Japanese-Korean Buffet at Firefly Roofdeck, Poblacion

Dining at a roofdeck restaurant affords you a spectacular view to enjoy together with your meal.  Aside from the stunning vista of city lights, you also get to enjoy cool, clean and calming breezes far removed from the busy streets below.

Despite my acrophobia, I have a special affinity for roofdecks: I guess the peace and relaxation I experience when situated far above my normal concerns outweigh my chronic fear of heights.

This is why I was excited when Zomato invited me to a foodie meetup at Firefly Roofdeck.

Located at the 32nd Floor of City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati, Firefly Roofdeck provides a chill ambiance in which you can relax and while away the workday’s stresses.  The resto’s ceilings, spacious dining area and al fresco setup give you an expansive background for your get-together with friends or solo chill-out drinks while waiting for Makati rush hour traffic jams to abate.

Firefly Roofdeck’s view of the Makati skyline is quite simply breath-taking.  Especially during evenings, you will see a wide expanse of blue-black sky awashed with pin-points of colorful lights and skyscrapers jutting upward.

Firefly Roofdeck recently launched its Japanese-Korean buffet, coincidentally, two of my favorite cuisines.  It boasts of an extensive menu of new and favorite Japanese and Korean dishes, giving diners a wide selection of viands to choose from.

These include:

  • Salad Bar (with choice of Wafu, Ponzu, Yangnyeom Jang dressing): Kimchi, Sigeumchi Namul, Oi Muchim, Hobak Bokkeum, Gaji Namul, Gamja Jorim, Mu Saengchae, Pajeori, Eomuk Bokkeum; Chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard dish)
  • Japanese Bar: assorted maki rolls and takoyaki
  • Cook-to-Order marinated Chicken and Pork
  • Assorted bread rolls
  • Soup: Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)
  • Carving Meat/Centerpiece: Buta no Kakuni (Japanese Braised Pork Belly)
  • Main Courses: Seafood Cheese Tteokbeokki (Spicy Rice Cake), Chicken Nanban (Deep-Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce), Gaji Namul (Steamed Eggplants) and Japchae
  • Rice: Tori Chahan and Steamed Rice
  • Dessert: Sata Andagi (Okinawan Doughnuts), Fresh Fruits and Chef’s Discretion Desserts

At only Php800+ per person, it is available only for dinner until November 30, 2018.

The sheer variety of food on offer can be quite overwhelming at first, but as I’ve often advised when eating at an eat all-you-can buffet, concentrate on food that are your absolute faves or try out ones you don’t get to eat often.  This way, you get to maximize your savings and the experience.

Some menu items could use a few tweaks such as offering mild and spicy ssamjang dipping sauces to go with the grilled pork and chicken, replenishing the ebi tempura more often, offering more dessert choices (hopefully bingsu!) and lessening the sweetness of the teokbokki.

Other than those points for improvement, the upscale ambiance and the superb servicing of Firefly Roofdeck’s wait staff make dining at Firefly Roofdeck truly memorable.


Aside from the Japanese-Korean Buffet, diners can opt for other menu items ala carte such as:

Rooftop Barbecue (includes vegetables and choice among rice, French friends or mashed potatoes):

  • Grilled Squid (Php650)
  • Grilled Liempo (Php325)
  • Beef Tenderloin (Php780/200g | Php1,395/400g)
  • Lamb Rack (Php728/200g | Php1,195/400g)
  • Rib Eye (Php840/200g | Php1,395/400g)
  • Salmon Fillet (Php875)
  • Tiger Prawn (Php595)
  • Chicken Breast (Php295)
  • Hungarian Sausage (Php575)
  • Veal Bratwurst (Php575)

Bar Chow

  • Mezclado Nueses & Patatas Fritas (Php195)
  • Lechon Kawali (Php495)
  • Tinapa Salted Egg Roll (Php225)
  • Buffalo Itik (Php625)
  • Grilled Tuna Panga (Php850)
  • Grand Chicharon (Php150)
  • Adobo Potato Wedges (Php225)
  • Lechon Sisig Overload (Php350)
  • Crispy Crablets (Php245)
  • Papas Fritas (Php195)
  • Chicken Fingers (Php295)
  • Cerveza Pescaito Frito (Php325)
  • Nachos A La Queen (Php395)
  • Camaron Picante (Php425)
  • Pollo Palomitas en Parilla (Php295)

Firefly Roofdeck is located at the 32nd Floor of the City Garden Grand Hotel, Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City, open daily from 10am to 2am.  For reservations and inquiries, call +63 2 5543429.

