Unwinding with excellent food and spectacular views at Leslie’s Restaurant in Tagaytay

Leslie’s Restaurant is a popular dining destination located in Tagaytay City, Philippines. The restaurant has been serving local and foreign tourists for over three decades since its establishment in 1984. It is known for its stunning panoramic view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake, making it an ideal spot for romantic dates and family gatherings.

The restaurant’s menu features a wide range of Filipino dishes, with specialties such as bulalo, crispy pata, and pritong tawilis. These dishes are cooked using traditional methods and fresh ingredients, ensuring that diners get to taste authentic Filipino cuisine.

Leslie’s Restaurant
Leslie’s Restaurant
Leslie’s Restaurant
Leslie’s Restaurant

Leslie’s Restaurant has become a staple in Tagaytay’s dining scene, with its excellent food, service, and breathtaking view. Its reputation has attracted a loyal customer base, with some even making it a yearly tradition to dine at the restaurant. Its location and ambiance make it a perfect place to unwind and savor the natural beauty of Tagaytay, while indulging in delicious food that truly captures the essence of Filipino cuisine.

I should know: I’ve been going here with the fam for years, to enjoy both a filling Filipino meal and the lovely view overlooking Taal. Recently, we treated our balikbayan tita and cousin to lunch here on our way to our holiday in Pico de Loro.

Planning a family trip to Tagaytay? Let me share some of the things I think you too would love about Leslie’s Restaurant so you can include it in your Tagaytay itinerary:

Spectacular View. One of the main highlights of dining at Leslie’s Restaurant is the stunning panoramic view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. This picturesque sight is the perfect backdrop for your dining experience, making it a must-visit destination in Tagaytay.

Leslie’s Restaurant
Leslie’s Restaurant

Authentic Filipino Cuisine. Leslie’s Restaurant is known for serving authentic Filipino cuisine, with specialties like bulalo, crispy pata, and sinigang. You can expect to savor traditional Filipino dishes cooked with fresh ingredients and served in generous portions.

Leslie’s Restaurant
Garlic Kangkong (Php275)
Leslie’s Restaurant
Fried Tawilis (Php373)
Leslie’s Restaurant
Ampalaya con Carne (Php315)
Leslie’s Restaurant
Pork Sisg (Ph487)
Leslie’s Restaurant
Bulalo Special (Php940)
Leslie’s Restaurant
Crispy Pata (Php699/Regular | Php799 Large)

Kid-Friendly. Leslie’s Restaurant is also kid-friendly, with a special menu that caters to children’s taste buds. The restaurant’s staff is also accommodating to families with young children, providing high chairs and other child-friendly amenities. Plus, the viewing deck also has ample space for older kids to explore and run around (with your supervision, of course!)

Cool Al Fresco Dining. The restaurant’s outdoor dining area provides a refreshing ambiance with a cool breeze and a view of the surrounding greenery. Enjoy your meal al fresco style and feel the Tagaytay breeze on your face.

Leslie’s Restaurant
Leslie’s Restaurant

Leslie’s Restaurant in Tagaytay is more than just a dining destination, it’s a complete experience that allows you to indulge in authentic Filipino cuisine while soaking in the natural beauty of Tagaytay. With its panoramic view, excellent food, and warm hospitality, it’s no wonder why it has been a favorite among locals and tourists for over three decades.

Whether you’re looking for a venue for a family meal, or maybe a romantic date or to treat your balikbayan relatives, Leslie’s Restaurant has something for everyone. With its exceptional service and picturesque setting, it’s undoubtedly one of the best places to dine and create lasting memories in Tagaytay. So, if you’re planning a visit to Tagaytay, make sure to put Leslie’s Restaurant on your list and experience the best that this beloved restaurant has to offer.

Leslie’s Restaurant
Leslie’s Restaurant
Leslie’s Restaurant
Leslie’s Restaurant

Leslie’s Restaurant is located along Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Silang, Crossing West, Tagaytay City, Cavite, open for dine-in and takeout weekdays from 6am to 10pm and weekends from 6am to 11pm. For inquiries and reservations, call +63 46 8662273, +63 46 4834271 or +63 960 3005684.

