The Jelly List: Food Deliveries for Your Party at Home

Just because we’re quarantined at home doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate, right?

After all, celebrating important occasions and significant milestones helps us in staying sane in these extraordinary times. We and the people around us need a little break every now and then from the somewhat monotonous routines we’ve established since the quarantine was implemented.

What better way to celebrate than to have a party? And what kind of party can it be without lots and lots of delicious food?

Luckily, you won’t have to sweat it out in the kitchen to come up with delicious party fare. With a few taps on your mobile, you can have your party food delivered to your doorstep for you and your family (or housemates) to enjoy.

Check out these yummy delights that can fuel your house party fun!

Grazing Box from Platterea Luna

With Platterea Luna’s stylishly assembled grazing boxes, there’s no need to trouble yourself in sourcing the elements for an elegant charcuterie experience at home. Each box is filled with a well-curated selection of meats, cheeses and accoutrements, perfect for grazing while catching up with friends.

Platterea Luna

To get your hands on a lovely Platterea Luna grazing box, course your order through Platterea Luna’s Facebook page or Instagram account, or call +63 977 8211591.

Read more about Platterea Luna here.

Party Trays from The Happy Kitchen

Avoid the hassle of slaving in the kitchen by ordering party trays from The Happy Kitchen. Its product lines include include party trays, packed meals and “paluto” requests of comfort food and party favorites such as Cheesy Beef Caldereta, Pork Sisig, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Korean Chicken.

The Happy Kitchen

To order your party trays, visit The Happy Kitchen’s Facebook page or Instagram account or call +63 922 3057613 or +63 917 5493643.

Read more about The Happy Kitchen here.

Fried Chicken Wings from Ben & Cha Unlimited Wings

It seems that no party is complete without fried chicken. Why not enjoy this party staple with a twist… or several? A Pamilya Package from Ben & Cha Unlimited Wings, for instance, will give you thirty (read that: 3-0!) pieces of crispy fried chicken wings in five flavors. I had regular, orange zest and teriyaki but I especially liked the garlic parmesan and salted egg.

Ben & Cha’s Unlimited Wings

To order your chicken wings, visit Ben & Cha Unlimited Wings’ Facebook page or Instagram account or call +63 949 1743338.

Lasagna from Maya’s Baked Pasta

There’s something so appetizing about a slice of meaty and cheesy lasagna. I attempted to DIY it a time or two, but my conclusion is to just leave it to the experts like Maya’s Baked Pasta. A Sample-sized tray from this store was part of my fam’s Mother’s Day meal.

Maya’s Baked Pasta

To order your lasagna tray, visit Maya’s Baked Pasta’s Facebook page, Instagram account or call +63 945 5166199.

Mushroom Burgers from The Saucier

Any kid at heart loves a cheeseburger. Add a tasty yet healthy adult twist to it by making it a Mushroom Burger. The Saucier’s homemade mushroom burger patties are made with pure mushrooms – no eggs and no preservatives. Served in a freshly baked bun with a side of cooked-upon-order potato chips, it’s a wonderful way to soothe a case of the munchies.

The Saucier Mushroom Burger

To order your mushroom burgers, visit The Saucier’s Facebook page, Instagram account or call +63 917 8870125.

Cinnamon Rolls from Rolls.PH

Cap off your party with a sweet treat: Cinnamon Rolls from Rolls.PH! Made by hand and freshly baked everyday, these rolls will give you and your party guests a sugar high that will all make you look forward to the next home celebration. Plus, your purchase of these buns also help build a learning center in Mindoro as well as fund environmental cleanup groups.


To order your cinnamon rolls, visit Rolls.PH’s Facebook page or Instagram account or call +63 917 5350923.

Header Photo by Rebecca of Unsplash

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Open a box of happiness with cinnamon rolls from Rolls.PH

Did you know that cinnamon rolls originated from Sweden where it is called kanelbulle (“cinnamon bun”)? This Swedish pastry is an offshoot of the British Chelsea bun (a currant bun), the German schnecken (rolls made with sugar and currants), and other butter-infused yeast dough pastries that became popular in Northern Europe in the mid-1700s.

