The Jelly List: Extraordinary sushi picks for International Sushi Day

Did you know that there’s such a thing as an International Sushi Day? On the 18th day of June every year, food enthusiasts the world over celebrate one of the jewels of Japanese cuisine: the sushi.

Made with vinegared rice, seafood, vegetables, and even tropical fruits, sushi has embodied several tenets of Japanese food such as the use of fresh ingredients, simple and natural cooking methods, exquisite presentation and portion control.

A well-made sushi is akin to a work of art.

So on this day of all days, we can’t just have any ‘ole sushi. Nope, on International Sushi Day, we deserve sushi with that extra oomph to elevate our sushi experience.

Plus, given the restrictions on movement and dining out in the metro due to the community quarantine, we need sushi that is can be delivered to our homes.

Oh, how to solve this quandary? Well, allow me to share with you my top picks for extraordinary sushi in the metro for you to enjoy on International Sushi Day.

Soru Izakaya’s Lava Maki

Soru Izakaya’s has long been known for playful and whimsical takes on sushi and it’s Lava Maki is no exception. Salmon skin, crabsticks and mango are topped with cubes of salmon and tuna doused with a mixture of spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce, making it a savory and slightly spicy treat for the palate.

Soru Izakaya, Tomas Morato

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

To order your Lava Maki from Soru Izakaya, fill up this form, or text +63 917 7040515, +63 917 6363526 or +63 935 7830298.

Read more about Soru Izakaya here.

Omakase’s Spicy Maguro Roll (Php310).

This deep-fried sushi roll made with spicy tuna topped with ebiko and scallions is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, quite an exciting contrast that adventurous sushi fans love!

Omakase, Greenhills

Course your order for the Spicy Maguro Roll from Omakase through GrabFood or FoodPanda or call the Omakase branch nearest you (Marikina +63 2 86316588 or +63 917 5590746 | Don Antonio +63 2 77995891 or +63 977 3881954 | Molito +63 2 84033279, +63 2 87711443 or +63 906 4917798 | Il Terrazo +63 2 83324115 or +63 905 3369648 | Ayala Feliz +63 2 82536354 or +63 956 0164604).

Read more about Omakase here.

Icho Japanese Restaurant’s Foie Gras Aburi (Php250/pc).

Every now and then, you want to treat yourself to something indulgent, right? Well, this Foie Gras Aburi is your best bet. Lightly broiled goose liver with balsamic teriyaki sauce placed on top of sushi rice make for a decadent sushi experience.

Icho Japanese Restaurant, Greenhills

ICHO Japanese Restaurant, Greenhills

To order your Foie Gras Aburi from Icho Japanese Restaurant, call +63 2 85350020 or +63 917 1346027.

Read more about Icho Japanese Restaurant here.

Hanako’s Five Star Roll (Php149).

Made with fried salmon skin, salmon, kani, mango, teriyaki sauce, sesame and cucumber which made for interesting contrasts in textures and flavors in each mouthful, this sushi roll deserves its five-star moniker.

Hanako, Katipunan

Hanako, Katipunan

Course your order for the Five Star Roll from Hanako through GrabFood or FoodPanda or call the Hanako branch nearest you (Better Living +63 2 88280189, +63 2 75010189 or +63 917 7144278 | SM Pasig +63 2 85848708 or +63 917 7144287 | Regis Katipunan +63 2 83323626 or +63 907 4879346).

Read more about Hanako here.

Fukuruo Nihonryori’s Yaki Samon Mayo Nigiri (Php145).

With two hefty slices of salmon draped over balls of Japanese rice and complemented with Japanese mayo and fish roe, this made for a decadently delicious sushi dish.

Fukuruo Nihonyori, Cainta

Fukuruo Nihonyori, Cainta

Course your order for the Yaki Samon Mayo Nigiri from Fukurou Nihonryori through GrabFood or call +63 2 82866662 or +63 915 5451245.

Read more about Fukurou Nihonryori here.

Grillin’ Ape’s Lava Sushi Donut (Php230).