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Adventure time in ZOORI, Tagaytay

ZOORI (Zoo at Residence Inn) is a perfect spot to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Taal Lake and Volcano while having some fun with exotic animals amidst lush surroundings. Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay I visited the place recently together with fellow bloggers as well as candidates of the Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide 2018. First, we enjoyed a very Pinoy lunch of Chicken Pork Adobo, a Zoompia (their gigantic version of a spring roll) and Puto Bumbong.  We had our repast at the restaurant gazebo while taking in the majestic view. Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Afterwards, we discovered that we were in for a treat: an animal show in which the Miss Tourism candidates from different countries gamely interacted with the featured critters which included snakes, lizards, a tarantula and more. Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay After the show, we explored the many attractions that the ZOORI had to offer: from the mini-zoo with an interesting collection of birds and livestock, the zip line which the beauty queens lost no time in trying out, and the cable car for us who were decidedly less adventurous. Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay
Before we left, I went to the shops and scored some good finds: a wolf hat for my baby boy, a couple of scoodies and a long cardigan for me. Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Zoori,Tagaytay Unfortunately, we ran out of time. I would have loved to check out ZOORI’s other attractions such as Wall-Climbing and Horseback Riding, or had an eat-all-you-can Korean Barbecue at Samgyupsalamat. But those are what return visits are for. 🙂 Still, it was a fun afternoon that showed me and my fellow bloggers more the entertainment and recreation possibilities available in Tagaytay. ZOORI is located KM 65 Barrio Neogan, Tagaytay City, open daily from 8am to 5pm.  To commute going to ZOORI, take a bus ride from Cubao to Alfonso, Balayan or Nasugbu.  Alight at Residence Inn Tagaytay along the National Highway. Rates:
  • Adult: Php249
  • Child (3 feet to 4 feet): Php199
  • Children below 3 feet free of charge
Special Packages:
  • Entrance with Paradizoo: Php299
  • Entrance with Paradizoo and Set Lunch at the Gazebo: Php499
  • Entrance with Paradizoo and Samgyupsalamat: Php699
  • Entrance with Paradizoo, Samgyupsalamat and Photo with Birds: Php799
  • Entrance with Paradizoo, Samgyupsalamat and Zipline: Php899
  • Entrance with Paradizoo, Samgyupsalamat, Dessert & Coffee and Zipline: Php999
Here’s a tip: you can get discounted tickets to Paradizoo Theme Farm by signing up for a free YOGO customer account and ordering tickets via the YOGO PH app (download now on Google Play or the App Store). You can also enjoy savings when you book your tickets via Klook. For inquiries, email zoomanityonline@gmail.com or call +63 046 4131244 | +63 966 1938965. Know more about Paradizoo and other Zoomanity’s attractions at zoomanity.com.ph. For queries, call +62 046 413 1244 or +63 02 847 0413. Disclosure: Together with fellow bloggers, I was invited by the Zoomanity Group to tour and experience the attractions at ZOORI.  The tour was sponsored by the company and was not paid for by the attendees including myself.

Mother’s Day Brunch at Jaytee’s Tagaytay

Wanting to avoid the Mother’s Day lunchtime rush to Tagaytay, the family decided to leave Manila early in time for brunch at Jaytee’s Home of the Best Bulalo and Kare Kare.

Named after the initials of its proprietors, husband and wife team Jessie and Tess Mojica, the restaurant is located at One Destination, along Aguinaldo Highway, affording its diners a scenic view of Taal Lake and Volcano.

I recommend dining inside the resto as its interiors are clean and well-appointed. You can just take your requisite Taal Volcano family group pics outside while waiting for your meal.

The resto prides itself on its Special Beef Bulalo (Php650, good for 5-6 persons), which is what we drove all the way to Tagaytay for. It did not disappoint, the meat was tender, the soup flavorful, and the veggies crisp. (Of course, the sinful bone marrow is the star of the dish.)

We also ordered veggie dishes Chop Suey (Php220) and Fresh Lumpia (Php190 – a real winner with crisp ubod inside, light wrapper and a peanutty garlicky sauce!). For variation of viands, we also ordered Crispy Tawilis (Php220) and Grilled Liempo (Php360). The oldies ordered Buko Juice (Php85) and Green Mango Shake (Php110) while the rest of the fam sipped on Cucumber Iced Tea (Php180 per pitcher). We also capped off the meal with a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream (Php45 – a must for my little boy) and Leche Flan (Php180 – a little too sweet but that’s what desserts are for huh?).

The food were served family style by attentive wait staff, however, I found the tables too small to accommodate all the food we ordered. (They certainly made taking foodie shots a bit difficult.)

Since we arrived so early, we were able to avoid the traffic going to the resto-with-a-view places along this stretch of Tagaytay. We were also able to park our cars with no problem.

For reservations, call:

  • (046) 443 1795
  • (0977) 745 8511
  • (0921) 319 3233
  • (0929) 613 0678

Jaytee's Filipino Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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