’s Day (and payday) rush.
  • The resto should have well-appointed interiors, because special moments deserve special settings.
  • Most importantly, the resto should offer great food. I’m sure you know that food is oftentimes used as the language of love (it is one of mine!). Nourishing our beloveds with something that pleases their senses makes for a memorable time together. (And if the resto has a special Valentine’s Day offer, all the better.

Valentine’s Day is the time to go all-out on romance and spoil that special someone with good food and a good time. Check out the restos that made it to this month’s Jelly List for your date on Valentine’s Day.

Bistro Manuel, Poblacion

Bistro Manuel was opened in 2016 by Chefs Ariel and Mia Manuel of Lolo Dad’s. It is a quiet establishment, almost hidden being situated away from Poblacion’s more casual (and noisier) bars and restaurants.

Bistro Manuel, Poblacion

Here, diners can look forward to a fine-dining experience featuring award-winning culinary masterpieces.

A real treat to the taste buds is the Lolo Dad’s Baked Oysters in which each oyster is accompanied by delicate angel hair pasta under a layer of melted cheese, and accompanied with a cube of foie gras.

Bistro Manuel, Poblacion

This week, diners can enjoy a special five-course Valentine’s menu featuring the resto’s signature takes on European cuisine for just Php1,980 per person (+10% service charge).

Bistro Manuel is located at Second Floor, Six Axis Center, 4347 B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City, open daily from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 11pm. For inquiries and reservations, call +63 2 88718566, +63 926 7341067 or +63 998 3423566.

Read more about Bistro Manuel here.

Sammy’s, Cainta

Sammy’s is a rustic restaurant tucked away in one of the inner subdivisions in Valley Golf, Cainta.

Its decor is a cross between rustic and industrial with polished pine wood tables and woven hemp place mats complementing the black and white ceramic ware and clear glassware. Other tastefully quirky elements such as clocks made of bike parts and a light fixture made of pipes are DIY’ed by Chef Sammy Isidro.

Sammy’s, Cainta

Sammy’s serves a carefully thought-out curation of Asian cuisine influenced, no doubt, by the seventeen years that Chef Sammy and his wife Dorothy spent in Jakarta.

This is where I had my first taste of the Indonesian dessert Martabak Manis, a thick pancake filled chocolate sprinkle, crushed peanuts, cheese and condensed milk. It has since become one of my absolute favorites.

Sammy’s, Cainta

On February 14 and 15, enjoy Sammy’s Valentine’s Menu which includes Balsamic Pork Salad, Chicken Fricasee and Creme Brulee plus special Valentine’s Day perks such as photo souvenir and romantic renditions of popular love songs from The Singing Chef and his wife.

Sammy’s is located at 14 Raspberry Bend Street, Valley View Executive Subdivision Phase 3, San Juan, Cainta. The restaurant is open Tuesdays to Saturdays for breakfast from 7am to 11.30am and for dinner from 7pm to 10.30pm, and on Sundays for breakfast from 7am to 11.30am.

Seating is strictly by reservation so call +63 939 1483960 to book your table.

Read more about Sammy’s here.

Tahanan Bistro, Antipolo

Awesome interiors, breathtaking view and creative takes on native dishes. With all these going for it, Tahanan Bistro is your home away from the city, a welcome and delicious respite from the hustle and bustle.

Tahanan Bistro, Antipolo

Tahanan Bistro offers set meals at Php1,350 (+10% service charge) per person. Each set consists of five courses with dishes hinged on the produce and flavors found in country.

One such dish is the Bistek Tagalog, made with braised beef shank, adlai, onion puree, charred white onions, parsley oil and fried enoki, a definite upgrade from the home-cooked beefsteak.

Tahanan Bistro, Antipolo

On February 14 to 16, you and your special someone can dine on two of Tahanan five-course meals and two glasses of wine plus get the romance going with a bouquet of flowers, all for just Php3,695 (+10% service charge).

