Comfort-snackin’ with 616 Burger

If the past few months of quarantine has taught me anything, it is that we need every bit of comfort we can get.

These are not normal times and we are not operating at our usual capacity. Therefore, we need to treasure what sources of joy or contentment we have.

Personally, I take comfort in good food. When I feel overwhelmed during a busy workday or in the midst of mounting house chores, a bite into something delicious will soon set me – and the world – to rights.

To you, my dear foodies, I’m happy to share my discovery of a new source of comfort: 616 Burger.

616 Burgers

This passion project of twenty-two-year-old recent UST grad Alyanna Manuel started off as her quarantine pastime and side hustle. Building on her family’s experiences in running food businesses, and her own love for cooking, she started whipping up her favorite comfort food and offering them online at affordable prices. Her menu items consist of familiar snack items that are leveled up by way of ingredients and preparation to satisfy the palate of discriminating foodies.

The Crunchy Bacon Burger (Php160), for instance, is made with pure beef burger patty flavored by six spices and well complemented by the smokey bacon, slices of fresh veggies and its garlic mayo sauce inside a freshly baked bun. Crunchy bits of Piknik add some interesting texture to every bite of this juicy burger.

616 Burgers

616 Burgers

616 Burger

The burger’s trusty sidekick, the Cheesy Overload Fries (Php85), on the other hand, has a crispier texture than other fries due to its light breading. The sauteed ground beef and cheese sauce added some heartiness to this side dish.

616 Burgers

616 Burgers

616 Burgers

If you still can’t get enough of cheese, then grab a Cheese Quesadilla (Php110), buttery toasted soft tortillas encasing high quality cheese.

616 Burgers

616 Burgers

616 Burgers

Snacking on these gave me and the kiddos a happy respite in an otherwise crazy day.

616 Burgers

616 Burgers

To get your hands on these comforting snack items, message 616 Burger on Facebook or Instagram or fill out the online order form. Cashless payments via GCash, Paymaya and BPI are accepted. 616 Burger’s snack items can be delivered from Don Enrique Heights in Quezon City to anywhere in Metro Manila.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate an honest review.

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