The cinnamon roll is usually enjoyed by the Swedish during fika, the time when they take a break from their day to sit down with friends and family to share some baked goods and coffee.


And who wouldn’t want these rolls during coffee break, hmm? The smell of the cinnamon wafting from the warm bun would surely tease your nose into lingering over a few cups of coffee as you ruminate over your day.

The Chelsea bun and the schnecken made their way across the Atlantic in the 1800s through English and German immigrants and found themselves in the New World, particularly in the cultural melting pot of Philadelphia where the size and make-up of the Chelsea bun are combined with the fillings of the schnecken roll, resulting in a large, caramelized cinnamon roll.

Today, cinnamon rolls are practically staples in coffee shops, oftentimes topped with a cream cheese icing that adds even more richness to the pastry.




But, guess what: you can enjoy it at home, at your workplace or wherever you are thanks to

This online business is the brainchild of two Immaculate Concepcion Academy students who discovered a way to produce the perfect homemade cinnamon rolls – soft, moist and not too sweet.

These rolls are all made by hand using premium ingredients and are priced at:

  • Single: Php60
  • Box of 6: Php350
  • Box of 12: Php600

These buns are ideal as coffee break treats, holiday gifts for friends and family or as one’s potluck contribution to family gatherings.

Plus, your purchase of these buns also help build a learning center in Mindoro as well as fund environmental cleanup groups.

So wouldn’t you want to get yourself or someone special a box (or two… or more :-)) of these yummy cinnamon rolls for the holidays?



You can order from through the following:

  • Call +63 917 5350923
  • Email­
  • Send a private message via Facebook or Instagram

Disclosure: A product sample was provided to me to facilitate an honest review.

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A bounty of sweetness: Sugarhouse’ 2018 Christmas Catalogue

With the holidays almost upon us, it is definitely the time for sharing the gifts of the season to our loved ones: good cheer, warm wishes and, of course, sweetness.

And since we’re talking about sweetness, if you find yourself at a Sugarhouse store, you’re at the right place.

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse has been around since the 80s, opening a small cake store at Anza Street in Makati. Today, Sugarhouse has four full dine-in outlets serving full meals along with cakes and pastries; two semi-dine-in stores serving selected menu items along with baked goodies, and a kiosk dedicated to cakes and pastries.

Sugarhouse recently launched its 2018 Christmas Catalog, giving us a bounty of options to spread sweetness during the holidays.

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

During a Blogger Event hosted by Sugarhouse Marketing Consultant Jeffrey De Real Rusios at the Sugarhouse outlet in Glorietta, I checked out the goodies included in the catalog together with fellow bloggers and got some ideas for spreading smiles and satisfied tummies this Christmas:

Bring a light and fluffy Taisan (Php180 whole loaf), a hearty Banana Loaf (Php180/midi loaf; Php400/big loaf), or a zesty Orange Raisin Loaf (Php210/midi loaf; Php500/big loaf) to share during family gatherings and celebrations.

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Contribute a box of Food for the Gods (Php240/box of 4 bars; Php480/box of 8 bars) to the office potluck and help chase away the office blues of your workmates.

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Chillaxin’ at home over the holiday break? Enjoy a cup of of your favorite espresso brew paired with a sweet-salty Quezo de Bola Ensaimada (Php68/pc) with your special someone.

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

The Noche Buena feast may be alredy quite filling but there should always be room for dessert! Cap it with a decadently creamy Leche Flan (Php130) or a piece of the perennial Christmas favorite: Fruitcake (Php450/loaf).

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

And when the kiddies knock on your door on Christmas morning, treat them to some Polvoron (Php180/box of 6; Php350/box of 12) or Salted Caramel Chocolate Popcorn (Php90/pack; Php215/jar).

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

These sweet treats are sure to be a hit among those who are near-and-dear to you this Christmas. Do check them out at your nearest Sugarhouse outlet!

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

This Sugarhouse branch is located at 3rd Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati City. For inquiries, call +63 2 2457180 or +63 923 2717732. In fact, if you want to customize a holiday gift pack, just ask Store Head Liza Oafericua to help you put together a winning combo of goodies.