Tahanan Bistro is located at 22 Loresville Drive, Lores Farm Subdivision, San Roque, Upper Antipolo, Rizal, open Saturdays to Sundays from 11am to 4pm and 6pm to 10pm. For inquiries and reservations, call +63 925 8801487.

Read more about Tahanan Bistro here.

Nanka Japanese Steakhouse, Paligsahan

Located at the nook of Mother Ignacia and Chino Roces Avenues in Quezon City, the place has an elegant yet homey vibe, a welcome respite from my workday’s stresses. It is a perfect place for intimate date nights, chill barkada get-togethers or quiet family dinners.

Nanka, Paligsahan

Nanka’s executive chef Michael Santos takes pride in the work his team (which includes executive sous chef Rogel Rogel Pagtalunan, executive pastry chef Joel Gonzales and chef de cuisine Kenneth Afable) does in accentuating the natural flavors of food, made with the finest locally and internationally sourced ingredients.

I’ve waxed poetic about Nanka’s steaks several times in previous posts so this time, I will sing the praises of its Garlic Crabs. Fresh and simply sauteed in garlic and butter, its succulent meat is best eaten by hand.

Nanka, Paligsahan

Nanka offers a special five-course Valentine’s Day menu that you and your loved one can enjoy, along with a live romantic musical performance by Anja & John Acoustic Duo for Php2,650+ per person.

Nanka is located at 1810 Mother Ignacia corner Chino Roces Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City, open Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 11pm. For inquiries and reservations, call +63 2 85179677, +63 977 6218472, or +63 917 6734917.

Read more about Nanka here.

Alta by Relik, Santolan Town Plaza

At ALTA by Relik at Santolan Town Plaza, you and your beloved can enjoy the flavorful comfort food amidst vibrant and colorful surroundings.

ALTA by Relik, San Juan

The restaurant is an offshoot of the popular BGC restaurant Relik. Restaurant owner Gen Mortel and Chef Jam Laboriente collaborated on a Filipino-Spanish menu to provide an elevated dining experience to its diners.

I just love ALTA’s Seafood Paella, made of saffron-infused medium-grain rice with white shrimp, squid, Chilean mussels and roasted bell peppers served in a special paellera pan that helps it develop a nice toasty crust at the bottom. This is more than enough for two so you can bring some home and reheat to extend your Valentine’s date to the next day.

ALTA by Relik, San Juan

You can also just opt for ALTA’s Special Valentine menu which consists of five delectable courses plus your choice of drinks among soda, iced tea, red or white wine.

ALTA by Relik is located at Santolan Town Plaza, Col. Bonny Serrano Avenue, Little Baguio, San Juan City, open Sundays to Thursdays from 8am to 12 midnight and Fridays to Saturdays from 8am to 2am. For reservations and inquiries, call +63 917 3172582.

Read more about ALTA here.

390 Degrees, Entertainment City

Newly-opened 390 Degrees brings hearty servings and imaginative takes on comfort food in an elegantly well-appointed setting.

390 Degrees, Entertainment City

Its charcoal brick oven (maintained at a temperature of 390 degrees) takes center stage in the kitchen, influencing all of its dishes.

You absolutely have to try its Pepper Crusted Steak, a juicy steak seasoned with pepper and charcoal- grilled to medium doneness. Every bite is a bit of beefy goodness on the tongue.

390 Degrees, Entertainment City

Until February 29, enjoy a special meal for two which includes the Pepper Crusted Steak together with Tomato Soup with Ravioli, Chicken Ceasar Salad, Mini Salted Caramel Puffs and Shiraz Wine, all for just Php2,000 (+10% service charge).

390 Degrees is located at Ground Floor, Sequioa Hotel Manila, Aseana City Business Park, Entertainment City, Paranaque, open daily from 6.30am to 10pm. For inquiries and reservations, call +63 921 2446502 or +63 945 639 0724.

Read more on 390 Degrees here.

Well, what are you waiting for, dearie? Book your Valentine date now!

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