Top food finds at the Greenfield Weekend Market

With such hectic weekdays in the metro, it really seems weekends are made for us city slickers to just catch our breath, de-stress and savor our time with our fam and friends.

And what better way to relax and enjoy with our nears-and-dears than to go on a food trip with them?

Fortunately for us, right in the center of the metro is a weekend mecca for foodies, with offerings that will appeal to varied and discerning tastes.

The Greenfield Weekend Market, held every Saturday at the Greenfield District’s Central Park in Mandaluyong City, is where foodies can go to enjoy wondrous varieties of food and drink by local artisan vendors. It’s country fair setup, which includes a dining experience under the stars and live music from featured local bands, contributes to a refreshingly chill vibe.

Greenfield Weekend Market

Greenfield Weekend Market

Greenfiel Weekend Market

During a recent visit to the Greenfield Weekend Market together with fellow foodies from #SaanSaPH, I was able to discover some interesting and tasty food finds.

Greenfield Weekend Market

Greenfield Weekend Market

Curious yet? Read on to find out what they are.

Takoyaki Balls from Shuma Gorath (Php95 for six pieces). Takoyaki are ball-shaped wheat flour-based snacks which originated from Japan. The balls served here are also flavored with green onions, tempura scraps and real octopus. Oh, and Marvel Comics geeks will surely find the store’s name familiar: Shuma Gorath is the villainous octopus-like alien ruler of several universes.

Greenfield Weekend Market

Greenfield Weekend Market

Cebu Lechon Belly from Raffy’s Belly Good (Php100 for 120 grams with no rice). Those flavorful pieces of pork belly, cooked Cebuano style, are now more easily accessible to us Metro Manila denizens, thanks to Raffy’s Belly Good. By the way, the store also accepts orders via + 63 2 2392466 or +63 917 8817239.

Greenfiel Weekend Market

Greenfield Weekend Market

Smoked Beef Brisket (Php170 with rice and BBQ sauce) and Smoked Pork Belly (Php150 with rice and mango salsa) from Carnivore Cookery. Meat lovers, celebrate! Feast on these savory meats smoked for full flavor and tenderness for 12 hours! Want these delivered at home? Order via +63 917 52292222.

Greenfield Weekend Market

Greenfield Weekend Market

Fishballs, Squidballs and Kwek-Kwek (Php100 for four sticks plus 1) and Cheese Sticks (Php75) from Cheesy Stuff. Remember “Kuya, can I make tusok-tusok the fishballs?” Well, you’ll find yourself saying that again and again with Cheesy Stuff’s array of freshly cooked street food. Oh, and bite into the really cheesy cheese sticks, perfect snacks for the entire barkada.

Greenfield Weekend Market

Greenfield Weekend Market

Spiked Carabao Milk Ice Cream from The Blissful Story Creamery (Php135 for single scoop). Ice cream is every kid’s favorite dessert, but these small-batch frozen treats made from carabao milk have something extra for us grownups: a little bit of Tequila Rose to go with the Strawberry Rose’s sweet fruity flavor and nutty cacao nibs for added oomph, amirite? By the way, you can also order this icy concoction online.

Greenfield Weekend Market

Greenfield Weekend Market

All these yummy discoveries and more are waiting for you in their respective food stalls at the Greenfield Weekend Market, held every Saturday from 4pm to 12 midnight at the Greenfield District Central Park, EDSA cor Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.

Check them out and do let me know what you think!

Disclosure: Together with other #SaanSaPH foodies, I was invited to check out the food stalls at this event. Food items mentioned here were served to allow us to sample the fare and were not paid for by the attendees, including myself.

I finally ate at Mendokoro Ramenba!

Ever since I started going through my #RamenPhase three years ago, Mendokoro Ramenba has been the gold standard that longtime ramen connoisseurs have been encouraging me to try.

One foodie, in fact, advised me to withhold my judgement on where to find the best ramen until I have tasted what Mendokoro has to offer. What kept me from checking this resto out were news of the long waiting lines and the relative inaccessibility of its original branch in Makati to me.

Soon, I heard news that it opened a new branch in Bonifacio Global City and I eagerly waited for my chance to join the club of ramen aficionados whose tastebuds have experienced the sheer joy of Mendokoro’s ramen bowls.

Well, just the other day, I finally got the chance to taste two of its ramen offerings.

And I must say: I can totally understand the hype.

