Pampanga’s favorite cheesebread, now in the metro!

Pampanga is famous for its cheese bread and rightly so!

Ever since I had my first taste of this tasty pastry during a trip to Pampanga a few years ago, I have been craving for it. Each piece has a lovely mix of milky, sweet and salty flavors from the soft and fluffy bread to the fragrant sugary cheese streusel topping. When served still warm  from the oven, it gives off a an appetizing cheese-y smell which will beckon you to bite into it again… and again… and again.

LBS Bakeshop

Hindi mo pagsasawaan, as we Tagalogs say.

For a while I thought I will only get to taste this delicacy when passing through Pampanga on the way to Bataan during our family’s yearly Holy Week trip to my dad’s hometown, or when I’m lucky enough to have friends passing through the area buy a box (or two!) for me.

Well, imagine my delight when the heavens listened to my pleas and has now made this Pampanga favorite available in the metro!

LBS Bakeshop

LBS Bakeshop

LBS Bakeshop, formerly known as Apung Gari Bakery & Kiosk, is where Pampangenos go for a taste of the original cheese bread since it started operations in 1955. After taking on the name LBS Bakeshop (after Leonila B. Santiago, the former “L” in another Pampanga landmark, LA Bakeshop) in 2008, it has continued to make flavorful merienda dishes from Apung Gari’s original recipes such as palabok, arroz caldo, chicken mami and more available to locals.

And now, thankfully, it has also made two of its most popular products – its cheese bread and its soft and sweetly buttery Spanish bread – available to Metro Manila denizens through weekly deliveries to its main reseller in Quezon City.

For Php299, you can get a box containing:

  • 30 pieces of cheesebread
  • 25 pieces of Spanish bread, or
  • a mix of 20 pieces of cheesebread and 10 pieces of Spanish bread

I chose the last option as my son and I are crazy for cheese bread while Hubby and my daughter prefer Spanish bread. Since receiving my order, I re-heat two pieces of cheese bread to go with my coffee for breakfast every morning, and then re-heat enough pieces of the two breads for all of us for our afternoon merienda.

LBS Bakeshop

LBS Bakeshop

LBS Bakeshop

To get your hands on these yummy breads, send a message through Facebook or Viber +63 998 9694531 with the following details:

  • your order
  • full name
  • complete delivery address
  • mobile number
  • preferred mode of payment (BPI or GCash)

After receiving confirmation of your payment, you can book the pick up of your order through your preferred courier service.

Now that Pampanga’s famous cheese bread is here, I foresee a lot of happy breakfasts and snack times for me and the fam.

So why don’t you support a local business and order a box for your family and friends today?

LBS Bakeshop

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Author: Gel Jose

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2 thoughts on “Pampanga’s favorite cheesebread, now in the metro!”

  1. Nasubukan ko na kumain ng Pampanga’s Cheese bread.Hindi siya ordinaryong cheese bread na nabibili sa bakery. Super Sarap po nyan.Masarap kasama sa mainit na kape.


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