Underrated yet must-try Korean food from Soban K-Town Grill

Sure, Korean culture has infiltrated the Pinoy consciousness with all the K-dramas, K-idols and K-variety shows almost constantly streaming on our TV screens.

However, there’s one aspect of Korean culture that appeals to me the most: Korean food!

Despite its penchant for pungent fermented condiments and spices, Korean food is known for creating a delicious harmony of flavors.

For years now, Korean food, particularly the samgyeopsal or the Korean pork barbecue, has been capturing hearts and palates of Pinoy diners, with restaurants such as Soban K-Town Grill serving up diverse meats and side dishes such as the ones I enjoyed during a previous visit with the fam.

Soban K-Town, Eastwood
Classic BBQ Combo Set
Soban K-Town, Eastwood

However, today, I’ll be featuring some of the lesser known Korean dishes which I think also deserves some attention.

Soban K-Twon Grill
Soban K-Twon Grill

Hubby decided to order some dishes via GrabFood to go with the Korean barbecue I’m cooking at home so these delectable dishes arrived to grace our dinner table.

Gimbap (Php110/6 pcs | Php195/12 pcs). Lightly seasoned steamed rice, scrambled egg, chopped vegetables and meat rolled in gim – dried seaweed sheets – then cut up into thin slices prior to serving. Although highly snackable, it’s also a good side dish in any Korean meal.

Soban K-Twon Grill
Soban K-Twon Grill

Jeyuk Bokkeum (Php405). Thinly sliced pork pieces are marinated in spicy gochujang paste along with fresh garlic and ginger, then stir-fried along with vegetables. I like wrapping up the pork in lettuce leaves along with rice and sliced garlic and ssamjang, essentially treating this dish as another form of samgyeopsal.

Soban K-Twon Grill
Soban K-Twon Grill

Banchan Set (Php140 | free with our order). For me, much of celebrated harmony of flavors that Korean cuisine is known for is attributable to its wide array of side dishes also known as banchan. With Soban’s Banchan Set, diners can enjoy six side dishes such as kimchi, scrambled eggs and stir-fried or pickled vegetables that can be mixed and matched with other dishes.

Soban K-Twon Grill
Soban K-Twon Grill

These dishes sure added a lot of interest (and flavor!) to the fam’s dinner, and further strengthened Korean food’s position in our hearts.

Soban K-Twon Grill
Soban K-Twon Grill

Craving for your Korean food faves or want to try something new? Order now from Soban K-Town Grill via GrabFood!

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