Happy Korean Lunch at Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

Ever since the extended family discovered the wonders of Korean cuisine that Tagaytay has to offer several years ago, a sojourn here is hardly complete without a meal at a Korean restaurant.

One such eatery is Neul Bolm Korean Restaurant which has moved to a new location since our last visit.  (Incidentally, it is tagged on Zomato as “Permanently Closed” but as confirmed by the wait staff and this review, it is still very much in operation.)

The new location is just as spacious as their previous one with a cleaner and more modern aesthetic.  It has long wooden tables with built-in grills for the Korean barbecue; two tables side-by-side was able to comfortably accommodate our party of ten.

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

We ordered Ssambap, meats to be grilled right on our tabletop and served with green leafy vegetables, a few slices of garlic, sesame oil and some ssamjang or red bean paste sauce. These include:

Cha Dul Begi (Php500), thinly spiced beef and Samgyubsal (Php400), grilled pork belly.

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

Jeyuk Bukum (Php400), spicy stir-fried pork with vegetables

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

These were accompanied by generous and refillable servings of banchan, side dishes such as sliced fish cakes, rolled omelettes, kimchi and more.  Many of these have some acid or vinegar elements which help cut through the richness of the grilled meats.

We also ordered Kimchi Jeon (Php280), a kimchi and seafood pancake with egg; Budea Jjigye (Php970 for a Large serving), a soup of kimchi, ham, sausage, pork and veggies; Bulgogi Junggol (Php650), tender slices of savory-sweet marinated beef served in sauce; Dolsot Bibimbab (Php280), rice and vegetables mixed with a spicy paste and served in a heated clay pot; and Steamed Egg.

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

Neul Bolm, Tagaytay

After the meal, the kids were also able to enjoy several assortments of Korean ice cream which are also offered by the restaurant

Neul Bolm Korean Restaurant is located along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway near Sky Ranch.  For queries and reservations, call +63 46 413 1536.

Neul Bolm Korean Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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