Firefly Roofdeck - City Garden Grand Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclosure: Together with other Zomato foodies, I was invited to attend a foodie meet-up held in this restaurant.  All the food items mentioned here were served to allow us to sample the fare and were not paid for by the attendees, including myself.

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Novel churrasco dining experience at Chateaubriand, Roxas Boulevard

Being a certified carnevore, I jumped at the chance to dine at the Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant, braving last night’s rainy weather and the perennial traffic from Quezon City to Pasay.

I’m used to eating steaks and grilled meats in a more casual, even American West-style setting, so setting foot on Chateaubriand’s walkway and stepping into its posh dining area was quite a novelty.  Nope, no cowboy hats adorn the walls nor down-home-type bric-a-bracs lie about.  Instead, opulent white chairs and tables are artfully arranged on the restaurant’s elegant marble floors.

The focal point of the sprawling dining area may be the tastefully presented buffet spread.  This buffet is pretty extensive with over a hundred items, catering to almost any preference as it includes:

  • a classic salad station
  • “Create Your Ceasar Salad”
  • authentic Brazilian dishes
  • Continental cuisine
  • imported cheeses
  • fresh fruits
  • a chocolate fountain
  • international breads
  • various types of pastries and desserts

However, as the restaurant’s PR representative Mikaela Mutuc tells it, the all the inclusions in the buffet actually are intended to serve as sides to grilled meats that the restaurant serves.

Well, true enough, the meats do take center stage and how!

The meats are all premium cuts, most of which are sourced from various countries, grilled and served churrasco style.  By flipping the medallions on your table, you signal the churrasco boys to bring their grilled meats and other grilled items in skewers straight from the churrascaria to your table and cut off a generous and juicy slice for you right before your eyes.  These include:

  • Picanha (signature Brazilian rump cap) – the real star of the show, IMHO!
  • Alcatra (top sirloin seasoned with a rich soy glaze)
  • Garlic Steak (sirloin marinated with garlic and fresh herbs)
  • Linguica (classic pork sausage basted with garlic butter
  • Frango (chicken quarters marinated with lemon rosemary)
  • Presunto (tender ham leg with pineapple glaze)
  • Milho Assado (baby corn roasted with garlic butter)
  • Abacaxi (pineapple with cinnamon and brown sugar)
  • Caramelized Banana (bananas with cinnamon and brown sugar)
  • Roasted Mixed Vegetables

More grilled treats may be added to the dinner menu such as:

  • Chuleta (rib eye with mesquite crust)
  • Fraldinha (choice flank steak marinated in Brazilian spices)
  • Lombo (pork loin with a delicate herb marinade)
  • Carneira (boneless lamb leg with a minted oil rub) – another winner for me!
  • Bacon-wrapped chicken breast with peri-peri marinade)
  • Pescado (grilled marlin or tuna)


To add even more flavor to your meats, you can dip or slather them (up to you, really :-)) with any or all of these three sauces:

  • Chimichurri
  • Salsa Rojo
  • Chateau Steak Sauce

Note: Other sauces and dips are available at the buffet but these are the essential ones.

You can wash down your meal with any or all of the three juices available: Honey Orange, Four Seasons and Strawberry Iced Tea.

The service staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the resto’s offerings.  The churrasco boys, in particular, even give diners tips on how to better enjoy their selections and gamely display their grilled meats for food photos.  They are also quick to assist requests and queries.

Feasting on churrasco at the pre-Grand Opening rates below is actually a steal:

  • weekdays dinner: Php2,000 (Php1,600 within October 2018 at 20% discount) + 10% service charge
  • weekend lunch: Php2,000 (Php999 within October 2018 at 50% discount) +10% service charge
  • weekend dinner: P2,200 + 10% service charge

If you want some spirits to go with your meats, you can get some by the glass at Php300 per glass or treat yourself to Chateaubriand’s wine buffet at Php599 + 10% service charge.  Other alcoholic beverages and cocktails are also available.

Birthday celebrants also get to eat for free on the day of their birthday as long as they are accompanied by a full-paying adult, or on any other day of their birth month as long as they are accompanied by four full-paying adults.

While the churrasco-style dining may have casual roots, Chateaubriand’s opulent surroundings and top-rate service staff make it a fine dining experience.

Chateaubriand is located at Unit 105 Sunset View Towers, 110 William Street corner 2230 Roxas Boulevard, Brgy. 13 Zone 4 District 1, Pasay City.  For inquiries and reservations, call +63 2 821 2031 or +63 905 1403748.

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclosure: Together with other food bloggers, I was invited to attend a foodie meet-up held in this restaurant.  All the food items mentioned here were served to allow us to sample the fare and were not paid for by the attendees, including myself.