Mendokoro translates to “shared table” in Nihongo. In keeping with this concept, and consistent with its earlier branch in Makati, this resto features a bar-style seating arrangement. Patrons first order and pay for their food at the cashier, then they are ushered to their seats along the bar which can seat up to forty-five people. The ramen bowls and other food items are assembled in the open kitchen right smack in the middle of the bar and are served as soon as they are done.

Mendokoro Ramenba, BGC

Mendokoro Ramenba, BGC

After a meeting in a nearby building, my officemates and I, all newbies to Mendokoro Ramenba, decided to head on over to Icon Plaza and get a taste of the resto’s much-vaunted ramen bowls.

We split among ourselves the Shio Tonkotsu (Php370) and Tantanmen (Php420) bowls of the resto’s ramen offerings, two orders of Aji Tamago (Php80/order) and five pieces of Gyoza (Php200) which served as our appetizer.

Mendokoro Ramenba, BGC

Mendokoro Ramenba, BGC

Mendokoro Ramenba, BGC

Mendokoro Ramenba, BGC

Mendokoro Ramenba, BGC

Tonkotsu ramen are notable for the sheer amount of effort and time needed to properly prepare these dishes. The broth is made by boiling pork bones (“tonkotsu” in Nihongo) and other ingredients in water for up to eight hours, until it takes on a rich, cloudy appearance. Tonkotsu ramen are normally served with noodles that are still slightly firm, then topped with chashu, a slice or marinated pork belly. I prefer the salt-flavored shio ramen over the other options of miso and soy sauces-flavored shoyu ramen; fortunately, my companions agreed with my choice. We added the tamagos – marinated soft-boiled eggs – to our bowls for added richness.

Tantanmen, on the other hand, is the Japanese take on the Sichuan dish Dan Dan Noodles. In this delectable bowl of ramen, the noodles are engulfed with a rich, mildly spicy (we requested that the spiciness level be dialed down) broth, flavored with the nutty sweetness of from the sesame paste.

Each mouthful was a delight and we soon found ourselves slurping our bowls clean. Now I can hardly wait until I can come back to sample the other ramen options available here.

This Mendokoro Ramenba branch is located at Icon Plaza, 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, open daily from 11am to midnight. For reservations and inquiries, call +63 2 8514844.

Its other branch is located at V. Corporate Center, Soliman Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. It is open daily from 11am to 12 midnight and assists inquiries and reservations via +63 2 4789625.

Mendokoro Ramenba Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Luxury Wagyu at Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Just when you thought that you’ve tasted all there is to good ole’ steaks, here comes Miyazaki Gyu introduce us to a truly luxurious steak experience.

The restaurant got its name from the Miyazaki Prefecture in the Japanese island of Kyushu. It is the word’s second largest producer of beef from Japanese black cattle – referred to as miyazakigyu – which is known for having a high level of marbling, making the meat as tender and flavorful as can be.

The restaurant not only sells high-grade beef but also treats its diners to the optimal preparation of the meat, thereby maximizing flavor and texture. That is actually the driving force behind the resto: showcasing to local diners the full potential of miyazakigyu, as envisioned by its executive chef and youngest Iron Chef contender Kensuke Sakai.

Hubby decided to treat the family to the experience of eating such high-quality beef so we spent one of our weekend lunches over the holidays checking out its offerings.

The restaurant embodies a combination of Japanese simplicity with its clean lines and bamboo accents, and of luxurious opulence with its gold and leather interiors.

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

A display of its various meat offerings takes pride of place, giving diners the option to take some home.

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

For our luxurious miyazakigyu lunch, we had:

Beef Sushi (Php650). Slivers of tender wagyu draped over sushi rice and lightly doused with ponzu sauce served as our appetizer.

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Hubby, my daughter #ExhibitA and I split orders of various beef cuts – Chuck Roll or Premium Steak (Php22/gram), Habaki or Special Part Steak (Php25/gram) and Top Round or Prime Marble Steak (Php32/gram) all cooked to medium doneness so we can savor their taste, juiciness and tender texture.

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Hamburg Steak (Php900). Our little boy #ExhibitB, on the other hand, was treated to this tasty grilled ground beef burger patty.

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

All of these meat dishes are preceded by a light vegetable salad and a steaming hot soup with slivers of wagyu beef.

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

The steaks were served with sauteed bean sprouts, minced herbs and a bit of salt to bring out more of their flavor.