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Sugarhouse Christmas Catalog

Other Sugarhouse branches are located at Santolan Town Plaza and at Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, at Dela Rosa Carpark 1 and at Powerplant Mall in Makati, at SM San Lazaro in Manila and at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong.

Disclosure: Together with other food bloggers, I was invited to attend a Blogger Event held in this restaurant. Food items mentioned here were served to allow us to sample the fare and were not paid for by the attendees, including myself.

Sugarhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Yummy and affordable saikoro steaks at Wagyu by Monica in Unimart, Capitol Common

After some emergency grocery shopping (brought about by my need to stock up on food items during prolonged inclement weather) at Unimart in Capitol Commons, the fam discovered Wagyu by Monica‘s pop up store.  I should probably say my son’s insatiable tummy discovered it as we had just eaten lunch at Locavore in nearby Kapitolyo but he was still looking for some snacks. 🙂

Anyway, I also got attracted by the smell of steak grilling so I walked over to the stall.  Hubby gamely sponsored a stick each of saikoro steaks (grilled wagyu tenderloin cubes) at Php100 each for the kids and ourselves so that we all would be able to taste this delicacy.

(For those who want to eat it with Japanese rice, you would need to shell out Php130 for 1 wagyu stick and Php220 for 2 sticks.  Extra Japanese rice will cost you Php30.)

Saikoro steak is a popular izakaya (Japanese tapas style dish). The name translates to “dice” as the steaks are sliced into cubes similar to dice.

These saikoro steaks were even more special as they were made of 100% wagyu beef imported from Japan. Wagyu beef is known for its rich flavor owing to its increased marbling when compared to other beef varieties.

That taste was enough to convince us that we should have it for dinner tonight so Hubby again forked out Php800 for a container with a half-kilo (around 42-45 cubes) of these premium wagyu . The quarter-kilo (around 22-25 cubes) container was priced at Php500 and the 1-kilo (around 88-90 cubes) container was priced at Php1,500.

At home, I thawed the package out for 30 minutes then placed 2 cubes per mini-skewer (using the skewers I bought from All About Baking) to approximate the cooking and eating experience we had at the pop up store.  Then, following Hubby’s advice, I didn’t marinate the cubes anymore but placed them on a hot non-stick cookware (no oil or butter needed) to pan-grill them.

Wagyu by Monica

Wagyu by Monica

Wagyu by Monica

Per package instructions, I seared four sides of the cubes for 2 minutes each to achieve a medium well doneness. (Alternatively, you can sear the sides for 1 minute for rare doneness or for 3 minutes for well doneness). I just seasoned the cubes with a little salt and pepper to taste (I was careful not to overseason the cubes as they were already flavorful enough) and served them with hot steamed rice.

Wagyu by Monica

Well, the flavorfully juicy and melt-in-your-mouth saikoro steaks were a hit with the fam and now I’m already planning to buy the kilo container and serve the wagyu cubes during our next family gathering. It would be a bit expensive but still worth it!

Wagyu by Monica’s Pop Up Stores can be found at:

  • Unimart Capitol Commons: from Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm
  • EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Food Forum: from Friday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm
  • UP Town Center (beside Bon Chon): from Friday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm
  • SIDCOR Sunday Market (at ETON Centris): Sunday, 6am to 2pm
  • Cash and Carry Makati: open Monday to Sunday for 2 weeks (August 13 to 26), from 10am to 10pm.

Wagyu by Monica also delivers to any location in Metro Manila, accepting payments via online transfers or over-the-counter deposits in BDO or BPI. It also accepts cash on delivery with at Php130 charge on top of shipping fee.

Their wagyu cubes have a shelf life of one year they are kept in yhe freezer.

Contact Wagyu by Monica through:

  • Facebook: wagyubymonica
  • Instragram: wagyubymonica
  • Mobile: +63 917 6580221

Want to cook these wagyu cubes at home?  Check out the cooking equipment you might need at!

Prexware 7 Inch Bamboo Picks Paddle Skewers BBQ Picks 100 Pack

Happycall Nonstick Double Pan, Omelette Pan, Flip Pan, Square, Dishwasher Safe, PFOA-free, Red (Jumbo Grill, 3″H)

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