New ube flavors from What’s Your Flan?

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly find a new way to enjoy ube, here comes What’s Your Flan? with two ube flavors to tickle your palate.

Ube, or purple yam, has been a trending food item since early last year, expanding its use from the halayang ube and ube ice cream we grew up with, to new confections and concoctions including ube cakes, ube pandesal, ube donuts and even ube frappes.

Today, I was able to taste two new custard-based desserts flavored by this versatile veggie from What’s Your Flan?

What’s Your Flan?

What’s Your Flan?

The brainchild of former OFW Princess Rosario, What’s Your Flan started out in 2009 as a home-based business centered on creating leche flan “with a twist.” Today, the company can boast of a myriad flavors of leche flan – including green tea matcha, strawberry with cashew, and more – as well as an expanded lineup of products including ice cream cakes and cheesecakes. (Recently, I was able to check out its Avocado Dalgona Gelato. More on that here.)

This time, What’s Your Flan? took the classic ube and applied it to two delectable flans desserts.

Ube Pandan (Php380). One of the company’s Premium Flantasy Cakes, it combines the flavor of ube and the appetizing aroma of pandan. Surprisingly, Hubby, though not a dessert-lover like me, excitedly dug into this flan as soon as I finished taking pictures. Apparently, it reminded him of the ube bars he enjoyed so much as a kid. (Creating a mental note for Father’s Day, hmm…)

What’s Your Flan?

What’s Your Flan?

Ube Peruvian Inspired Flan (Php450). Similar to us Pinoys, the people of Peru also have a love affair with sweets which start with their version of the leche flan: the Crema Volteada. This Latin dessert is given some twists through a special process that gives it a smooth and creamy mouthfeel as well as the subtle addition of the ube flavor to its rich milky taste. My daughter #ExhibitA, who is not an avid ube fan, loved how the ube in this dessert is not overpowering.

What’s Your Flan?

What’s Your Flan?

These flans are best enjoyed chilled, and consumed within five to seven days. (Well, they didn’t last a day in our household.)

With these ube-flavored flan creations, it sure looks like our collective obsession with ube won’t be going away anytime soon!

What’s Your Flan?

To get your hands on these ube flan confections and more, send a message to What’s Your Flan on Facebook or Instagram or call +63 916 497 8876.

Interested in starting your own business? What’s Your Flan is accepting applications for resellers and franchisees.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate an honest review.

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2 thoughts on “New ube flavors from What’s Your Flan?”

  1. Ube is one of the favorite flavors ng mga Pinoy especially my Nanay ube lover.Ang dami na talaga nagagawa ng ube.i want to try Ube Pandan.


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