We also upgraded to the House Special Garlic Rice that went so well with the wagyu steaks.

Miyazaki Gyu, BGC

Given its price range, dining at Miyazaki Gyu is really not for everyday enjoyment; for me, it’s for those rare occasions when you feel like you deserve a break from the ordinary. Its premium-grade wagyu surely takes you to a whole new level of experience.

Miyazaki Gyu is located at Podium Level, One Mckinley Place, 26th Corner 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, open daily from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm.  For inquiries and reservations, call +63 2 8296167 or +63 917 166 6673)

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New Japanese Food Haunt: Dohtonbori, SM Megamall

After a bout of running errands in SM Megamall, Hubby and I decided to have lunch at the Dohtonbori located in foodie haven Mega Fashion Hall.  I found it funny that despite the restaurant being around for the past three years, I’ve only just gotten around to it recently.

Named after one of Osaka, Japan’s principal tourist destinations known for its rich and varied gastronomic options as well as its vibrant nightlife, Dohtonbori is driven by its philosophy of “Teppan Communication.”  This philosophy strives to make the environment surrounding the teppan – the iron plate on which the restaurant’s signature dishes are cooked – enjoyable and fun, where diners can experience a sense of being connected with each other as they share a meal.

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

The restaurant’s premises is reminiscent of the streets of Osaka, with light-colored pine wood walls, brightly-colored streamers and even a vintage bike on display!

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

For our midday repast, we opted not to avail ourselves of Dohtonbori’s claim to fame: the okonomiyaki. These are savory pancakes popular in Japan but unfortunately unfamiliar to Hubby and myself. (Well, we’ll probably try them on our next visit.)

Instead, we decided on ordering dishes that are more familiar to us, which include:

Endamame (Php90). Served freshly steamed and lightly salted, this is Hubby’s go-to appetizer whenever we’re at a Japanese resto.

Ajitama Ramen (Php350). Firm ramen noodles in a steaming soup base (I opted for the rich Tonkotsu broth), served with a melt-in-your-mouth piece of chashu pork, aonori seaweed and the tasty soft-boiled egg tamago.

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

Tempura Zaru Soba (Php350). Cold Japanese soba noodles served with dipping tsuyu sauce, wasabi, spring onion, shredded nori, and sesame seeds.

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

USDA Angus Striploin Yakiniku (Php750). A 200-gram well-marbled piece of striploin expertly cooked by a wait staff on the teppan right on our table.

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

Dohtunburi, SM Megamall

Our lunchtime foray into this piece of Osaka gave us a tasty and filling meal that fueled us up for the rest of our mall errands.

Did you know that Dohtonbori works with the Autism Society of the Philippines on its Autism at Work Program? This means that staff are trained and well-equipped to assist persons with autism who visit the restaurant. Furthermore, persons on the autism spectrum are trained, employed and accepted as part of the restaurant’s staff and the whole Dohtobori family. Being a mom of a child on the autism spectrum, I’m happy to support establishments like this that help to get differently abled people such as my son be more integrated into the mainstream and more productive members of society.

This Dohtonbori branch is located at Third Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City (open daily from 11am to 10pm). For reservations and inquiries, call +63 2 4772066.

Other branches are located at:

  • Cullinan Prime Building, 8 Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
  • Second Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
  • Upper Ground Floor, Main Building, SM City North EDSA, Bago Bantay, Quezon City
  • Second Floor, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
  • Upper Ground Floor, SM City Fairview, Novaliches, Quezon City

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City of Dreams Manila opens a VR Zone and Food Park

City of Dreams Manila is changing the landscape of entertainment and dining as it unveils The Garage.The new attraction is a VR Zone and food park that enables guests to delve into the immersive experience of virtual reality entertainment and delight in a wide range of casual dining choices from the carefully curated selection of food and beverage trucks and trailers set in a comfortable, air-conditioned space.

Bandai Namco Amusement from Japan, one of the world’s leading video digital entertainment development companies, provides the virtual reality experience at the VR Zone.

“The Garage is City of Dreams Manila’s latest attraction featuring unique entertainment activities in partnership with Bandai Namco Amusement. With their creativity and cutting-edge technology, we are honored and delighted to partner with them, and together blaze a trail in delivering extraordinary entertainment experiences that go beyond gaming and recreation in the Philippines,” Kevin Benning, City of Dreams Manila’s Chief Operating Officer said.

