Food trippin’ nearby at Buffalo Swing, Caniogan

Though a proud Pasiguena, I admit that the incessant traffic jams in and around my city do sometimes get to me. These nuisances get in the way of so much: errands, appointments and, of course, foodie adventures. So whenever possible, to lessen the travel time and the frustration that comes with navigating the metro’s streets, I do try to find nearby places to indulge my food cravings.

Fortunately, Pasig City already has a lot to offer in terms of foodie destinations.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

One such place is Buffalo Swing Cafe, a small eatery along Sixto Antonio Avenue that specializes in American comfort food: flavored chicken wings, pizzas and pastas. Owned and operated by Ingrid Mediarito, it is co-located with her baking supplies store named Ingrid’s.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Ingrid has long recognized the need to address the Pasiguenos’ need for affordable and easily accessible dining choices which led to her making her cafe’s food available to locals via delivery. A while back, in fact, when I was so busy running errands one Saturday that I didn’t have time to prepare food for my family’s dinner, I just ordered some wings and pizza from Buffalo Swing Cafe via Honestbee.

Honestbee has since stopped its operations in the country (oh, Honestbee, you are sorely missed!) but another delivery option is now available: via Zomato.

However, for this blog post, let me tell you more about my actual experience visiting Buffalo Swing Cafe together with fellow foodies from #WeLoveToEatPH and #SaanSaPH where we enjoyed its freshly made comfort food:


All Cheese (Php300). Made with four kinds of cheese: cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan and cream cheese and flavored with garlic. Wonderfully cheesy!

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Meat Overload (Php320). A carnivore’s dream on a pizza crust: pepperoni, Hungarian sausages, breakfast sausage and beef toppings and topped with caramelized onions.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig


Aligue Cream (Php180). A decadent cream-based pasta flavored with aligue (crab fat).

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Bacon Tomato (Php160). Flavored with tomatoes and savory bacon, this pasta has the slightly sweet taste that kids love.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Spanish Sardines and Olives (Php160). Slightly spicy pasta dish made with Spanish-style sardines.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig


These flavorful chicken wings, cooked to crunchy and juicy goodness, are priced at:

  • Php155 (5 pieces, one flavor)
  • Php300 (10 pieces, one flavor)
  • Php585 (20 pieces, two flavors)
  • Php1150 (40 pieces, two flavors)

These wings go so well with the resto’s pizzas and pastas, but they’re also great on their own. I’d love to have some delivered the next time there’s a big movie on TV so I can have something yummy to munch on while I’m indulging my inner couch potato.

Buttered Parmesan.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Spicy Salted Egg.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Salt and Pepper.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Sweet and Spicy.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Flamin’ Lemon.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Honey Soy Sesame.

Buffalo Swing, Caniogan

American BBQ.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

For dessert, we had Luleepops (Php20), a real treat for me since this is the first time I’ve tasted an avocado-flavored iced candy.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

And we chased away the heat from some of the spicy chicken pieces with refreshing Lemonades (Php40 each) and a sweetly decadent Rootbeer Float (Php100) made with A&W Rootbeer.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

So whether you’re a local or a dayo (visitor) from another city, check out Buffalo Swing Cafe for tasty, tummy-filling comfort food.

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Many thanks to Ingrid and the staff of Buffalo Swing Cafe for the warm welcome and the yummy eats!

Buffalo Swing, Pasig

Buffalo Swing Cafe is located at 363 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Caniogan, Pasig City, open Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 9pm and Sundays from 5pm to 9pm. For inquiries or reservations, call +63 922 8864381.

No time to drop by Buffalo Swing Cafe? Order your food via Zomato! Just click on the link below.

Buffalo Swing Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclosure: Together with other foodies, I attended a foodie meet-up held in this restaurant.  All the food items mentioned here were served to allow us to sample the fare and were not paid for by the attendees, including myself.

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