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Luxurious Buffet Lunch at HEAT, EDSA Shangri-La

HEAT (Healthy Eating, Amazing Tastes) serves a showcase of the hotel’s Asian and continental culinary specialties.  It long had the cachet of having delicious and beautifully presented dishes amidst an elegant dining environment.

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

As a special treat for my mom on her birthday, I decided to take her to a buffet lunch at HEAT. Fortunately, I was able to book our table via Eatigo weeks ago, which gave us a 50% discount on the food bill.  Our booking was scheduled at 2pm but the buffet closes at 2.30pm.  Fortunately, we arrived at 1.45pm and the hostesses allowed us to come into the restaurant and dine earlier, thereby giving us more time to select our food and eat our fill.

The trick we try to follow when eating at buffets is to make a beeline for our favorites as well as the dishes we don’t get to eat frequently.  We also do not linger on carbs that will make us feel full.  Thus, among the kitchen stations we headed straight to were:

The Cheese, Bread and Cold Cuts Station. This station showcased a range of cheeses from mildly- to strong-flavored, savory spreads, as well as wraps and handmade breads from the pastry kitchen.

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

The Japanese Station. A showcase of sushis, sashimis and tempuras. Unfortunately, my favorite salmon sashimi was not available.

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

The Carving Station. We were able to get generous slices of prime beef rib, cooked to medium doneness, made even more flavorful by its well-marbled fat.  We also sampled the Salmon en Croute, delicious salmon wrapped in flaky puff pastry.

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

The Western Station.  This features an array of Mediterranean and continental main courses, of which the Greek Lamb Moussaka offered the most exotic taste.

Heat, EDSA Shang

The Filipino Station.  This showcases traditional favorites, of which we selected the lechon.  Sadly though, the lechon skin was not as crispy as we preferred.

Heat, EDSA Shang

The Dessert Station. Being a sugarholic, the highlight of my dining experience is no doubt the dessert station.  Here, all manner of treats from cakes, tarts, creams and more from EDSA Shangri-La’s pastry kitchen to satisfy one’s sweet tooth abound. Standouts include the nutty chocolate bark, the tiramisu, the pecan tarts, the raspberry panna cotta, the flourless charcoal truffles (which stained our teeth black, hehehe), and the Orange Cardamon Gateux.

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

Heat, EDSA Shang

We also washed our meal down with a Passionata and Dalandan Lemonades.

Heat, EDSA Shang

Considering the sheer quantity and variety of food, the elegant and well-appointed surroundings, the warm service of the wait staff, and the sizeable discount of the buffet bill, my birthday treat for my mom was happy indeed.

She is already planning to ask my dad to take her here for Lobster Night, hehehe!

Heat is located at lobby level of the EDSA Shangri-La Manila, 1 Garden Way, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City and is open daily from 6am to 12mn.  For reservations, call +63 2 6338888.

Regular Buffet Rates:

  • Breakfast (6am to 10.30am | Mondays to Saturdays): Php1,985
  • Lunch (12nn to 2.30pm | Mondays to Saturdays): Php1,985
  • Lunch (12nn to 2.30pm | Sundays): Php2,400
  • Lunch (12nn to 2.30pm | Sundays with overflowing beer and soda): Php3,275
  • Dinner (6pm to 10.30pm | Mondays to Thursdays, Sundays): Php2.425
  • Dinner (6pm to 10.30pm | Fridays to Saturdays): Php2,715 (Mad for Lobster Night on Fridays and Wagyu Night on Saturdays)

Want to enjoy the same awesome deal that I did? Register to Eatigo using this link and get up to 50% off your food bill in various restaurants in the metro as well as Php150 worth of rewards.

Heat - Edsa Shangri-La Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Quick and affordable Chinese food at Causeway, Tomas Morato

My officemates and I were on our way to Le Ching for lunch when we spied the lack of parking space in that resto.

So off we went to look for another place to eat. Since we were already in the mood for Chinese food, we settled on Causeway Seafood Restaurant.

Even with the number of cars parked in front of the restaurant, the parking attendant still found a way to fit our car in.

Inside, there is the usual hustle and bustle, the busy energy, usually found in Chinese restaurants. The place is not swanky, it may even be considered dingy, but judging from the sizeable lunch crowd and the busy wait staff, Causeway seems to have established itself among a loyal following.

Our group of four shared these Chinese dishes:

Beef Hofan Noodles (Php300 for small). Stir-fried beef with noodles that is oh so greasy but also oh so good!

Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper (Php330 for small). Such a simple dish but I seem to find myself ordering this in every Chinese resto I go to.

