Hoppity-Poppity Carrot Cake from Chrissy Bakey

We’re nearing the end of the first of this year’s “-ber” months and you know what that means…

The holidays are upon us!

Despite the quarantine restrictions and the near-constant worries we momshies saddle ourselves with, there’s no denying that this holiday season presents us with the challenge of making it one to remember for the right reasons.

And what better way to celebrate all that we have accomplished despite the odds this year than to enjoy great food with our nears-and-dears.

Homemade desserts, in particular, do more than just inject us with a bit of sugar rush. They bring us back to those simpler and carefree times when the highlight of our days were biting into a sweet slice of heavenly cakes.

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey

That’s what thirty-seven-year-old Pasig-based entrepreneur Chrissy Caballero hopes to achieve with her online bakeshop Chrissy Bakey.

Having been a home baker for ten years, she grew her business from her habit of baking sweet treats for her son’s snackbox and whipping up cakes for family celebrations. After experimenting with various dessert recipes, even setting baking challenges for herself, she decided to quietly launch the Chrissy Bakey in late 2019, using the brand name when taking on orders and requests during the Christmas season.

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey

She was gearing up to make 2020 her banner year…

…and then the pandemic happened.

Though initially discouraged by the stresses brought about by the pandemic while also juggling a full-time marketing job and overseeing her son’s online learning at the same time, Chrissy finally started selling her desserts again during the ECQ, then formally launched Chrissy Bakey into the world during Indepence Day this year.

Chrissy Bakey offers whimsical takes on classic dessert favorites.

The creatively-named Hoppity Poppity (Php650), for instance, is her version of the all-time favorite Carrot Walnut Cake. An eight-inch round pan of moist and sweetly-spiced carrot cake highlighted by chopped walnuts and raisins then topped with a rich cream cheese topping, it will surely get the kiddos (and some of the grown-ups!) hoppin’ for another slice or two.

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey also caters to chocolate lovers with Mom’s Legendary Chocolate Cake. Other treats such as Lemon Bars and Red Swirlies are available upon request.

Chrissy Bakey opens up slots for these yummy creations every Friday and Saturday. To order, send a message via Instagram. Payments via BPI and GCash are accepted. Chrissy Bakey’s goodies can be delivered to anywhere in Metro Manila via Grab, Lalamove and Joyride (delivery fee to be shouldered by customer).

So momshies, how about we give our loved ones a taste of our fellow momshie Chrissy’s yummy dessert creations over the holidays?

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey

Chrissy Bakey

Disclosure: Product sample was provided to facilitate an honest review.

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Author: Gel Jose

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Wannabe, Imagineer, Foodie, TV Addict and Lifelong Learner

One thought on “Hoppity-Poppity Carrot Cake from Chrissy Bakey”

  1. Goodevening Ms. Gel 🤩Thank you for sharing how delicious this cake. It’s really looks delicious so YES , IM SURE THIS IS SO YUMMY 🤤 Worth it yung price 💗 Sarap talaga 🤤


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