The virtual reality experience provided by a leader in video digital entertainment development is complemented by quality food and drink choices offered by 10 of the hippest and contemporary food and beverage partners including the resort’s own talented staff. This concept, curated all in one place, makes The Garage a first of its kind in the country — “setting us apart from the rest,” adds Benning.

“Bandai Namco Amusement is honored to partner with luxury integrated resort City of Dreams Manila and bring to this exciting destination our first VR Zone entertainment facility in Southeast Asia. We hope to bring outside of Japan an immersive, multi-sensory and fun activities to Filipinos and foreign guests with our unique VR activities at The Garage,” Kunihisa Yagisita, Bandai Namco’s General Manager stated.

Set in a 2,714-square meter cool and comfortable space located at the upper ground floor, The Garage stands out with its modern industrial interiors catering to a 563-seating capacity. Designed by award-winning Paris-based creative design agency, Malherbe Design in collaboration with Westar Architectural Interior Design, a group known for its strong sensitivity to contemporary design aesthetics, The Garage is further given life and vibrancy with graffiti works of two prominent names in the street art scene: Kookoo Ramos and DeeJae Paeste.

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#graffiti that graces one of the walls of the newly opened #VRZone and #FoodPark @thegarageatcod. It helps set the mood for enjoyment among gamers and foodies. Wanna chance to check out the VR games available for free! Like and tag a friend in the comments under the giveaway posts here and at @sandundermyfeet, @herlculis, @hungryherl and @foodventuresbyfrapao. Be sure to follow all our accounts to qualify! #TheGarageAtCOD #VRZoneCOD #GamesGastroGalore #cityofdreamsmanila #virtualreality #bandai #bandainamco #VRPark #virtualrealitypark #virtualrealitygames #gaming #gamers #mariokart #skirodeo #philippines #itsmorefuninthephilippines #wheninmanila #wimadventures #virtualrealityworld #virtualrealitygames #virtualrealityexperience #virtualrealitygaming #virtualrealityarcade

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Game of a lifetime

The Garage’s VR Zone features a new generation entertainment facility that offers an exhilarating and startling experience with top-of-class VR technology.

One of the exciting activities at the VR Zone is the famed Mario Kart Arcade GP VR, which was developed by Bandai Namco Amusement under license from Nintendo. The three-minute Mario Kart Arcade GP VR enables one to choose to play as one of the characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Yoshi; step right into the action-packed world of Mario Kart universe; and race until the finish line through a course filled with traps such as giant Piranha Plants and Thwomps or large stone creatures that attempt to crush the players. This highly sought-after game can be played by up to four persons and is open to enthusiasts 13 years old and above.

For those seeking a different kind of thrill, the Hospital Escape Terror, which can be played by up to four participants, is described as a ‘horrifying experience unlike ever before’. This immersive horror room game is open to thrill-seekers ages 13 years old and above. Hospital Escape Terror’s players have the goal to escape and survive altogether the dark, cursed, and abandoned hospital within nine minutes while being restrained on a wheel chair.

The two-minute Ski Rodeo on the other hand, is a steep downhill ski simulator that lets a player ski a vast snowy mountain course with sharp slopes and steep drops at an immense speed with the goal to finish at the fastest time possible or within the allotted time. This heart-dropping game, which can be played in pairs, is open to individuals with a height of 140 cm and up.

Tickets are available on site. Single player ticket price is available at P450 nett; while packages are available for those playing in groups or pairs: P800 nett for two persons playing Ski Rodeo; P1, 200 per person for three activities; and P1, 600 nett for a group of four persons playing Hospital Escape Terror or Mario Kart GP VR.

Gastronomic Galore

Going hand in hand with the one-of-a-kind entertainment experience, The Garage’s VR Zone is offering a selection of 10 food and beverage trucks and trailers: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Katsu Sora, Pink’s Hotdog, Little Flour, El Chupacabra, Pizza Grigliata, Farmacy, Chocol8, The Roaster and Juiced. The casual dining experience is also enhanced with the sustainability drive of City of Dreams Manila: only eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable plates, utensils and take-out bags are used at The Garage.

Hailing from Japan, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka’s well-loved ramen is characterized by its mild, pearl-colored Tonkotsu soup which is carefully prepared by taking the time to simmer the pork bones before adding vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other special ingredients. This exceptional soup with thin-noodle ramen, and perfectly topped with mouthwatering slices of Char-siu pork and pickled plums is meant to be savored to the last spoonful.