From the Dimsum Cart: Crab Roe Siomai (Php80), Asado Siopao (Php80), Kutchay Dumpling (Php90) and Seafood Roll (Php85)

It seems like Causeway’s combination of quickly served dishes and affordable pricing is a winning formula, as evidenced by its lunch crowd. The wait staff could be a little quicker in fulfilling refill requests though.

This Causeway Seafood Restaurant is located at 24 Timog Avenue, Bgy Laging Handa, Quezon City (Tel.: +63 2 3762559) with operating hours from 10am to 12mn Mondays to Saturdays and 9am to 12mn Sundays.

Other branches are located at:

  • 8th Acropolis Center, 53 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, QC (Tel.: +63 2 6389374) with operating hours from 11am to 12mn Mondays to Saturdays and 11am to 11.30pm Sundays.
  • 7 Congressional Avenue, Project 8, QC (Tel.: +63 2 4269032) with operating hours from 10am to 10pm Mondays to Sundays.
  • Banawe cor Linaw Street, Sienna, QC (Tel.: +63 2 5221690) with operating hours from 7am to 12mn Mondays to Sundays.
  • 883 Banawe Street corner Del Monte Avenue, Sienna, QC (Tel.: +63 2 4108690) with operating hours from 11.30am to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 12mn Mondays to Fridays and 10.30am to 2.30om and 5.30pm to 12mn Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 1266 Benavidez Street, Tondo, Manila (Tel.: +63 2 2304381) with operating hours from 9am to 11pm Mondays to Fridays and 7am to 11pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Causeway Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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DIY Taco Bar at Encima Roofdeck Restaurant, Makati

The appeal of Tex-Mex cuisine for me is the interplay of the fresh and tangy flavors of citrus, tomatoes and onions with the earthy and hearty fullness of its meat dishes.

Tex-Mex cuisine is front and center at City Garden Hotel’s Encima Roofdeck Restaurant with its first anniversary offering. I was invited, along with fellow bloggers, to experience Encima’s Taco Bar, which will be launched to the public on July 2.

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant has come a long way from its beginnings as a mere alternative to the hotel’s bistro downstairs, carving out its identity, adopting the name Encima (meaning “above”). The roofdeck resto does live up to its name, giving its diners a spectacular view of the Makati skyline and the city lights.

According to City Garden Hotel’s PR and Marketing Manager, Jo Ruales, the roofdeck restaurant’s Tex-Mex Menu was developed by the hotel’s powerhouse chefs: Chefs Mario Basig, J-Ann Fernandez and Dennis Peralta. Rinna Reyes, the hotel’s F&B Manager proudly shared the resto’s Tex-Mex offerings were hailed by the cities of Makati and Manila as one of the best in the country.

The twist to Encima’s Taco Bar is in giving the guests free rein to create their taco however they want. For only Php499, diners can mix and match from the ingredients found in the bar: crisp and soft tacos; a richly-flavored Mexican Rice; beef, pork and chicken filling; grated cheese and cheese sauce, chopped onions and tomatoes, and a host of other ingredients you can add to your heart’s content.

This unlimited do-it-yourself taco bar comes with bottomless margarita and sangria, two of the restaurant’s most popular drinks.

For non-drinkers like me, the resto also offers non-alcoholic drinks like the fresh mango shake they served me.

The Taco Bar will be open every night from July 2 to August 5.

The restaurant also has a happy hour from 4pm to 8pm wherein shooters are served for only Php50 and cocktails at Php99. Beers are also paired with Tex-Mex sampler plates.

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant is located at City Garden Hotel, 7870 Durban Street corner Makati Avenue, Poblacion, Makati. For reservations, call +63 2 899 1111.

Disclosure: Together with other bloggers, I was invited to attend a Thanksgiving Dinner held in this restaurant.  All the food items mentioned here were served to allow us to sample the fare and were not paid for by the attendees, including myself.

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Lamonfest at Vikings, SM Megamall

Vikings seems to be the default buffet resto for celebrations and family gatherings.  Known for its lavish decor that display sumptuous spreads of mouth-watering dishes from various cuisines throughout the world, Vikings can generate long waiting lines of avid diners.

The fam, together with the in-laws, recently dined at Vikings at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall for bro-in-law’s birthday celebration.

With an all-you-can-eat arrangement at the rates below, the family is definitely in for a #lamonfest:

  • Adults: Php738 (weekday lunch); Php938 (weekday dinner, weekends and holidays lunch and dinner)
  • Kids:
    • for kids below 3 feet: FREE!
    • for kids 3 feet to 4 feet: Php208  (weekday lunch); Php938 (weekday dinner, weekends and holidays lunch and dinner)
    • for kids 4 feet to 6 feet: Php418 (weekday lunch); Php618 (weekday dinner, weekends and holidays lunch and dinner)

Note: Rates not yet inclusive of the 5% service charge.

For this #lamonfest, I focused on some dishes that I don’t usually have the opportunity to taste that often: the Seafood Paella (I guess I’m going through a paella phase now), the Lengua Estofado (went so well with the paella for a great taste of Spain) and the Leg of Lamb.  The Ebi Tempura is always a good bet (and always nearly depleted by the time I get there, hehehe!), but some of the meats in the carving station fell short of my expectations: the Stuffed Turkey was a bit dry and the Angus Beef was tough and chewy.

For dessert, no one can tear my away from my favorite Puto Bumbong (since it always reminds me of Christmas; I even went to the Cheese Station and sprinkled some grated premium cheddar on it) and Avocado Ice Cream (as it’s hard to find ice cream of this flavor in the supermarkets).  I also tried the Caramel Dip for the Churros and the moist Carrot Bar.

Overall, it was a great dining experience for the family.

To make the most of your #lamonfest at Vikings, you might want to make sure you do the following:

  • Make your reservation. This way, you avoid waiting outside and can just walk right in as soon as you arrive. To make your reservation, you can call +63 2 8454647 (this hotline covers all Vikings branches), book via the Booky app (you may get some discounts at selected branches), or book online via the Vikings website.
  • Check out Vikings’ current promos.  You just might get big savings.  For example, birthday celebrants get to eat for free on the day of their birthday so long as they’re with one full-paying adult, or any day of their birth month if they’re accompanied four full paying adults.  Until June 30, members of the graduating class of 2018 can eat for free as long as they’re with three full paying adults (which is why my daughter snapped a photo of her diploma before we left the house).  Just make sure that you bring all the necessary documents.  For more details on these promos, click here.
  • Pace yourself.  Scope out the spreads first and pick the ones you want for your gastronomic explorations, be they your tried-and-tested favorites or some new cuisines you want to sink your teeth into (literally and figuratively!). Sample a bit of of the food and just come back for seconds to avoid leftovers.  There are an awful lot of food here and you don’t want to already be in a food coma just when you get to the stuff you want.

For tips on how to survive a buffet, check out my blog post: Buffet Survival Guide: All-You-Need-to-Know to Eat-All-You-Can.

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Vikings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Buffet Survival Guide: All-You-Need-to-Know to Eat-All-You-Can

Family gatherings and get-togethers are best celebrated with food, lots and lots of it.  Good thing there are all-you-can-eat buffets!

Originally, the term “buffet” referred to the sideboard table where dishes are served during family meals or parties.  The word later evolved to refer to the format of serving food wherein diners generally serve themselves.

It’s no wonder that all-you-can-eat buffets have grown in popularity in recent years.  Diners get to have their fill of whatever food they choose at a fixed cost, while being able to try out new dishes that they don’t normally order.  And since the food is already served and just refilled, diners do not have to wait to enjoy their meal.

Savvy all-you-can-eat diners have come up with various techniques to make the most out of their buffet dining experiences  Take these tips to heart to maximize your own buffet adventure.

  • Check for additional savings through discount promos.  Some restaurants, like Vikings, offer promos wherein celebrants get to eat for free their birthday as long they are accompanied by a minimum number of guests paying the full rate.  Other establishments offer discounted buffet rates to cardholders of partner banks such as BDO, or via restaurant booking apps such as Eatigo, or through deal sites like Metrodeal.  Also, lunch buffet rates tend to be lower than dinner buffet rates so if you can schedule your meal during the lunch period, you can save a few bucks.
  • Make sure the food offerings are in line with your tastes.  Whether you want to stick to classic favorites or you’re in the mood to be adventurous, make sure that the dishes served in your chosen resto are to your liking.  An eat-all-you-can buffet of food that you don’t like is not a fair deal.
  • Get hydrated before eating but ease up on the drinks during the meal.  Drinking some H2O, particularly lemon water, before starting your buffet quest will help in digestion while minimizing bloating and heartburn.  However, drinking lots of liquids, especially fizzy ones, during the meal will use up some precious tummy room.
  • Don’t fill up on fillers.  Pasta and grains can be quite filling so minimize the carbs to make room for dishes that would normally be expensive ala carte such as seafood, sushi, steaks and roasts.
  • Pace yourself. Take some time to savor each bites will let you maximize your dining experience while minimizing the feeling of bloating later.

Consider buffet dining a treat so don’t overdo it and make sure you enjoy the meal with great company.

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