This dish is a modern take on how to enjoy sushi: a donut-shaped sushi rice base topped with tempura, egg, yuzu kyozu mayo and mozzarella cheese. It’s quite a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Grillin’ Ape, Eastwood

Grillin’ Ape, Eastwood

Course your order for the Lava Sushi Donut from Grillin’ Ape through GrabFood, FoodPanda or LalaFood, or call +63 2 83677135.

Read more about Grillin’ Ape here.

Meatsumo’s Sushi Bake (Php480).

One of the food items to gain prominence during the quarantine, the Sushi Bake combines the exotic flavors of sushi with the comfortable homeyness of baked casseroles. Meatsumo’s Sushi Bake is made with sushi rice, kani, mango, zucchini, Japanese mayo and tobiko, the flavors we expect from California Maki but packaged in a half tray good for four people, with portions to be scooped out and placed in nori squares for maximum enjoyment.

Meatsumo Premium, Panay

Meatsumo Premium, Panay

To order your Sushi Bake from Meatsumo, fill out this form, send a message via Facebook or Viber +63 933 1346534.

Read more about Meatsumo here.

So on International Sushi Day, get your hands on these extraordinary sushi!

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Fresh flavors of Japanese food at Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

My fam and I have a very strong affinity towards Japanese food. As it is one of our favorite cuisines, more often than not, we end up choosing Japanese restos when dining out.

Such was the case when we decided to eat out in the Maginhawa, QC area the weekend right before the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was announced.

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

At Soru Izakaya’s Maginhawa branch, we were able to get a table relatively quickly despite the bustling dinner crowd.

There, we we were able to enjoy our favorite Japanese dishes, which included:

Lava Maki (Php430). Salmon skin, crabsticks and tamago topped with salmon and tuna cubes in spicy mayo. This dish, which served as our appetizer, also featured the whimsical mayo design that Soru Izakaya became known for.

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Tantanmen (Php330). Hubby likes his ramen spicy and this one fits the bill. It is made with firm ramen noodles in spicy miso and peanut broth with chasyu pork and mixed vegetables served with slices of seasoned egg. Of course, he had to share some of it with me!

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Katsudon (Php295). My princess’ near-constant craving which is made with deep-fried and breaded pork loin served with egg cooked in sweet and savory sauce over steamed rice, topped with melted cheese and onion leeks.

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Tomahawk Katsu (Php355). My little boy’s go-to order which consisted of deep-fried breaded pork tomahawk cutlet served with sweet and savory katsu sauce and shredded cabbage doused in roaster sesame dressing. We ordered a cup of rice to go with this dish which the little boy demolished in record time.

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Chirashidon (Php360). My new favorite Japanese dish made with torched tuna, salmon sashimi cubes, kani, tamago and endamame over sushi rice. I just love the variations in flavor and texture in every bite.

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

Looking back, I’m glad that we were able to spend some time together out of the house, enjoying one of our favorite cuisines, before we had to sequester ourselves at home due to the quarantine. (I’m also thankful we managed to stay and healthy thus far.)

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa

We’re all looking forward to the time when we can venture out and go back to our favorite places to dine and enjoy.

How about you? Which of your favorite restos were you able to visit before the quarantine started?

Want a taste of Soru Izakaya’s dishes but stuck at home because of the quarantine? Here’s some good news: During the ECQ, this branch is open from 10am to 5pm daily with a limited menu available for takeout or delivery via Grab Express or Lalamove. To order, text your name, address, contact number and orders to +63 917 7040515, +63 917 6363526 or +63 935 7830298.

When the ECQ is lifted and you can visit the resto with your friends and family, you can also get free dishes when you unlock your Zomato Gold privilege.

Zomato Gold provides members with 1+1 (Buy 1 Get 1) deals on food or 2+2 (Buy 2 Get 2) deals on drinks for dining in at partner restaurants. All you have to do is sign up for a Zomato Gold membership here. Use the code JELLYB to get 45% off the membership fee.

This Soru Izakaya branch is located at Ground Floor, 140 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

Other branches are located at:

  • Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • Scout Torillo corner Scout Fernandez Street, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City

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