The Jelly List: Food Deliveries for Your Party at Home

Just because we’re quarantined at home doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate, right?

After all, celebrating important occasions and significant milestones helps us in staying sane in these extraordinary times. We and the people around us need a little break every now and then from the somewhat monotonous routines we’ve established since the quarantine was implemented.

What better way to celebrate than to have a party? And what kind of party can it be without lots and lots of delicious food?

Luckily, you won’t have to sweat it out in the kitchen to come up with delicious party fare. With a few taps on your mobile, you can have your party food delivered to your doorstep for you and your family (or housemates) to enjoy.

Check out these yummy delights that can fuel your house party fun!

Grazing Box from Platterea Luna

With Platterea Luna’s stylishly assembled grazing boxes, there’s no need to trouble yourself in sourcing the elements for an elegant charcuterie experience at home. Each box is filled with a well-curated selection of meats, cheeses and accoutrements, perfect for grazing while catching up with friends.

Platterea Luna

To get your hands on a lovely Platterea Luna grazing box, course your order through Platterea Luna’s Facebook page or Instagram account, or call +63 977 8211591.

Read more about Platterea Luna here.

Party Trays from The Happy Kitchen

Avoid the hassle of slaving in the kitchen by ordering party trays from The Happy Kitchen. Its product lines include include party trays, packed meals and “paluto” requests of comfort food and party favorites such as Cheesy Beef Caldereta, Pork Sisig, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Korean Chicken.

The Happy Kitchen

To order your party trays, visit The Happy Kitchen’s Facebook page or Instagram account or call +63 922 3057613 or +63 917 5493643.

Read more about The Happy Kitchen here.

Fried Chicken Wings from Ben & Cha Unlimited Wings

It seems that no party is complete without fried chicken. Why not enjoy this party staple with a twist… or several? A Pamilya Package from Ben & Cha Unlimited Wings, for instance, will give you thirty (read that: 3-0!) pieces of crispy fried chicken wings in five flavors. I had regular, orange zest and teriyaki but I especially liked the garlic parmesan and salted egg.

Ben & Cha’s Unlimited Wings

To order your chicken wings, visit Ben & Cha Unlimited Wings’ Facebook page or Instagram account or call +63 949 1743338.

Lasagna from Maya’s Baked Pasta

There’s something so appetizing about a slice of meaty and cheesy lasagna. I attempted to DIY it a time or two, but my conclusion is to just leave it to the experts like Maya’s Baked Pasta. A Sample-sized tray from this store was part of my fam’s Mother’s Day meal.

Maya’s Baked Pasta

To order your lasagna tray, visit Maya’s Baked Pasta’s Facebook page, Instagram account or call +63 945 5166199.

Mushroom Burgers from The Saucier

Any kid at heart loves a cheeseburger. Add a tasty yet healthy adult twist to it by making it a Mushroom Burger. The Saucier’s homemade mushroom burger patties are made with pure mushrooms – no eggs and no preservatives. Served in a freshly baked bun with a side of cooked-upon-order potato chips, it’s a wonderful way to soothe a case of the munchies.

The Saucier Mushroom Burger

To order your mushroom burgers, visit The Saucier’s Facebook page, Instagram account or call +63 917 8870125.

Cinnamon Rolls from Rolls.PH

Cap off your party with a sweet treat: Cinnamon Rolls from Rolls.PH! Made by hand and freshly baked everyday, these rolls will give you and your party guests a sugar high that will all make you look forward to the next home celebration. Plus, your purchase of these buns also help build a learning center in Mindoro as well as fund environmental cleanup groups.


To order your cinnamon rolls, visit Rolls.PH’s Facebook page or Instagram account or call +63 917 5350923.

Header Photo by Rebecca of Unsplash

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Hidden gem of Italian Cuisine: Cucina di Francesco, Libis

When you think about food places in the Libis area, chances are this Italian restaurant hidden away from the busier sections of the metro has escaped your notice.

Cucina di Francesco got its name from the name Francesco Forgione, the name that Saint Pio of Petrelcina, more affectionately known to devotees as Padre Pio, was born with.

Incidentally, the restaurant is located in the same compound as St. Pio Chapel, so I would imagine families fresh from Sunday mass coming in for lunch.

In this instance, however, I took my fam here on the way to our weekend staycation.

From outside, the restaurant presents a comfortable, homey and welcoming facade.

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Inside, the place is bright and cheery, with large windows letting in lots of natural light and large hand-painted murals giving the premises an eclectic vibe. There are more seats to dine in on the second floor, while the third floor is mainly used for events.