Another food truck specializing in Japanese cuisine is Katsu Sora. A household name in the metro for good tonkatsu or Japanese deep-fried pork cutlet, Katsu Sora’s  secret to their naturally tender, marbled, and flavorful tonkatsu is the use of only premium pork meat. The restaurant is known for serving dishes that use four kinds of world-class pork that are of the highest quality: Iberico, Kurobuta, Shimofuri, and Sakura. Their Iberico and Kurobuta Tonkatsu sets are served with their famed Juugokokumai rice, a premium rice blend that includes white rice, corn, barley, millet, sesame seeds, and black beans.

Los Angeles’ most popular hot dog stand, Pink’s Hot Dogs has been hailed by multiple publications as the number one hot dog in America. A staple in Hollywood since 1939, their lip-smacking hot dogs especially the iconic “The Hollywood Legend,” which is a medley of Pink’s eponymous hotdogs with chili, cheddar cheese, mustard, and chopped onions, are sought after by everyone. This legend continues in Manila since opening their first store in 2016, and is offered together with other American favorites such as burgers, fries, nachos, and more.

Little Flour Café by the highly successful Wildflour Café + Bakery, is known for its well-loved and locally-inspired Filipino rice bowls, delicacies and grilled items.

El Chupacabra is a casual street taco bar serving a delectable array of Mexican-influenced dishes for lunch and dinner, as well as uniquely tweaked versions of popular local plates. Apart from Mexican-style street tacos, El Chupacabra is also known for burritos, enchiladas, and grilled chicken sticks.

Pizza Grigliata serves nothing but hot, freshly-made artisanal pizza to deliver a different kind of pizza experience that stands out from the rest. Uniquely prepared, Pizza Grigliata’s pizzas are handmade from scratch everyday using thin crust dough topped with the freshest ingredients which are torched and grilled.

Farmacy takes us back to the time of classic turn-of-the-century ice cream parlors. Satisfying the sweet tooth of guests, Farmacy is known for serving fresh homemade ice cream “the right way,” and for serving an extensive array of comforting treats such as milkshakes, sodas, coffee, and pastries.

Alongside the well-curated food and beverage outlets at The Garage are City of Dreams Manila’s own exceptional outlets: Chocol8, Juiced and The Roaster.

Chocol8 features handcrafted chocolates in a number of shapes and forms, and are enhanced with special ingredients such as fruits, nuts, and spices.

For those into healthy concoctions, Juiced offers a variety of freshly squeezed smoothies, slushies, and juices daily; while The Roaster is the go-to outlet for an array of gourmet coffee creations made from freshly roasted Philippine beans. In keeping with the resort’s sustainability campaign, the beans are sourced from coffee growers and farmers in various communities supported by the Philippine Coffee Board, Inc.

The Detox, Smoothies, and Sluhes

The bar at The Garage offers a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for guests to pair their choice of food from the trucks and trailers.


The Garage is open daily from 10 AM to 2 AM. For more information, call (+63 2) 800-8080 or email or visit

Details provided by The Garage in a recent press release.

Yummy and affordable saikoro steaks at Wagyu by Monica in Unimart, Capitol Common

After some emergency grocery shopping (brought about by my need to stock up on food items during prolonged inclement weather) at Unimart in Capitol Commons, the fam discovered Wagyu by Monica‘s pop up store.  I should probably say my son’s insatiable tummy discovered it as we had just eaten lunch at Locavore in nearby Kapitolyo but he was still looking for some snacks. 🙂

Anyway, I also got attracted by the smell of steak grilling so I walked over to the stall.  Hubby gamely sponsored a stick each of saikoro steaks (grilled wagyu tenderloin cubes) at Php100 each for the kids and ourselves so that we all would be able to taste this delicacy.

(For those who want to eat it with Japanese rice, you would need to shell out Php130 for 1 wagyu stick and Php220 for 2 sticks.  Extra Japanese rice will cost you Php30.)

Saikoro steak is a popular izakaya (Japanese tapas style dish). The name translates to “dice” as the steaks are sliced into cubes similar to dice.

These saikoro steaks were even more special as they were made of 100% wagyu beef imported from Japan. Wagyu beef is known for its rich flavor owing to its increased marbling when compared to other beef varieties.

That taste was enough to convince us that we should have it for dinner tonight so Hubby again forked out Php800 for a container with a half-kilo (around 42-45 cubes) of these premium wagyu . The quarter-kilo (around 22-25 cubes) container was priced at Php500 and the 1-kilo (around 88-90 cubes) container was priced at Php1,500.

At home, I thawed the package out for 30 minutes then placed 2 cubes per mini-skewer (using the skewers I bought from All About Baking) to approximate the cooking and eating experience we had at the pop up store.  Then, following Hubby’s advice, I didn’t marinate the cubes anymore but placed them on a hot non-stick cookware (no oil or butter needed) to pan-grill them.

Wagyu by Monica

Wagyu by Monica

Wagyu by Monica

Per package instructions, I seared four sides of the cubes for 2 minutes each to achieve a medium well doneness. (Alternatively, you can sear the sides for 1 minute for rare doneness or for 3 minutes for well doneness). I just seasoned the cubes with a little salt and pepper to taste (I was careful not to overseason the cubes as they were already flavorful enough) and served them with hot steamed rice.

Wagyu by Monica

Well, the flavorfully juicy and melt-in-your-mouth saikoro steaks were a hit with the fam and now I’m already planning to buy the kilo container and serve the wagyu cubes during our next family gathering. It would be a bit expensive but still worth it!

Wagyu by Monica’s Pop Up Stores can be found at:

  • Unimart Capitol Commons: from Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm
  • EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Food Forum: from Friday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm
  • UP Town Center (beside Bon Chon): from Friday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm
  • SIDCOR Sunday Market (at ETON Centris): Sunday, 6am to 2pm
  • Cash and Carry Makati: open Monday to Sunday for 2 weeks (August 13 to 26), from 10am to 10pm.

Wagyu by Monica also delivers to any location in Metro Manila, accepting payments via online transfers or over-the-counter deposits in BDO or BPI. It also accepts cash on delivery with at Php130 charge on top of shipping fee.

Their wagyu cubes have a shelf life of one year they are kept in yhe freezer.

Contact Wagyu by Monica through:

  • Facebook: wagyubymonica
  • Instragram: wagyubymonica
  • Mobile: +63 917 6580221

Want to cook these wagyu cubes at home?  Check out the cooking equipment you might need at!

Prexware 7 Inch Bamboo Picks Paddle Skewers BBQ Picks 100 Pack

Happycall Nonstick Double Pan, Omelette Pan, Flip Pan, Square, Dishwasher Safe, PFOA-free, Red (Jumbo Grill, 3″H)

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Ramen Birthday Treat at Ramen Nagi, Greenbelt

For the third time, I was able to enjoy Ramen Nagi’s famous Butao King Ramen at half-price, thanks to its ongoing Birthday Blowout promo. Fortunately, my daughter, #ExhibitA, is also a ramen fanatic, and was game to have ramen for lunch on the last Saturday of her birthmonth. (Coincidentally, we were also able to score free admission to the Ayala Museum that same day, courtesy of its #InspireEveryDay event. In effect, our entire outing that Saturday was on the frugal side yet jampacked with fun activities.)

Butao King (regularly priced at Php390), one of Ramen Nagi’s signature variants, is its classic tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen. It’s soup is rich, creamy and flavorful, thanks to the pork bone marrow and aromatics simmered for hours.

After presenting #ExhibitA’s ID (to be able to avail of the birthday promo), we filled out the order form which enabled us to customize our ramen order. Here’s a tip: first-timers at Ramen Nagi (or those who don’t want the pressure of thinking about how to customize their ramen) can just opt for the Chef’s Recommendation. At level 1 in terms of spiciness, the broth has some kick but is not too spicy for me. The noodles were firm and has a good texture. In hindsight, though, I think I would have preferred the kukuni (pork belly slab) instead of the chashu (pork belly strips) as the meat in my ramen.

Ramen Nagi, Greenbelt 3

We also ordered some Gyoza (Php220), the famous Japanese dumplings which consist of meat and spices wrapped then steamed and pan-fried. Ramen Nagi’s gyoza are served on a bed of beans sprouts on a sizzling plate for some added crunch.

With the superb meal (and the discount!), my #Saturdate with my daughter was a very enjoyable time!

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Want to make your own ramen at home? Check out these recipe books on

Simply Ramen: A Complete Course in Preparing Ramen Meals at Home

Ramen: Japanese Noodles and Small Dishes

Ramen at Home: The Easy Japanese Cookbook for Classic Ramen and Bold New Flavors

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