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

I booked our table the night before via Zomato. We were a few minutes late but I called the resto to apprise them of our arrival time so our table was waiting for us when we arrived.

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

My daughter #ExhibitA, who’s trying to eat healthy, requested for a salad so we ordered a Ceasar Salad (Php180). The focaccia croutons, fresh microgreens and rough-chopped walnuts delectably add to the taste and texture of this classic dish.

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Our little boy #ExhibitB, on the other hand, is a well-known pizza monster. We got him a Tre Formaggi (Php350) whose lethal combination of bleu cheese, emmenthal and mozzarella on top of creamy bechamel got my baby reaching for slice after slice.

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Hubby got himself a Pasta Puttanesca (Php195). The sauce made from olives, anchovids and capers in fresh tomato sauce makes this a tasty pasta dish. (Hubby liked it well enough but insists that his mom’s version tastes better.)

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

We split orders of Lasagna al Forno (Php260), a meaty baked lasagna with bechamel cheese sauce (which I found a bit dry) and Italian Beef Stew (Php485), a dish made of beef chunks, Italian sausage and vegetables braised in tomato wine sauce and served with parsley rice.

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

All in all, I wouldn’t mind another visit to Cucina di Francisco and checking out more of its Italian viands. The place certainly is charming and even has free WiFi! Plus, the wait staff are also friendly and accommodating.

It’s quite near my home and is easily accessible. Since it is a free-standing resto that shares a sizeable multi-level parking lot with the church, I wouldn’t have to stress myself in looking for a parking space as opposed to the likely scenario if I were to visit a mall-based eatery during mealtimes.

Cucina di Francisco, Libis

It also employs persons with disability, such as those in the autism spectrum. This is an advocacy near and dear to my heart, being a parent to a child with special needs myself.

For those who are artistically inclined, Cucina di Francesco also serves as a venue for art and crafts workshops on weekends in partnership with Maartsy such as Plush Keychain Making and Acrylic Flower Jewelry Making in January 26 and Mandala Coffee Painting and Doodle Art with Lettering on January 27. For inquiries, call +63 2 9175861785.

Cucina di Francisco is located at RER Compound (St. Pio Chapel), 188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, open daily Tuesdays to Thursdays from 8am to 8pm and Fridays to Sundays from 8am to 9pm. For reservations, call +63 2 5349935 or book your table via Zomato like I did. 🙂

Cucina di Francesco Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Here’s some trivia for you: Did you know that puttanesca translates to “in the style of a whore” in Italian? While some food pundits would attribute the name to seedier origins, some food historians date the sauce back to the 1950s when Sandro Penti of Rancio Fellona were requested by hungry late-night patrons to “Facci una puttanata qualisiasi” or “Throw together whatever.” Which was what the good Penti did with what he had at the time: tomatoes, olives and capers. The rest is history. More on that here.

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Carbo-loading at House of Lasagna, SM Megamall

I decided to try a new restaurant reservation app that comes with discounts. After braving the crowds and lugging the books I bought at the National Bookstore #BookBingeBazaar at the Megatrade Hall, I was in the mood for some carbo-loading and chance to rest my feet.

I chose to book a table (all by my lonesome) at House of Lasagna because I love lasagna (it’s among the few popular pasta dishes that my mom has not been able to master so I was deprived of it when I was young), and it offers a 20% bill discount right around lunchtime.

This resto is located at the lower ground floor of SM Megamall Building A, quite near the foodcourt. The place may seem small but it can seat around forty people or so. The mall’s airconditioning is not as strong here so I opted to sit at one of the outer tables, which has a couch that is too low to eat comfortably from the table but this location did afford me some good lighting to take #foodporn pics. (And really, which one is more important, hmm?)

I ordered its best-selling Beef Lasagna (Php295) served piping hot from the oven with some freshly toasted garlic bread on the side, and a plate of Southern Fried Calamari (Php220).

The beef lasagna has a creamy and cheesy bechamel sauce that frames the al dente cooked noodles and savory meat sauce. It does have a strong herby oregano taste which sometimes overpowers the cheese (not always a good thing for a cheese lover like me).

The calamari, on the other hand, is has the right blend of tenderness and firmness that shows it was properly cooked. I liked the blend of spices and the texture of its coating: it’s not too bready and has a peppery taste.

The lasagna is a bit rich and heavy on the stomach so I took half of my order to go.

I had trouble getting the wait staff’s attention for water refill and bill out requests but I don’t mind that too much.

With the discount, my bill came out at Php412, a bit steep for a single person but worth it if the orders were for sharing.

House of Lasagna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato